Gravity Magic (重力の魔法 Jūryoku no Mahō) is a Caster Magic that involves the manipulation of gravity.


Gravity Magic

Bluenote Stinger utilizing his magic

Utilizing this Magic, the user can control and manipulate gravity. This can be achieved via various gestures and movements of the hand, such as simply spreading both arms with the index and middle fingers of both hands splayed,[2] or by thrusting one hand towards the target, palm facing forward.[3] It can also be utilized without any hand movements at all, such as when the user's arms are crossed.[4]

Gravity Magic has a large range of offensive and defensive properties. The user can freely increase[5] or decrease[6] the gravity of anything around them, rendering most frontal assaults virtually useless.[3] This Magic is strong enough to easily crush solid earth,[5] and can even be used to destroy other Magics.[7] It is also capable of suspending people or objects in midair,[6][8] or to divert the course of natural phenomena around the user, such as rain.[9]


Bluenote's Spells



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