Kafuchi Marmalade (カフチ・ママレド Kafuchi Mamaredo) is the former Guild Master of Circus Night.


Kafuchi is a man of average height with long, dark hair. He has prominent sideburns and his shaggy mane is swept back, reaching past his shoulder blades. His ears have dark piercings and he also seems to utilize a dark lipstick. His dark eyebrows are thick, yet short, only encompassing the inner halves of his eyes. His mouth has three scars around it, two extending from the ends of his mouth while the last runs from the bottom lip to his chin. Each scar has been stitched shut, due to which the two at the ends of his mouth create an illusion of a permanent smile.[1]

As if to emphasize his position as Guild Master of Circus Night, Kafuchi's attire resembles that of a clown. Most of his body is covered by a large, bulbous garment, with the swollen end at the bottom and reaching up to his knees. It is covered by a pattern of large polka dots. The narrow end itself is quite wide and serves as a stiff ruff, encircling Kafuchi's neck. The portions near his shoulders are decorated with ruffle, stitched tangentially onto the collar and creating circles which pass under the armpits and above the shoulders. Each shoulder is adorned with a globe of cloth, both with a pattern of polka dots printed on them, although these are much smaller than the ones present on the clothing covering the majority of his body. Dark gloves cover his hands and forearms, tightly braced in place with rings present near his elbows, wrists and each finger except the thumbs. The upper arms are covered by fishnet. His footwear is comprised of a material resembling that of the the globes present on his shoulders. It reaches up to his dress and snugly hugs his calves. The parts covering his feet are reminiscent of a pair of flippers. The tips of these flippers are painted a dark hue.[1]


Kafuchi hates Fairy Tail

Kafuchi explains his grudge against Fairy Tail

Kafuchi appears to be a tyrannical Guild Master, accepting no disobedience and condoning violence against one of his own members if they go against his wishes.[2] A cruel leader, he has no qualms in using his own underlings as tools to augment his own power.[3] He is also quite ruthless, refusing to be merciful even towards children and not thinking much about taking their lives. He also holds a deep grudge against Fairy Tail for always thwarting his Guild's plans, even gathering all his members just to obliterate their rivals.[4] Further evidence regarding his disrespect for the law is provided by his plan to abduct Wakaba Mine.

Despite his despicable actions, he seems to have been a much better person earlier. He was kind enough to take in an orphaned Pause, who had fallen into despair after his parents' deaths,[5] and even allowed him to join Circus Night, guiding and watching over the boy.[6] His actions during the fight against Fairy Tail shocked and saddened Makarov, whose comment that Kafuchi had fallen into depravity[7] suggests that he had been a better person before.


Pre Ice Trail

Ever since the birth of Circus Night, Kafuchi had to deal with Fairy Tail's interference in his Guild's plans, which created a deadly rivalry between the two Guilds. At an unspecified point in time, Kafuchi allowed an orphaned Pause to enter his Guild,[4] raising the boy in such a manner that he would follow his Guild Master's orders unconditionally.[6]

Ice Trail

Circus Night

Kafuchi appears

When Circus Night captured Gray, who was trying to free Wakaba from their clutches, Kafuchi appeared before him and explained that his Guild had come to Magnolia in order to destroy their rivals, Fairy Tail. He then ordered his underling, Pause, to kill Gray, and expressed his disappointment in the bespectacled boy when he refused to kill his first true friend. Deciding to handle the matter himself, he moved to kill the Ice Mage, only to be stopped by the arrival of the very Guild he intended to slaughter.[8]

As the two Guilds immediately began their battle, Kafuchi realized that his side was losing and entered the fray himself. Easily overpowering most of his opponents, he absorbed his own Guild members to increase his power. When he did the same to Pause, he found himself facing a furious Gray, who demanded that he return the young Mage. Although the Guild Master was easily able to knock the boy around, Gray refused to back down, angering Kafuchi. Finally, the boy fell unconscious, but was held up by Makarov, whose rage had Kafuchi shaking in his shoes.[9]

Easily defeated, he was forced to release everybody whom he had absorbed and was then rounded up by the Magic Council along with the rest of his Guild.[10]

Magic & Abilities

Snake Snake Charms (蛇腹操々, スネイクスネイクチャームズ, Suneiku Suneiku Chāmuzu): Kafuchi uses this Magic to great effect, being able to summon three snakes at once, each considerably thick and longer than his own body. He uses them with great dexterity, easily blocking his opponent's blows with one serpent while using the others to deliver potent strikes to beat his foes back. He is also able to absorb others around him to strengthen himself. His capability is great enough for him to easily take on a Fairy Tail Mage,[11] forcing Makarov himself to duel him,[12] although Kafuchi proved no match for Fairy Tail's Guild Master.[10]


  • (To Gray Fullbuster and Pause Lightless) "Anyone who acts of their own accord will face repercussions."[1]
  • (To Gray Fullbuster) "We and Fairy Tail have been at each others' throats since our inception. Always getting in the way of every little thing we try to accomlish. Which is why, this time, we're putting them to sleep ... permanently."[13]
  • (To himself) "Cowards who cry and scream are useless to me."[14]

Battles & Events


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