True Colors is the 12th chapter of Yūsuke Shirato's Ice Trail, a spin-off of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Gray and Doronbo awaken in a hospital a day after their defeat at the hands of Wakaba's abductors. They immediately head out to find Pause and rescue Wakaba, soon arriving at the enemy base. Gray tries to sneak in, but is distracted on seeing an injured Pause and is therefore captured. His opponents reveal themselves to be Fairy Tail's rival, Circus Night. Their Guild Master orders Pause to kill Gray, but the former is unable to kill his friend, enraging his Master, who vows to kill the Ice-Make Mage himself. But they are interrupted by the arrival of Fairy Tail Mages and a massive fight breaks out between the two Guilds.


Doronbo Paper Dog

Doronbo reveals his idea

A day after their defeat at the hands of Pause and his companions, Gray and Doronbo wake up in a hospital. As Gray wonders about Pause's motives, he realizes that he knows next to nothing about the boy. He expresses his intention of finding Pause, saving Wakaba and berating the former for his actions. But Doronbo brings him down to earth by stating that they have no idea about their former friend's location. Doronbo then reveals that he took a page from the book that Pause used for his Magic and folded it into the shape of a dog in the hope that it would lead them to its owner.

Although Gray initially ridicules Doronbo's idea, he is surprised to see the dog actually move in search of Pause. They soon arrive at a pub and decide to see how many potential opponents are inside instead of blindly rushing in. They are thrown into despair to see a large number of people inside, all seemingly from the Guild that captured Wakaba, who is tied and beat in a corner. Despite the odds, Gray wants to save the Fairy Tail Mage, but is held back by Doronbo. As the duo ponder about their course of action, Gray remembers about the Speed-You-Up X used by his thieving friend in Foss.

Gray discovered by CN

Gray is discovered by Circus Night

Gray immediately takes the drug, informed about its effects by Doronbo. He then rushes inside and attempts to rescue Wakaba, but notices Pause lying injured on the floor. As he tries to check the boy's wounds, the effect of the pill wears off and the pub's patrons immediately notice him. Out of options, he tries to force his way out, but his attacks prove harmless. As he is punched out, one of their assailants from the day before recognizes him. When Gray accuses them of hurting their own comrade, they reveal that Pause had been punished for informing the hospital about Gray and Doronbo. Suddenly, the Guild Master appears, stating that their Guild does not forgive traitors.

Pause cries

Pause tearfully expresses his inability to hurt a friend

Pause wakes up at that moment and is shocked to see Gray there. He reveals that his purpose in coming to Magnolia is to destroy Fairy Tail, with Kafuch elaborating that Circus Night and Fairy Tail have always been rivals, which is why they are going to take down Fairy Tail. When Gray asks Pause why he stays with a pathetic Guild like Circus Night, Pause responds that the Guild had saved him when he had been orphaned. He further states that his Master's orders are absolute. But, when he is ordered to finish Gray, Pause is unable to bring himself to harm the first true friend he has ever made. Expressing regret at Pause's decision, Kafuchi moves to get rid of both kids, but is stopped by a sudden shout.

Everybody looks up to see Fairy Tail members lining the entire gallery. While one of their ranks helps Wakaba up, the Guild Master expresses his rage at Circus Night for hurting one of his members. Gray can only watch as the situation then erupts into a battle between the two Guilds.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Gray Fullbuster
  2. Doronbo
  3. Wakaba Mine
  4. Pause Lightless
  5. Kafuchi Marmalade
  6. Macao Conbolt
  7. Makarov Dreyar

Battles & EventsEdit

Magic, Spells and Abilities usedEdit

Magic usedEdit

Spells usedEdit

Abilities usedEdit

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat

Items usedEdit


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