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The Irene Squad (アイリーン隊 Airīn Tai) is a team of Alvarez Imperial Army soldiers that serve directly under the Shield of Spriggan, Irene Belserion.[1]


Controlled by Irene, her squad consists on a bevy of foot soldiers, with her top two underlings being Heine Lunasea and Juliet Sun.[1]


  • Heine Lunasea: A young kunoichi who uses magical bands for battle, she journeyed alongside of Irene and Juliet to decisively take care of the northern Ishgar forces.
  • Juliet Sun: A young happy-go-lucky girl who uses a goo-like substance for battle, she journeyed alongside Irene and Heine to decisively take care of the northern Ishgar forces.


Eliminate the Northern CalvaryEdit

The Irene Squad was assigned, alongside Bloodman and Larcade to eliminate the initial northern Ishgar forces at the Sacred Mountain of Zonia, with them succeeding,[2] going on to begin the annihilation of the incoming Fairy Tail reinforcements.[3]

  • Status: Suspended

Kill Mirajane StraussEdit

The Irene Squad encountered the remnant Fairy Tail members, deciding on eliminating Mirajane Strauss before the task of eliminating Makarov Dreyar.[4]

  • Status: Failure


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