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Mel Force (真空の鎗(メル・フォース) Meru Fōsu) is a form of the Magic Spear: Ten Commandments.


Ten Commandments Mel Force

Spear's Head

The shape of the Ten Commandments' head changes to a spear possessing a wide spearhead, with the edges on the side curving inwards close to where the spearhead is mounted, and a silver colored glowing orb connecting to the shaft, enveloped by twelve poise diamonds around it. At the center of the spear is a blue orb engraved to the head of the spear.[1]

Special FeaturesEdit

Wave Blast: This feature enables the wielder to send a vacuum wave to attack the enemy. The blast has the power to send back Earth Land Fairy Tail's S-Class Mage Erza Scarlet and destroy a solid rock wall with just one blast.[2]


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