The Forest Incident is the 10th chapter of Yūsuke Shirato's Ice Trail, a spin-off of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Gray heads to Magnolia by train with two new companions, Pause and Doronbo. But they experience a breakdown in the middle of the Lilac Forest. Bored, the trio heads out to explore and happens upon a Mage's abandoned hideout, where they are attacked by its sentinel. They manage to allow the thief to retreat and close up the entrance to the hideout so nobody else might wander into the dangerous place. They return to the train, which has been forced to halt by Doronbo, and board it, but not before Pause secretly sends out a mysterious message.


Tree Tunnel

The train travels through Lilac Forest

Gray continues his journey to Magnolia by train with two new companions in tow, Pause and Doronbo. The latter keeps annoying Gray by sticking close to him, claiming that he doesn't want to lose sight of the boy until he has exacted his revenge for his humiliation in Foss. As the three converse, the train heads into Lilac Forest and Pause informs them that Magnolia lies just beyond. But the train experiences engine failure while passing through the forest and breaks down. Pause suggests that they wait patiently, but Gray soon begins to grow bored and Doronbo's antics also begin to get on his nerves. He soon decides to explore a bit of the forest and is followed by his two comrades, although Pause keeps protesting against their expedition as the train might leave without them.

The thief reveals his cowardly nature in the forest, expressing fear at every small thing. When Gray calls him out on this, he proudly states that this trait allows him to sense and react to danger faster. Pause then mentions a story he heard in one of the towns he had been to. It was about a band of thieves who failed in a heist and were captured because one of them scarpered right in the middle, although he did manage to escape. Doronbo is visibly shaken on hearing this, but condemns the one who ran away.

Mage Hideout in Lilac Forest

Gray, Pause and Doronbo discover a Mage's Hideout

At that moment, the trio comes upon a cave entrance and head inside to investigate, despite Doronbo's protests that it seems too ominous. They soon enter a seemingly abandoned room. While they wonder about the room's purpose, the magical guardian of the abode sights them and immediately attacks them. The three realize that they have stumbled upon a Mage's secret hideout before the being resumes its assault. Gray apologizes to the others for dragging them into this mess and tries to lead the guardian away, only to trip and fall. At the guard's mercy, he is saved by Doronbo, who tearfully states that he was the thief who bungled the burglary Pause was talking about earlier. Regretting his actions at that time, he courageously stands before the guard, but it is frozen by Gray, who tells Doronbo to run back to the train while they sort out this mess. Overcome, the thief immediately retreats.

Gray requests Pause to cover the sentinel's optic. When the boy obliges, Gray immediately creates dummies of himself and the two exit. The sentinel soon frees itself from Pause's paper and goes berserk upon seeing the dummies, proclaiming them to be intruders. Pause realizes that Gray intended for this to happen so as to destroy the hideout and commends the Ice Mage, the latter responding that the place was too dangerous to be left intact. The duo makes it out of the cave just in time, the magical sentinel's rampage bringing down the cave's roof behind them.

Pause mysterious message

Pause secretly sends out a signal

The two return to the railway line, expecting the train to have already departed. Much to their surprise, it is still there. They find out that Doronbo laid himself in front of the train to force a delay in the departure and allow his two newfound friends to make it there in time. They thank him for his efforts and prepare to board the train again. But Pause straggles behind so as to send out a mysterious message using his Magic without the others noticing, then catches up to them. Unaware of his actions, Gray continues his journey with his two comrades.

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  1. Pause Lightless
  2. Gray Fullbuster
  3. Doronbo

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