Hills Hotel is a hotel in Rose Garden.[1]


It is located in an upper area of Rose Garden where the rest of the city can be seen.[1]


Exterior Design

It is a tall red four story hotel building with each room having its own small balcony.[1]

Interior Design

The hotel has a lobby with the front desk, three red couches to wait at with a table in the middle and a large stair case to go upstairs. The hotel rooms have a green and tan checkered floor design, two separate beds with green sheets, an end table between them with a lamp on top, a desk with a chair and a bigger chair with arm rests to the side of the balcony door. The bathrooms in have a small window above the toilet, a sink with mirror, a clawfoot bathtub with shower surrounded by a turquoise curtain and a bathmat right outside the tub.[1]


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