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Malba City (マルバ Maruba) is a city located in Fiore.


Malba is a fairly small city, housing roughly 30,000 people. It is full of life and vigor; Malba has an outdoor marketplace full of many shops, a park, and it includes at least one stone archway and a very fair amount of greenery.[1]


While its exact location is unknown, Malba City is located fairly close to Mikage Forest, as the main forces of Avatar arrived there in no time at all,[2] and Team Natsu managed to ride there in almost as much little time from Avatar's headquarters.[3]

Notable EventsEdit

The Black Magic Cult, Avatar targeted this city as a source of 30,000 souls that were to be purified in order to attract the attention of Black Mage, Zeref.[4] Their operation was countered by the interference of reformed Team Natsu of dissolved Fairy Tail Guild,[5] per request of the Independent Guild, Crime Sorcière.[6]


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