The Gate of the Lyre Key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Lyre, Lyra.


In the Manga, the key is depicted to be an ordinary silver key with the crest of the Lyre, an image of a lyre, stamped on its bow.[1] In the Anime, the key is still depicted as silver but is designed more intricately. The bow is circular and bears the crest of the Lyre on its center, colored blue. The blade of the key ends in a simple design, similar to other silver keys.[2]


While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Lyre Lyra by reciting the quote, "Open Gate of the Lyre! Lyra!". This summons Lyra, a Celestial Spirit mostly used for recreational purposes due to her beautiful voice.[3]


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