Closer is the 11th chapter of Yūsuke Shirato's Ice Trail, a spin-off of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Arriving in Magnolia, Gray tries to search for the Fairy Tail Guild building, only to find it closed for the day. Disappointed, he leads Pause and Doronbo to a cafe where they meet a drunk. Pause stealthily tries to leave his companions, but is followed by Doronbo, who tries to stop him. Unsuccessful, he heads back to Gray and informs him of Pause's departure. They try to find him, but fail. As night falls, the drunk they met in the cafe offers to let them live with him for the night, but they are suddenly attacked by three Mages. They reveal the drunk to be a Fairy Tail Mage and capture him, incapacitating Gray and Doronbo too, but not before they realize that Pause is one of the assailants.


Gray reaches FT

Gray finally finds Fairy Tail

Gray, Pause and Doronbo finally reach Magnolia. Although the others want to have food, Gray insists on finding the Fairy Tail Guild building. Asking the townspeople the Guild's location, they finally reach the Guild building, only to find it closed. Doronbo suggests that they get something to eat and they soon find themselves at a cafe.

While Doronbo stuffs his face, Gray keeps mumbling about his misfortune. Hearing his rant, a drunk approaches the trio and asks them their business with Fairy Tail. Not waiting for a response, he begins to abuse the Guild, much to Gray's fury. Pause excuses himself and goes to a lonely spot to send off a message using his Magic. But Doronbo follows him and calls him out for his suspicious actions on the train and just now. He asks the boy about his true intentions for coming to Magnolia, but is ignored as Pause silently leaves.

Drunk young Wakaba

The drunk invites Gray and Doronbo to his house

Doronbo heads back to the cafe to find Gray brawling with the drunkard. He immediately breaks up the fight. Gray states that the man was abusing Fairy Tail, but that he would judge the Guild himself. The drunk seems to find the boy hilarious for some reason and apologizes for his statements, confusing Gray. Doronbo then informs him about Pause's departure. Gray immediately heads off to find their companion, but is unsuccessful. As Doronbo tries to comfort Gray, the drunk approaches them again and asks them about their plans for the night. Seeing that they have nowhere to spend the night, he offers to put them up at his place. As the three begin to head to the man's house, he starts to talk about his female roommate and his love for her, then concludes that he has decided to propose to her.

CN capture Wakaba

The victorious trio leaves with Wakaba

Suddenly the group is attacked by a sinister trio and held captive in balloons. The drunk seems to recognize their assailants as they mock their captives' weakness. One of the goons identifies the drunk as Fairy Tail Mage Wakaba Mine, much to Gray's surprise. When Wakaba tries to respond to the jeers, he is knocked unconscious with a single attack. As the trio wonders what to do with Gray and Doronbo, Gray realizes that Pause is amongst them and calls out to him. But the latter coldly refuses to acknowledge his friend's pleas and tells his companion to take them down. Defeating Gray and Doronbo with ease, the villains then capture Wakaba and retreat as Gray wonders why they were hunting a Fairy Tail Mage.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Pause Lightless
  2. Gray Fullbuster
  3. Doronbo
  4. Wakaba Mine

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