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The Kyôka Squad (キヨウ力隊 Kyōka Tai) is a team of the Dark Guild Tartaros, under the command of the Nine Demon Gate, Kyôka.[1]


Being led by Kyôka, the squad consists mainly of the mass-produced Etherious, Lamy and several henchmen.[2]



Regenerate TempesterEdit

After his defeat, Kyôka had to start regenerating her comrade's body through Hell's Core.[3]

  • Status: Success

Demonizing Minerva OrlandEdit

After surviving the Enhancement, Kyôka decided to make use of the former Sabertooth Mage, Minerva, turning her into a Demon[4], thus giving her new powers and a new appearance.[5]

  • Status: Success

Demonizing Mirajane StraussEdit

After the Fairy Tail Mage was captured, Mirajane was locked in Hell's Core in order to be turned into a Demon.[6]

  • Status: Failure

Regenerate JackalEdit

Following his suicidal act, Lamy regenerated Jackal's body back to its original state, with slight changes.[7]

  • Status: Success


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