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Galuna Island (ガルナ島 Garuna Tō), also known as "The Demon Isle", and formerly known as "Moon Island",[2] is an island that serves as the home to a tribe of friendly Demons. The island was the location of an S-class mission undertaken by Team Natsu.[3]


At some point in time, the residents of Galuna Island began to lose their memories due to Moon Drip and began to believe that they were Humans that would turn into Demons at night.[4] After some time, the villagers began killing their fellow residents whom they believed had turned into real demons, fearing that if they did not, the safety of the village would be at stake.[5] Unable to handle the situation any longer, they've found themselves in, they began to seek help from Guilds to cure them of the spell they believed they were under.


Galuna Island is located far east of Hargeon Town. It is far into the sea, with no other land visible around it. It is shaped like a crescent moon with small islands extending the area, covered by a large number of trees, green plants, vines and steep rocks which make it harder to hike.[6] A small village lies within the island with a very tall gate. The gate has a sign stating,"Keep Out". Above, sharp spikes line the gate. On both sides, there are two large posts, and on the top are two large spikes connected to those posts. A wall encircles the entire village to further protect it from outsiders.[7] Located within the walls are many huts with guard towers watching the whole village with torches lighting the area. An ancient temple also lies on the island. It has succumb to age with most of its walls being cracked and plant life growing atop it. The ancient floors can barely support any weight, as seen when Natsu Dragneel put too much force into his step and sent him and the rest of his team falling through the now cracked floors.[8] Below the temple is a series of caves and tunnels, one of which housed the Demon, Deliora, encased in iced shell.[9]

Notable EventsEdit

Atop the temple, a ceremony is held to collect Moon Drip in order to melt the ice encasing Deliora.[10] According to Lyra, the Moon Drip that they are casting is a spell that is able to collect moonlight from the moon and trying to hit Deliora upon to revive.[11] However, when Lyon Vastia, Yuka Suzuki, Toby Horhorta and Sherry Blendy leave to attempt to destroy the village,[12] Natsu and Gray interrupt the ceremony, stopping the moon drip.[13] Ultimately, Team Natsu is unsuccessful at stopping Deliora from being released, however, upon being released, Deliora immediately crumbles, having been dead the entire time he was inside the ice.[14]


Locations on Galuna Island
GI village
Galuna Temple
Forbidden Temple


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