Kalard's House, living up to it's name, was the house owned by Kalard.[1]


Kalard's house is located inside the Boundary Forest.[1]



Due to antiquity, the building is in ruins and only half of the structure and a fireplace remain intact. Greenery is also present on the walls and on the floor. Beside the fireplace is a stairway that leads to Kalard's workshop.[1]


Kalard's workshop has several arches in the ceiling. The right wall has windows that allow light to seep through. Beside the staircase is a shelf that contains many books and a desk with a pile of books. In the middle of the room is a table which has books, a pot, a jar, and a mortar and pestle. On a corner rests a huge machine that is similar to an Alembic and is surrounded by large-sized roots.[1]


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