Mystogan vs. Faust (Dorma Anim) is a fight fought between Fairy Tail S-Class Mage and Prince of Edolas, Mystogan, and the King of Edolas: Faust.


Pantherlily shot by Knightwalker

Panther Lily injured

With the combined efforts of the Fairy Tail Mages and the Exceed, the Lacrima Island is being pushed back. Suddenly, a blinding light from the sky appears and everyone sees that the Giant Lacrima is missing. Mystogan then arrives and tells the group that the Lacrima has been returned to Earth Land and that everyone from Fairy Tail and Magnolia Town is safe. Everyone cheers and Mystogan reveals his face to Panther Lily. Panther Lily thanks him and addresses him as prince when the Royal Army arrives and Erza Knightwalker shoots Panther Lily with her Magic Spear.[1]

Panther Lily falls and the Royal Army charges. Mystogan stops the Mages and the Exceeds from fighting and addresses Erza Knightwalker, asking her if she dare raise her weapon against the Prince of Edolas. Suddenly, Faust inside the Dorma Anim arrives. Hearing the name, Mystogan concludes that the Dorma Anim, which means "Dragon Knight" in Edolas, is a reinforced Dragon. Coco reveals that the Dorma Anim is a Mage-Canceller, which nullifies all external Magic attacks. Faust then orders his army to capture the Exceeds, causing the Exceeds try to fly away. However, some are not fast enough and are turned to Lacrima.[2]

Mystogan shielding Team Natsu

Mystogan shields Team Natsu

The Royal Army chases the flying Exceeds while the Fairy Tail Mages decide on what to do. Mystogan tells the others that they need to move and protect the unarmed Exceeds and everyone agrees. However, Faust refuses to let any of them get away and uses his Dorma Anim to attack. Mystogan shields them and tells them to go while he battles his father.[3]


Mystogan uses his Three Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water that reflects the attack back at the Dorma Anim. However, the Dorma Anim is immune to Magic and Faust attacks Mystogan, sending him crashing into the forest.[4]


Following the fight, Mystogan watches Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy battle the Dorma Anim. Panther Lily then finds Mystogan and realizes that he purposely lost in order to save Panther Lily. After asking about his injuries, Mystogan tells Panther Lily that he needs his help with a last job.[5]


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