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Margaret Town (マーガレット Māgaretto) is a city located in Fiore.


Margaret Town is one of the major cities in Fiore, housing a significant population, gaining its reputation as a home to one of Fiore's strongest guilds, Lamia Scale. The town is located by a river which separates the town in 2 major parts which are connected by a bridge. Such position also puts an emphasis on boats as means of transportation.[1]

Notable EventsEdit

In year X792, Margaret Town hosted Lamia Scale's Thanksgiving Day, serving as a cultural destination which attracted a lot of visitors.[1] However, the same night, the city was invaded by a sizable army of monsters and their tamers who led the invading forces, coming from Lamia Scale's rival guild, Orochi's Fin.[2] Nevertheless, with the courageous actions of Mages from Lamia Scale as well as from newborn Team Natsu,[3] the invasion was quickly stopped.[4]


Locations in Margaret Town
Lamia Scale Guild
Lamia Scale Guild Building


Events in Margaret Town


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