Lilac Forest (天衣の森, ライラック・フォレスト,Rairakku Foresuto) is a forest situated on the rail route from Foss to Magnolia.


Lilac Forest is located close to Magnolia. Lying to the east of the city, the railway track connecting Magnolia to Foss passes through this forest.[1]


Lilac Forest is a regular forest, filled with trees and shrubs. Although it appears to have a dense undergrowth, it is actually quite easy to traverse, posing no problem for a young Gray Fullbuster and his friends, Pause Lightless and Doronbo. Like all normal forests, Lilac Forest is abundant in wildlife, from insects to snakes.[2]

The railway track running through this forest has been constructed in such a way that the branches of the trees around it hang over it, blocking most of the sunlight reaching it and creating the illusion that the track passes through a tunnel made of trees.[3]


Locations in Lilac Forest


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