Gapri (ガプリ Gapuri) is a member of Three Stars, which is a part of the Kingdom of Stella's army.[1]


Gapri is a dark skinned man with light blue spiky hair, black slanted eyes who wears a yellow and white tunic, matching arm sleeves, and black gloves. His capris match his tunic and sleeves to finish out with brown boots. He also wears a red scarf around his neck.[1]


Gapri is a gleeful man who is condescending towards his opponents he considers inferior. However he is loyal, beckoning the call of Animus to protect Sonya while mentioning that his team is very protective of the King's aide.[1]


Dragon Cry


Gapri's device

Gapri's device in use

Stellanium Floatation Device: Gapri uses a floatation device made from Stellanium which allows him to mount it, forming into either a ball or board to procure flight while moving at high speeds.[1]


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