Mystogan Meets Wendy is an event that took place 7 years prior the beginning of the series.


After having been abandoned by the Sky Dragon, Grandeeney, Wendy Marvell, inconsolable, gets lost as she searches for her foster mother.[1]

The Encounter

Young Mystogan and Wendy walk

Wendy and Mystogan traveling together

Lost and wandering around on the road, Wendy comes across a mysterious boy, who, surprisingly, was lost as well. Wendy decides to tag along with him, to which he agrees. Afterwards, Wendy and "Jellal" continue traveling aimlessly together with no destination in mind.[2] "Jellal" would treat Wendy like his sister. He would take care of her, gather food for the both of them, make sure she slept well and protect her from any danger, even if it meant putting his own life in danger. While traveling, Wendy asks "Jellal" if they can stay together forever. "Jellal" happily agrees and continues to travel alongside Wendy.[3] One day, "Jellal" utters the word "Anima" and deems it too dangerous for Wendy to travel with him any further. He leaves her in the care of a close guild, Cait Shelter, where she has been after "Jellal" went out on his own.[2]


After Wendy joined Fairy Tail,[4] she meets one of the guild's S-Class Mages, Mystogan, who explained to Wendy that the one whom she traveled with, when she was little, was him. Wendy is extremely overjoyed and tells him that she wanted to see him for such a long time,[5] however, their reunion is short lived as Magnolia Town is sucked up by an Anima.[6]


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