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Kotoko Inn is an inn located in Tuly Village.


The Kotoko Inn is located inside the village's boarders.[1]


Exterior Design Edit

The exterior is in the appearance of a domestic building composed out of wood and bricks. A sign reading "KOTOKO" is plastered on the front, with a miniature sign hanging on the left-hand side reading "IN".[1]

Interior Design Edit

The interior of the room has a design in the structure of a living room area: a queen-sized bed, wooden floors, couch, desk and chair. The decorum includes pictures on the walls and plants on the shelf.[1]


  • The name "Kotoko" is a tribute to one of the singers in the idol group Nogizaka 46, Kotoko Sasaki. She is a fan of the Fairy Tail series, writing short comments in her blog that Hiro Mashima had noticed, leading to them eventually meeting in person.[2]


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