Gajeel Redfox vs. Edolas Royal Army is an anime-exclusive fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Gajeel Redfox and the soldiers of the Royal Army of Edolas.


Edo-Gajeel preparing fireworks

Gajeel preparing "fireworks"

In the Royal City, the ceremony for the Magic Extraction from Magnolia Town's Lacrima has begun. Gajeel looks anxious for he has to hurry but he can't make a move with too many people around. Elsewhere in the crowd, Gajeel's Edolas counterpart pulls out a screw-like cylinder rod. A man next to him asks what it is and he nonchalantly replies that it's in celebration of the Magic extraction. He declares that it's just a little firework as a beam of light shoots out from it and explodes in the sky. The people, guards and Gajeel notice this. The guards are confused and state that they weren't informed of fireworks.

Up in the sky, the firework forms a letter "N". Gajeel pulls out four more rods and shoots them up in the sky.
Edo-Gajeel's fireworks

Gajeel's "fireworks"

The letters "O", "R", "T" and "H" appear and form the word "NORTH". Gajeel' counterpart mutters that he'll leave the rest to him. Gajeel yells that there's something written there and that a suspicious fellow after the Lacrima is at the north of the plaza. This alerts the guards and some of them leave to go to the northern section since the defenses aren't very tight there. The guards left at the southern section push back the spectators. The people quickly move back, clearing the way so Gajeel can make his move.[1]


Gajeel attacks Edolas' soldiers

Gajeel attacks the soldiers

With the spectators gone, Gajeel is free to move around. With a grin on his face, he removes his brown cloak, declares that that Mystogan guy is still a bit fishy to him but he'll trust him and then attacks the distracted guards with Iron Dragon's Club. His counterpart, hiding somewhere, smiles as he observes this and mutters that everything is going according to plan.[1]


Magnolia's lacrima shining

Magnolia's Lacrima shining brightly

With the guards taken by surprise, Gajeel takes advantage of the opportunity and goes for the Lacrima. He slashes at it twice with Iron Dragon's Sword. The spectators are awestruck with the light that begins to emanate from the struck Lacrima. Gajeel looks at the Lacrima in confusion as he lands on the ground.[1]


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