Clear Skies With Occasional Rain is the 8th chapter of Yūsuke Shirato's Ice Trail, a spin-off of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

After successfully reaching West, the group soon part ways, Gray receiving some Gold Cotton from Amelie and Mary. Gray later arrives in Foss, where he plans to sell the cotton, only for it to be stolen. He finds and defeats the thief, but loses the cotton to the rain. Broke, he cannot continue his journey, but is saved by a kind gentleman who is grateful for the return of his wallet which had been stolen by the thief Gray captured. With his assistance, Gray is able to board a train to continue travelling.


Cappuccino arrested

Cappuccino is arrested

Gray, Gildarts, Amelie and Mary peacefully cross the river after defeating Unicol. On the Western shore, they are greeted by the Kingdom's army, which arrests Cappuccino, finally freeing Mone from his tyrannical rule. Gildarts, afraid that the soldiers might recognize him and arrest him for his previous misdemeanours, hastily takes his leave.

The remaining three travel onwards until they reach a fork in the road, one path leading North while the other leads West. As they prepare to part, Amelie inquires about Gray's future plans. When he claims that he wants to head to Magnolia, Amelie states that his financial situation would make the journey difficult. At that moment, she notices a piece of cotton floating in the air. Astounded, she heads off to fins its source, much to her companions' confusion. The trio soon reaches an entire field of Gold Cotton, an extremely rare and expensive item that is destroyed if exposed to water. The siblings harvest it and give it to Gray so that he may fund his journey, brushing aside all his pleas to split the amount between them. Then they finally go their own ways, Gray promising Mary that they will meet again someday.

Gray shelters from the rain

Gray seeks shelter from the rain

Meanwhile, in Foss, the village which lies at the entrance to the Kingdom's western region, a theif appears to be on a stealing spree. Gray soon arrives in this village and begins to search for a fabric shop to sell the cotton, resting for some time at a fountain. One of the thief's victims, a young girl also sits there, depressed that her present for her uncle was stolen. Suddenly, it begins to rain, forcing Gray to take shelter along with two others under a stationary parasol on the street.

The group is approached by a sinister man, who swallows a Speed-You-Up X pill to help him steal the Gold Cotton from Gray. But the effect wears off before he is able to escape, allowing Gray to use his Magic to stop the thief in his tracks. The man also accidentally drops his Holds-A-Lot Beta in the ruckus, all his ill-gotten gains spilling out. Revealed to be the culprit behind the recent burglaries, he is forced to flee, but swears vengeance against Gray.

Gray aboard a train to Magnolia

Gray finally gets on a train for Magnolia

Gray soon finds his own bag of cotton, completely ruined by the rain. Simultaneously, Juvia also regains her property and leaves happily, the rain also soon stopping. As Gray sits near the fountain, he is approached by an elderly gentleman, who thanks him for capturing the thief, subsequently allowing the retrieval of his wallet which contained the picture of his daughter. After hearing about Gray's situation, he kindly gives him enough money to travel to Magnolia and also three lunchboxes. Gray soon boards a train and heads for his destination, while Juvia, aboard another train, glances out the window and notices that the sky has cleared up.

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