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Kamika The Paper Girl







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Dark Brown[1]

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Garou Knights

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Abyss Palace

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Chapter 307

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Kamika (カミカ Kamika) is a member of the Garou Knights, the most powerful executioners of Fiore.


Kamika is a relatively tall and thin woman with a light complexion. Her long, dark brown hair is tied back into two distinct sections; the first being two thin strands that are plaited and looped around to form hoops that sit on either side of her neck, whilst the rest and tied back with bows into two pigtails that flow in thick locks around Kamika's body, where they stop just above the ground, the ends curling. Kamika's fringe is left out, allowing her long bangs to fall over her face and into her eyes, save for a single strand which curls upwards away from her head.

Kamika's chosen attire is a simple black dress which wraps around her body as a robe. The front is left open, allowing Kamika's legs to be in full sight, whilst the back is much longer, being tailored to fall into two points. The edge of the cloth is patterned with squares, and the entire outfit is kept around Kamika through the use of a thick cloth belt which is tied just below her breasts and into a huge bow that sits at her back. On her feet, Kamika sports a pair of plain platform sandals.


Grand Magic Games arcEdit

Mirajane and Kamika
Kamika vs. Mirajane

When the Fairy Tail rescue team finds Arcadios lying injured on the ground, she surrounds them with her fellow executors.[2] She then attacks the team with Paper Blizzard: Red Dance. However, Wendy Marvell is able to stop it with her Sky Dragon's Roar.[3] She casts another spell, Paper Blizzard: Violet Dance, which immobilizes the team; leading Cosmos to follow up by casting Grow Flow to absorb all of the opponents at once.[4] After the shock the exploded Grow Flow caused, everyone ends up in different places, with Kamika ending up with Mirajane Strauss.[5]

Kamika begins the battle by attacking with her Paper Blizzard: Green Dance. Kamika explains that the green paper is the God of Poison, and though Mirajane tries holding her breath while it surrounds her, she finds herself struggling to, making it clear to her that Kamika and the knights want the Mages dead.[6] Kamika asks Mirajane if she is on the verge of death already, and Mirajane replies that Magic shouldn't be used for killing, but at the same time one needs great power to protect those they love.

All Garou Knight Defeated
Kamika and her allies are defeated

As Mirajane transforms to her Satan Soul form, she says that now that she is alone, she does not mind being contradicting, and Kamika is shocked to realize that she inhaled her poison, to which Mirajane replies that poison is a treat for a Demon.[7] Kamika, along with her allies, is defeated by Fairy Tail, and Natsu threatens them, saying they will be executed if they do not show them the exit.[8]

Soon after, Kamika and the rest of the Knights leave Abyss Palace and confront the rescue team once again as the latter fight the Fiore knights during their escape attempt. Kamika tells them not to underestimate the Kingdom's executors. As the rest of the knights enter the area, ready to battle the Fairy Tail Mages, Kamika notes that the scary one isn't present, much to her delight.[9] With her allies, Kamika engages the Fairy Tail Mages in battle, heading into the fight with Cosmos by her side and both of them backed up by the knights.[10] Together, the kingdom fighters begin to overwhelm their opponents, and Kamika smiles maliciously as she demands they come and be executed. However, before her team can properly capture their target, a huge shadow slinks along the floor towards them, and Kamika stares on in shock as she watches it slowly suck the Royal Army down into its depths. The shadow then touches her as well, and she too is sucked below, the whole time questioning what is going on.[11]

However, Kamika is later freed from the hold and rejoins her teammates at Mercurius Castle. At the dance ball held to celebrate the defeat of the Dragons, Kamika and the rest of the knights are asked to stop Natsu, who took the King's crown, only for all of them to hang their heads as their leader claims they cannot deal with the Fire Dragon Slayer's stupidity.[12]

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Paper Magic: A Magic that allows Kamika to manipulate paper in order to create different effects. This Magic seems to be used with a small piece of dark paper.[13]

  • Paper Body: Kamika transforms her own body into large quantities of free-floating, square papers. These papers can then reunite in order to reform her body.[14] (Unnamed)
  • Paper Blizzard: Red Dance (紙吹雪赤の舞い Kami Fubuki Aka no Mai): Kamika slips a dark paper into her index and middle fingers and then releases it into the wind as she blows it, creating a torrent of red-colored papers towards the target. She refers it to be the "God of Flames", being unable to be affected by fire.[15]
  • Paper Blizzard: Violet Dance (紙吹雪紫の舞い Kami Fubuki Murasaki no Mai): Kamika releases a torrent of violet-colored papers that attach themselves to the target's body, rendering the target immobile. She refers it as the "God of Binding".[16]
  • Paper Blizzard: Green Dance (紙吹雪緑の舞い Kami Fubuki Midori no Mai): Kamika releases a torrent of green-colored papers. As the papers start to surround the targets, they manifest into poisonous gas. She refers to it as the "God of Poison".[17]

Battles & EventsEdit

Battles Events


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