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Mount Altana

Mount Altana was a large mountain located somewhere in the Kingdom of Fiore.[1]


The exact location of the mountain is unknown.

Fauna and FloraEdit

Mount Atlanta's Mushrooms

Mount Altana's poisonous mushrooms

The mountain contained a unique kind of anesthetic mushrooms that resulted in strong intoxication if inhaled or consumed, causing the consumer to process incorrectly, which could result in delirium.[1]

Notable EventsEdit

As Natsu Dragneel and Happy are camping in the Mount Altana during their training session during Fairy Tail's dissolution, they meet a guild who had stolen Happy's fish. A drugged Natsu gets enraged and quickly defeats them with the greatest ease, destroying nearly the whole mountain.[1]


During Natsu's fight with Mount Altana Guild, the drugged Fire Dragon Slayer knocks out the four Mages with his Fire Dragon's Wing Attack, causing a massive explosion resulting in the thaw of the mountain completely.[1]


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