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Gaku Izumi (和泉 岳 Izumi Gaku) is a high school senior who once visited the Fairy Tail Guild with his friends.


Izumi is a young man of below average height with black hair and glasses. He wears his school's uniform consisting of a long sleeved shirt, a necktie, a dark-color blazer, pants held up by a belt and a pair of black shoes.


Possibly due to his short stature, Izumi is somewhat insecure about his height as he immediately wanted to learn how to manipulate it when he saw Master Makarov using Giant. He is also somewhat confident with his own abilities seen when he thought that he had mastered the said Magic after only a few minutes.



Arriving at the guild

Izumi talking to Makarov

One of Izumi's friends, Adachi, drags him and three other friends to the Fairy Tail Guild in Magnolia Town, saying that, since they're already high school seniors, they need to start looking for employment. The four follow Adachi into the guild, thinking that it's a company, and are surprised to learn that it's a guild of Mages. During their stay, Izumi sees Master Makarov using his Giant Magic, dramatically changing his height. Izumi immediately approaches him and asks him to teach him.[1]

Giant Chiba

Izumi's failure with Giant

After some time, Izumi thinks that he had mastered the Magic and decides to demonstrate it to the group. However, instead of manipulating his own height, Izumi somehow managed to make Chiba larger. Rinka then tries to demonstrate her "Requip" but ends up stripping herself down to her underwear. Soon after, Shinagawa tries to use Celestial Spirit Magic but only manages to summon a deformed version of the Celestial Spirit Plue, much to everyone's horror. After that fiasco, the group of high school students returns to their school and soon discovers that the Mages of Fairy Tail had paid them a visit as well.[2]

Magic and Abilities

Giant (巨人(ジヤイアント) Jiyaianto): Izumi had once tried to use the body manipulating Magic: Giant. However, he is unable to manipulate his own body, only able to manipulate the bodies of those around him.[3]


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