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"All that is left for us is to believe in the human's own power ... and in Zeref... I look forward at the day we meet at the Dragon King's feast."

Grandeeney to Igneel in "Rage Within the Red Earth"
Manga | Anime
Grandeeney, Sky Dragon





The Sky Dragon (天竜 Tenryū)




Female Female



Professional Status
Affiliation Dragons
Personal Status



Wendy Marvell (Foster daughter)



Manga Debut

Chapter 101 (as a light ball)
Chapter 412 (actual)

Anime Debut

Episode 48 (as a light ball)

Game Debut

Fairy Tail: Zeref's Awakening

Japanese Voice

Shōko Tsuda

English Voice

Pam Dougherty

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Grandeeney (グランディーネ Gurandīne) is a female Dragon known as The Sky Dragon, and the foster mother of Wendy Marvell.


Grandeeney is a large, four-legged Dragon, whose appearance differs considerably from a traditional Dragon's appearance. She has a white body, which appears to be covered in tissue similar to bird legs, rather than scales. Her feet resemble bird talons as well. Her head is covered in what appears to be fur and her skull is somewhat broad and flat. The fur extends down the neck and to the upper chest region.[1]


Grandeeney seems to enjoy poking at people's sensitive areas. She is unafraid of making other Dragons unhappy by bringing up things that may, likely, be a sore subject to them.[2]

According to Wendy, her foster daughter, Grandeeney is a very gentle Dragon who has very positive emotions towards humans.[3]


The Sky Dragon and Slayer

Grandeeney and young Wendy

Over 400 years ago, Grandeeney was present during the Dragon Civil War, and was acquainted with Zirconis.[4] Many years later, Grandeeney would find and raise a human girl named Wendy Marvell. Grandeeney taught Wendy the ancient Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, particularly, Healing Spells. However, on July 7, X777, Grandeeney disappeared, much like Igneel and Metalicana, leaving Wendy for unknown reasons, leaving her unable to teach the young girl how to use her Dragon Slayer Magic for combative purposes.[5] Some time later, Grandeeney came into contact with her human Edolas counterpart, Porlyusica, and gave her instructions on how to perform two powerful Sky Dragon Slayer Magic Spells —Milky Way and Shattering Light: Sky Drill— to pass on to Wendy, should they ever meet.[6]


Tower of Heaven arc

Note: Events take place in the Tower of Heaven arc in the manga, but Fighting Festival arc in the anime.

Grandeeney and Igneel

Grandeeney meets Igneel

Grandeeney, in the form of a Magic orb of light, ventures into a volcanic region where the Fire Dragon, Igneel, is hiding. She teases Igneel over his foster son Natsu Dragneel and their shared habit of taking things in excess, but notes that Natsu may end up dying if he takes that habit too far. She also hopes that Natsu will one day meet Wendy and establish a more friendly relationship with her than the one he has with Metalicana's foster son, Gajeel Redfox. Her statements only irritate Igneel, who angrily tells her to leave and reminds her not to interfere with the humans, which she takes note of. She prepares to say something about Zeref before leaving, but decides to leave the subject for another time, and instead reminds Igneel of the Dragon King Feast she hopes he will attend.[2][7]

Tartarus arc

Grandeeney comes to the aid of the entire kingdom of Fiore when the Tartarus guild attempts to remove all Magic Power from the world with the Face pulse bomb. With the Mages failing to stop the devices from firing, Grandeeney soars in from the skies, using her large body to plough straight through the giant structures and destroy them as the Mages below smile on in relief.[8]

Magic and Abilities

Grandeeney's light form

Grandeeney's light form

Light Form: Grandeeney can create an orb of light, which she uses to communicate long distances, usually with other Dragons.[2]

Telepathy (念話, テレパシー, Terepashī): Grandeeney, at an undisclosed point in time, used this technique to talk to Porlyusica,[9] and later demonstrated it once more when she told the pilots of the Christina airship to move their ship to the side.[10]

Flight: Being a Dragon, Grandeeney possesses the ability to fly through the air using her wings.[11]

Immense Speed: Grandeeney can travel at immense speeds; appearing as a speck at distances measuring in the kilometers, within mere seconds Grandeeney appeared before and beyond the Christina, leaving the Mages befuddled as to what she was.[11]

Immense Strength: Grandeeney can destroy numerous Face bombs with ease by ramming into them with her body.[11]

Immense Durability: After ramming into myriad Face bombs, Grandeeney emerged from each of the magical lithic structures without so much as a scratch.[12]


  • (To Igneel) "All that is left for us is to believe in the human's own power ... and in Zeref... I look forward at the day we meet at the Dragon King's feast."[13]

Battles & Events


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