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Lucy fends off Tartarus members
Lucy Heartfilia vs. Tartarus

Lucy Heartfilia vs. Tartarus is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Lucy Heartfilia and several Demons of Tartarus: the Underworld King, Mard Geer; the Nine Demon Gates' Torafusa and Jackal; Lamy, and unnamed Tartarus' members.
After awakening alone in Cube following Mard Geer's casting of Alegria, Lucy is approached by several Tartarus members looking to kill her, and with the help from her Celestial Spirits fights back to defeat the Demons and save her guild.

Recent Manga Chapter
Cover 410
Chapter 410: Memento Mori

Spoiler alert! Read at your own risk!
Please do not assume that this is a correct translation until further notice.

Gray and Natsu continue their struggle against the Underworld King, but neither side is able to gain the upper hand. Finally tired of the fight, Mard explains the origins of Curses and their superiority to Magic, casting his ultimate Curse, Memento Mori, to erase the very existence of the Fairy Tail duo. With the battle apparently over, he says that all he needs to kill Zeref with the Curse is E.N.D.

Read the full summary here.

Recent Anime Episode
Episode 209: Wendy vs. Aquarius: Let's Play at an Amusement Park

  • Aquarius wants to play
  • Natsu's "arrival"
  • Mirajane fights Pisces

The battle against Eclipse Celestial Spirits continues as Natsu keeps up his attempts to defeat Loke. At the same time, Cana, Lucy and Mirajane are facing their opponents in their respective games. Wendy finds herself against Aquarius at an amusement park, with the Celestial Spirit claiming that she just wants to play, causing destruction all around while, at the same time, bonding with the little Dragon Slayer. It is not until Natsu arrives to assist that Wendy and Aquarius make up, with the former using Hisui's key to close the latter's gate.

The latest episode Wendy vs. Aquarius: Let's Play at an Amusement Park is up! Watch the story continue!
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Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc
A new story begins
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I am he who dances with blades... and I do so at my leisure...

Precht Gaebolg to Blue Skull Members, Dances with Blades

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Fairy Tail - Series Timeline02:58

Fairy Tail - Series Timeline

Did You Know?
  • ...that Mirajane looks after a stray dog she calls Alexandria Strauss?
  • ...that the language Minerva sometimes speaks when she uses her Magic is that of the Yakuma people?
  • ...that Mavis Vermilion can use Illusion Magic?

I really wanted to get the new poll out on the 1st, so that I can have it until January 2015. The last poll was something specific to the month of October, but this one is just a curious, fun question. Imagine that...waking up and knowing Japanese! Do you know the amount of Manga I would be reading?! And who would not enjoy watching Anime with all of their attention on the animation rather than the subtitles?

You Suddenly Wake Up Knowing Japanese: What Would You Do First?

The poll was created at 03:07 on November 2, 2014, and so far 1240 people voted.
Poll Results

Like promised, a new poll is up! The last one was Halloween-centered, and wow, a lot of votes. The question was which Guild would you visit for Halloween...and the most visited Guild was: Fairy Tail; with a total of 1199 visitors!!! Who wouldn't want to party with that crazy guild?

Position Team Votes Percent
1 Fairy Tail 1199 75.74%
2 Crime Sorcière 109 6.89%
3 Sabertooth 88 5.56%
4 Tartarus 62 3.92%
5 Mermaid Heel 33 2.08%
6 Oración Seis 28 1.77%
7 Quatro Cerberus 19 1.2%
8 Blue Pegasus 17 1.07%
9 Grimoire Heart 12 0.76%
10 Lamia Scale 10 0.63%
11 Twilight Ogre 3 0.19%
11 Sylph Labyrinth 3 0.19%

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