Start Again is the 13th and final chapter of Yūsuke Shirato's Ice Trail, a spin-off of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

As the war between Fairy Tail and Circus Night continues, Kafuchi absorbs his Guild's members, including Pause to enhance his powers. When Gray tries to get his friend back, he is beaten brutally, enraging Fairy Tail's Master, who defeats Kafuchi. Afterwards, Gray is healed by Porlyusica and returns to Fairy Tail, where he is allowed to join the Guild. Some years later, as he reads a letter from Pause, he is introduced to a new recruit, Natsu Dragneel.


Kafuchi engulfs Pause

Pause is absorbed by Kafuchi

Soon after Fairy Tail engages Circus Night in a skirmish, the latter finds itself at a disadvantage. Beaten back, some of the member begin to run away as their Master seems to watch impassively. But he soon joins the fray when he is attacked, proving himself to be a skilled Mage who is much stronger than the average Fairy Tail Mage. He uses his Magic to absorb his comrades and augment his powers, capturing Pause in the process, and states that he has no use for cowards.

While Makarov expresses his disappointment at the callous way in which the man treats his own allies, Gray begins to assault Kafuchi, demanding that Pause be released. Kafuchi initially mocks the boy's weakness, but is soon enraged by this nuisance and viciously beats him up. He then challenges the Fairy Tail Guild Master to a duel, believing Gray to be knocked out. But he is proven wrong as the child gets up again, desperately demanding the return of his friend. Despite his steadfast resolve, the toll the fight has taken is evident as Gray begins to collapse and is caught by Makarov, who furiously states that he will end Kafuchi's rampage.

Makarov speaks about Iced Shell

Gray and Makarov discuss Iced Shell

Gray soon regains consciousness in the house of an old, female healer, who immediately kicks him out after seeing him awake. The boy returns to Fairy Tail to meet Makarov, who greets him kindly. When asked about Pause, the old man informs Gray that Circus Night was arrested by the Magic Council. Gray then asks Makarov about a method to revert the effects of Iced Shell and save Ur, but is told that his wish is impossible to fulfill. Swearing to become powerful enough to save Ur one day, Gray requests the Guild Master to allow him to join his Guild, the latter happily agreeing to grant his wish.

Cana surprises Gray

Cana asks Gray about Pause's letter

Some years later, Gray receives a letter from Pause, explaining that he had been released by the Council as he was deemed to have been coerced into the war. Afraid to meet Gray after his betrayal, he had met up with Doronbo and they had joined a Guild a year ago. He had finally found the courage to write Gray a letter and expresses his wish to meet his friend again someday. Gray is suddenly surprised by Cana, who teases him about having received a letter from a girlfriend. Gray refutes her statement, stating that it is from a male, earning him Laxus' interest while Erza just watches the dialogue in amusement.

At that moment, they notice a commotion outside the Guild and Gray remarks that a new recruit is supposed to join them that day. A boy who appears to be his age then enters the Guild and gives his name as Natsu Dragneel, Gray introducing himself in turn.

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