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Little Natsu and Gajeel's frequent fights

Natsu and Gajeel's frequent fights

Originally born 400 years ago, Gajeel, an orphan was taught Iron Dragon Slayer Magic by Metalicana. During his tenure as Metalicana's child, he became affiliated with the four other Dragon Slayer children, and met with them several times a year when their foster parents got together for meetings, wherein he would frequently fight with Natsu, much to the young Wendy's chagrin. Gajeel, at some point after, then had his body used to house his foster father's damaged soul; Metalicana hid himself inside Gajeel's body to create antibodies that would stop Gajeel's natural Dragonification process. Gajeel was then sent forward in time four hundred years, awakening on July 7, X777, so that Metalicana's damaged soul could recover in the dense Ethernano atmosphere so that he could exit and attempt to someday kill Acnologia.[1][2][3]

Belno stops Gajeel

Belno talks to Gajeel

Some time later, Gajeel joined Phantom Lord. During his time in Phantom Lord Gajeel was admired from afar by a young man named Rogue Cheney, who was known then as Ryos.[4] An unspecified time before the war against Fairy Tail, Gajeel was brought forth before the Magic Council and was reprimanded for actions he committed. After the trial, Belno spoke to him and besought that he withdraw from Phantom Lord, which offended him rather greatly. He is then told to seek a life worth living rather than be preached to about to live life, which he responded to by saying that the upcoming war with Fairy Tail gives it meaning,[5] after which Belno told him that he reminds her of her dead son.[6]


Phantom Lord arc

Gajeel leads the initial strike against Fairy Tail, using guerrilla tactics, by compromising the Fairy Tail Guildhall with large iron pillars that protrude throughout the building, destroying the Guildhall's foundation.[7] As a mark of strength, he makes an example of Fairy Tail's own Team Shadow Gear and pins them to a tree (in a crucifixion style), inscribing the Phantom Lord mark onto their torsos, signifying who the perpetrating guild was. This act ultimately provokes Makarov to declare war on Phantom Lord.[8]

Gajeel vs. Elfman

Gajeel vs. Elfman

Gajeel surveys the battle between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord before entering the fray to fight Elfman.[9] Their battle is interrupted by Natsu, making Gajeel interested in the idea of battling another Dragon Slayer.[10] Though they exchange fists, Natsu and the rest of the guild are forced to retreat when Makarov has his Magic dissociated by Aria.[11]

Gajeel uses his superior sense of smell to track down Lucy Heartfilia, whom he captures and brings back to his guild after the Element 4 are defeated.[12] He is ordered by Jose to watch Lucy, but Gajeel cruelly tortures her out of boredom and misplaced hatred.[13] As Lucy insults Gajeel, he smells Natsu coming and moves to kill Lucy, provoking Natsu into fighting him once more.[14]

Gajeel defeated by Natsu

Gajeel beaten by Natsu

The two are initially equal in strength, but Gajeel gains the upper hand by covering his body with metal scales and eating scraps of metal to replenish his strength.[15] However, Natsu is able to retaliate after Lucy summons Sagittarius to start a fire (which he does by destroying nearby machinery and causing an explosion) allowing Natsu to feed. This gives him enough strength to defeat Gajeel by blasting him through the Phantom Lord building, demolishing it in the process.[16]

After the battle ends, Natsu questions Gajeel about where he learned his Dragon Slayer Magic. Gajeel reveals his relationship with Metalicana, and is shocked to learn that Natsu's Dragon parent, Igneel, disappeared on the same day as his own. The two then bicker over this, and stop after Gajeel yells at Natsu to get out of what is left of his guild, declaring that he will one day take revenge.[17]

Gajeel talks with Makarov

Makarov's anger towards what Gajeel did to his "children"

Sometime later, Phantom Lord is disbanded, and Gajeel remains at the ruins of his former guild. He is eventually approached by Makarov, who tells him that Juvia Lockser, another former member of Phantom Lord, has joined their guild, much to Gajeel's displeasure. Makarov forgives Gajeel for damaging his guild, but he is still visibly enraged that Gajeel had injured Shadow Gear, making it clear that he would never forgive him for it. Makarov then offers Gajeel membership into Fairy Tail to help guide him down the right path. Moved by Makarov's mercy and compassion, Gajeel accepts his offer.[18]

Battle of Fairy Tail arc

Despite not being a fully trusted member of Fairy Tail, Gajeel is given a mission by Makarov to find Ivan Dreyar, Makarov's son and Master of the Dark Guild Raven Tail, infiltrate his Dark Guild, and spy on him in the process.[19] Gajeel manages to make contact with Ivan and feigns allegiance with him, claiming to be spying on Fairy Tail so that he may take revenge against Natsu.[20]

Gajeel sing

Gajeel: the man of many talents

Gajeel's inclusion in the newly renovated guild is not well received by the other guild members, particularly Team Natsu, who discover that he has joined after their return from the Tower of Heaven. While shocked and angry, they reluctantly accept his membership as part of Makarov's decision, though Erza states that he should be watched closely. Gajeel similarly acts distant and hostile towards Natsu and his other new guildmates, saying that he doesn't intend to get along with any of them and has only come to find work.[21] With encouragement from Juvia however, Gajeel begins making attempts to fit in with the others, and though his methods of doing so are questionable (such as chaining up Mirajane so he could put on a stage performance for the others), he gradually earns a grudging respect from the guild.[22][23]

Gajeel save Levy

Gajeel protects Levy from Laxus's Raging Bolt

One of the other groups that refuse to accept Gajeel is Shadow Gear; Jet and Droy hold a grudge against him for attacking them, while Levy frequently cowers in fear of his presence. Jet and Droy pick a fight with Gajeel when he tries to go on a mission, though he does not fight back. Laxus soon arrives and blames him for ruining Fairy Tail's reputation by destroying and then joining the guild. Laxus then begins to brutally assault Gajeel, warranting even Jet and Droy's concern. Even still, Gajeel does not fight back, leading Shadow Gear to reason that he is trying to earn their acceptance. Jet and Droy try to make Laxus stop by attacking him, but Laxus fires a bolt of lightning at Levy out of frustration. To Shadow Gear's shock, Gajeel takes the hit himself and defends Levy. With no one willing to fight anymore, Gajeel staggers off to continue his mission.[24]

Gajeel talks to Ivan

Gajeel speaks with Ivan Dreyar

As Laxus tries to take over the guild, Gajeel eats some metal and prepares to go after him, but, as with Natsu, he is stopped by Freed's enchantment that prevents those over the age of 80 from exiting the Guildhall.[25] Gajeel then helps Natsu in his attempt to free Erza from the stone that is imprisoning her. Although they inadvertently succeed, she punches the two Dragon Slayers away for having touched her.[26] Shortly thereafter, Levy, having been freed from her enchantment, manages to dispel the enchantment, enabling Natsu and Gajeel to enter The Battle of Fairy Tail.[27][28][29] Later, Gajeel is seen speaking to Ivan Dreyar via Shikigami Magic, falsely reassuring him that he still intends to seek revenge on Fairy Tail.[20]

Gajeel later appears in the Kardia Cathedral, where Natsu is fighting Laxus, and saves Natsu from Laxus' Raging Bolt. He then suggests that he and Natsu work together to take down Laxus and protect the guild, surprising Natsu.[30]

Gajeel as a lighting rod

Gajeel saves Natsu's life by turning himself into a living lightning rod

They put forth a valiant effort, but Laxus surprises them by revealing that he, too, is a Dragon Slayer. Using this power, Laxus nearly defeats them both.[31] His powerful spells greatly weaken Gajeel, rendering him incapable of fighting, forcing Natsu to fight Laxus alone.[32] However, before Laxus can deliver the final blow to Natsu, Gajeel uses his Iron Dragon Slayer Magic to turn himself into a living lightning rod, causing Laxus' spell to change course, hitting Gajeel instead. Gajeel then tells Natsu to go, and smiles as his fellow Dragon Slayer defeats the crazed S-Class Mage.[33]

Gajeel's and natsu injury

Gajeel and Natsu heavily bandaged

In the Guildhall, after Laxus' defeat, Gajeel and Natsu, now heavily bandaged, sit beside one another. When Natsu springs up from his seat to talk to Laxus, his every word is completely muffled by his bandages. Surprisingly, Gajeel is able to understand him and relays what Natsu says to Laxus. He soon confronts Ivan about Laxus being a Dragon Slayer. Ivan reveals to Gajeel that Laxus is a "fake" Dragon Slayer, and because he pitied Laxus for being so weak, he implanted Lacrima into Laxus' body so he could gain Dragon Slayer powers. Gajeel once more assures Ivan that he won't be caught as a "spy", before leaving. He returns to the Guildhall during Fairy Tail's Fantasia Parade, meeting Makarov in private and giving him a note containing a report on Ivan's location and dealings.[19]

Daphne arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Edolas arc

Gajeel's reaction not having a cat

Gajeel envious of not having a cat

After Wendy Marvell becomes the newest member of Fairy Tail, Gajeel is shown to be upset and perplexed upon observing that both Natsu and Wendy have cats with them. Being a Dragon Slayer like them, he questions, and is troubled by the fact that he doesn't have a cat.[36] He later begins looking for a cat to own in an alleyway but, after numerous tries, becomes exhausted. He then trips and lands face-first in front of a silhouetted cat.[37] However, the cat claws Gajeel's face, prompting Happy to, after running into the Iron Dragon Slayer, question why his face has multiple scratch marks.[38]

Gajeel's decision

Gajeel decides that he will make Panther Lily his cat

As the Anima sucks everyone from Magnolia into Edolas, Gajeel is not shown to be at the guild. However, Carla says that Dragon Slayers should be safe. It is later revealed by Gray that Mystogan transported Gajeel to Edolas, along with the medicine X-Balls: a medicine that allows Earth Land Mages to use their Magic in Edolas. Gajeel later frees Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet from the Lacrima stationed at the grounds of the Royal Capital, and gives them the aforementioned medicine.[39] While rampaging at the Royal Capital, Happy carries him to the Lacrima where the rest of the Fairy Tail members were trapped. Gajeel reveals that he can revert Anima's effects on the Lacrima by destroying it with Dragon Slayer Magic. As he is about to do so, he is interrupted by a flying Panther Lily, who attacks him with a gigantic blade.[40]

Gajeel and Panther Lily fighting

Gajeel vs. Panther Lily

Their fight starts to get intense, when Gajeel's Iron Dragon's Scales allow him to withstand attacks from Panther Lily's sword, but in the middle of the fight when Panther Lily mentions being an outcast, Gajeel immediately takes a liking to him and, after destroying Panther Lily's sword, states that he will “make Panther Lily his cat”, and then moves to engage the Exceed in hand-to-hand combat.[41] As the Lacrima is about to crash into Extalia, Gajeel decides to postpone their fight and help prevent the collision of the Lacrima.[42]

Gajeel, along with the Fairy Tail members and the Exceeds, manages to stop the Lacrima. Mystogan then arrives and is successful in sending the Lacrima back to Earth Land and states that once the Lacrima returns through the Anima, the Fairy Tail members will return to normal. Immediately following this, Erza Knightwalker arrives and shoots Panther Lily through the abdomen,[43] outraging Gajeel.[44] The King then makes an appearance in a giant metal Dragon called the Dorma Anim, and says that the metal Dragon repels all Magic attacks.[45] Gajeel, Natsu and Wendy engage the Dorma Anim in battle, as only their Dragon Slayer Magic can stand up against the Dorma Anim.[46]

Dragon slayers before Black Dorma Anim

The Dragon Slayers face an empowered Dorma Anim

Wendy casts two spells on Natsu and Gajeel while they fight the Dorma Anim, making them both faster and stronger, respectively. Faust then fires heat-seeking missiles at Wendy, but Natsu intercepts and destroys them.[47] As Faust prepares to fire again, Gajeel hits the missiles before they can launch, but smacked away by the Dorma Anim's tail. As another set of missiles are fired, before Natsu can hit them, they engulf him in a fiery explosion. Though Faust believes himself to be triumphant, he is soon sent into shock as Natsu devours the flames, and is then left dumbfounded when he discovers Gajeel to be eating the tail of the Dorma Anim.[48] Faust then makes the Dorma Anim change color and states that he's going to drain them of their fighting spirit.[49]

The huge increase in the Dorma Anim's power turns the tides of the battle, prompting Gajeel to try different tactics, revealing that they hadn't been using full power because they didn't know what would happen. The three Dragon Slayers then attack the Dorma Anim with their Roars, but Faust jumps over the combined spell. Seeing their weariness, Faust proclaims victory, saying that although they have infinite Magic, once it runs out, they need time for it to re-enter their bodies.[50] Natsu then rises and, fending off an attack from the Dorma Anim, states that he'll simply use tomorrow's share of Magic Power, inspiring Gajeel. The Iron Dragon Slayer then rises as well, and pins the Dorma Anim to ground, preventing it from jumping over another attack. Gajeel then tells the Fire Dragon Slayer that he's the only one who can defeat Faust, and watches as Natsu uses the rotation granted from Wendy's Roar to tear through the Dorma Anim, defeating Faust.[51]

Wendy gajeel fake defeat

The Dragon Slayers' "defeat"

Gajeel is later told, by Nadi, about Mystogan and Panther Lily's conversation, and the three Dragon Slayers decide to put on a show, with them acting the part of the antagonists that Edolas needs. Showing up alongside the Great Demon-Lord Dragneel, Gajeel wrecks the streets of the Royal Capital, helps Wendy to scare civilians, and, at the same time, grudgingly puts up with Natsu's degenerative rants. Gajeel and Wendy then watch Natsu's destructive demonstration in front of the crowd, with Wendy asking whether Natsu is going overboard. Gajeel, however, says that he is merely setting up the perfect scene for the people to trust Mystogan.[52] With Natsu's "defeat", their bodies began to glow, and Gajeel tells Wendy to prepare a flashy defeat appearance.[53] As the Reverse Anima removes them from Edolas, the three Dragon Slayers strike a pose, faking their defeat, and smile at Mystogan, signaling that everything will be alright.[54]

Gajeel and Lily

Gajeel happily hugs Panther Lily

Returning from Edolas, Gajeel, along with the rest of the gang, is surprised by the appearance of the Exceeds.[55] After listening to the Exceed Elders' explanation and witnessing the Exceeds depart, Gajeel searches for Panther Lily. Showing up in a much smaller size, everyone is surprised by Panther Lily's new form. Panther Lily then requests to join the guild that the Prince was a member of. Hearing that Panther Lily is keeping his promise, Gajeel runs up to the Exceed and, while crying, joyfully hugs him. Panther Lily then states that he found a strange person hiding in the bushes and pulls her out, leaving everyone speechless; the person is Lisanna.[56] She asks Panther Lily if he is an Exceed, to which he replies by stating his name, and Gajeel angrily asks her if she is picking a fight with his cat.[57] When Lisanna reveals that she is actually from Earth Land and was sent to Edolas two years ago, Gajeel, alongside Natsu and the others, helps Lisanna return to her siblings.[58]

Tenrou Island arc

Gajeel and Natsu fighting about their cats

Gajeel pits Panther Lily against Happy and Carla

Back at Fairy Tail, everybody celebrates Lisanna's return, and Gajeel is seen to have become more cheerful by proposing a fight between "his Lily" and Natsu and Wendy's Exceeds, but ends up starting, yet again, a full-scale brawl between the members of the guild. At the night's end, everyone falls asleep, with Gajeel, in particular, holding Panther Lily in one arm.[59]

A few days later, Gajeel watches Panther Lily have a sword-fight with Erza and, after the battle, brags about Panther Lily's swordsmanship. Gajeel, alongside the rest of the guild, witnesses Makarov announce the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial, but is greatly shocked that he wasn't chosen as a candidate and that Juvia was chosen over him. Gajeel also is left frustrated by the fact, since he would have stood out as much as the other candidates if his secret mission to infiltrate Raven Tail was revealed, as it shows that his trust within the guild is not as strained as the others believe it to be. It is seen that it was actually Erza who prevented him from being a candidate, feeling it was too early for him.[60]

S-class waiting for FT ship

The participants get ready to travel to Tenrou

When Jet and Droy are arguing over who will be Levy's partner, Gajeel steps up saying that he will help her. Levy feels she has no chance since she doesn't consider herself strong, which prompts Gajeel to yell at her to be more positive and that he would help make her stronger, causing her to blush.[61] As the participants head towards the island, Gajeel gets drowsy from the heat. When the first trial starts, Freed writes runes on the boat, preventing everyone (except for Bickslow and himself) from leaving the boat for 5 minutes. However, Levy manages to rewrite the rune in an instant, though she only lets herself and Gajeel leave.[62] They then swim to the island and arrive just after Freed and Bickslow. The two then, by chance, pick the quiet path, which displeases Gajeel as he was unable to fight anybody.[63]

Gajeel and Levy hiding

Gajeel and Levy hiding from the creatures on Tenrou Island

During the second part of the test, Gajeel grumbles about the test and him not being able to fight Natsu or Erza. Levy becomes frustrated with Gajeel for ignoring and teasing her about her strength, before running away from him. Later, she regrets running away, but is ambushed by two Grimoire Heart members. Gajeel saves her just in time and tells her not to leave his side again, to which she agrees. With Gajeel and Levy back-to-back, he then asks for the identities of their attackers, and though the perpetrators choose not to answer, the guild marks on their body reveal to Gajeel that they are affiliated with the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart.[64]

With Grimoire Heart Mages present during the S-Class Trials, Gajeel wonders if the Master recruited Mages from a Dark Guild to pose as obstacles, being part of the trials without telling anyone else, to which Levy dismisses as false, and states that they, more than likely, infiltrated the island.[65]

Gajeel then says that if he cannot take care of a mess this small, he wouldn't have what it takes to be an S-Class Mage. After Yomazu states that they were sent to poach all Fairy Tail Mages on the island, he uses , a spell that creates a deafening noise, leaving Gajeel and Levy unable to hear their surroundings. Gajeel cannot hear Levy's warning, so she pulls Gajeel away from Kawazu, who tries to hit them with eggs. When Levy uses her Solid Script: Silent to stop Gō, Gajeel, who is now able to hear, punches Yomazu. Despite gaining the advantage, Yomazu is able to cut through Gajeel's Iron Dragon's Scales with Zan. He then uses Kan to pierce right through Gajeel.

Saving Levy

Levy is saved by Gajeel

Yomazu uses Narukami to hit him again. With Gajeel down on the ground, and Levy watching nearby in horror, Yomazu and Kawazu converse, musing to themselves that if the other guild members of Fairy Tail are just as weak as both Gajeel and Levy, then the two of them would be enough to take down the rest of the guild before their reinforcements arrive. Hearing this, Gajeel inquires about the "reinforcements" that they were talking about, to which Yomazu replies that he was referring to the entirety Grimoire Heart would soon be arriving on Tenrou Island, much to Gajeel's shock. Realizing that the gravity of the situation is worse than he initially anticipated, Gajeel tells Levy that from this point on, things will escalate beyond her imagination, and so he instructs her to run. When Levy shows her hesitation to leave Gajeel behind, he shouts that informing everyone else about Grimoire Heart's arrival is more important right now, and urges her to go, saying that he can take care of these two on his own. Yomazu runs after Levy, but Gajeel stops him with his Iron Dragon's Club. Before she leaves, Levy leaves some iron for Gajeel to devour and replenish his energy with.[66]

Gajeel round 2

Gajeel readies himself to fight once more

With his strength replenished, Gajeel manages to get back on his feet, much to the shock of Yomazu and Kawazu. He remembers the time he fought Natsu and how he defended the name and honor of Fairy Tail. Gajeel currently feels the same as Natsu did, and vows to defeat his enemies. Gajeel starts off by attacking the Dark Mages with his Roar, however, the gesture does little to help his situation. Although the Dark Mages barrage Gajeel with a multitude of spells, Gajeel perseveres and defeats Kawazu with his Iron Dragon's Sword. However, this action leaves Gajeel susceptible, something which Yomazu takes advantage of, and pierces through Gajeel's Iron Dragon's Scales and the entirety of his arm with Tsuranuki. Gajeel, ignoring the pain, grabs Yomazu's sword and screams that he won't lose; Gajeel recalls the day that Makarov invited him to join Fairy Tail.[67]

Snapping back to the present, Gajeel screams that he is a Fairy Tail Mage and destroys Yomazu's sword with his bare hand, leaving Yomazu flabbergasted at his power. Gajeel then attacks Yomazu with his Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Karma Demon: Iron God Sword, simultaneously defeating the Grimoire Heart Mage and causing Gajeel to collapse from exhaustion. Later, Levy, Erza, and Juvia find him and his opponents on the ground. Levy runs to his side, telling him to hang in there, while Erza shoots a signal flare into the sky, signally that the Trial is to be postponed, and that they are in an emergency situation.[68] Levy, with Gajeel on her back, then says that she will carry him to the camp and departs. When the Grimoire Heart members arrive from the bubbles, Levy hides, with Gajeel still unconscious on her shoulder.[69]

Gajeel and Mira injured

Gajeel resting alongside Mirajane

Gajeel is later seen unconscious at the rest spot next to Mirajane, being tended to by Levy and Lisanna.[70] After Hades is defeated by Team Natsu, Wendy, Carla, Panther Lily and Laxus, he, along with the rest of the injured members, confront the remaining members of Grimoire Heart, demanding that they leave the island immediately.

After Grimoire Heart's defeat, Natsu wishes to continue with the exam. Gajeel, however, berates him, telling him that he can't win in his condition. Natsu disagrees, but before they can fight, Natsu passes out, leaving Gajeel annoyed.

Fairy Tail attacks Acnologia

Team Tenrou vs. Acnologia

Everything is interrupted when Acnologia, the infamous Black Dragon, lands on Tenrou Island and starts rampaging, prompting the Team Tenrou to start running towards the ship.[71] Makarov then, however, enters full Giant mode and grabs Acnologia, preventing him from attacking the others. Everyone wishes to help Makarov, but he shouts not to disobey his final order.[72] When Makarov is overwhelmed by Acnologia, the entirety of the Team Tenrou returns to fight against the Dragon. As Acnologia, having shrugged off all the combined attacks from its assailants, flies into the sky, preparing to fire his Dragon's Roar upon Tenrou Island, the guild members join their hands in a circle. While promising that they will return home to Fairy Tail, they are struck by Acnologia's Roar, which leaves nothing in its wake; Tenrou Island, as well as those on it, are gone.[73]

X791 arc

Tenrou Team returns

Gajeel returns with Team Tenrou

Gajeel, along with the rest of the Team Tenrou, is rescued by Bisca, Alzack, Jet, Droy, Max, Warren and The Trimens from Blue Pegasus. Before she disappears, Gajeel watches as Mavis Vermilion reveals that she was the one who saved them. He returns to the Fairy Tail Guild and, along with Natsu, Erza, and Gray, defeats the members of Twilight Ogre whom were threatening Romeo, prompting everyone to give them a tearful "welcome back".[74]

Key of the Starry Sky arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Grand Magic Games arc

Before the start of the Grand Magic Games, Gajeel and Panther Lily leave to train, opting to leave Levy behind.[93] After training to the point of exhaustion, Gajeel and Panther Lily lay on the ground and look up at the stars, smiling.[94]

Fairy Tail Team B

Team Fairy Tail B

Sometime between the training and the Games, Makarov decides to create a second Fairy Tail team, which Gajeel was completely adverse to, but accepts after Makarov tells him that the losing team would have to follow the winning team's orders for a day, something which prompted him to imagine Lucy Heartfilia, wearing a bunny suit, dancing for him while he plays the guitar.[95] Makarov states that Gajeel is nowhere to be found at the Games' start.[96] However, as the teams who passed the preliminary phase of the competition are announced, Gajeel is revealed to be a member of Fairy Tail's Team B, the only other team belonging to the same guild that passed the preliminary, alongside Laxus, Mirajane, Juvia and, surprisingly, someone who looks exactly like Mystogan, whom is later revealed to be a disguised Jellal Fernandes. Their group achieved second place, greatly surpassing the guild's A Team, and only being bested by Team Sabertooth.[97]

Natsu,Sting and Gajeel during the race

Gajeel during Chariot

As Natsu angrily claims that if they are to be pitted against one another, he won't go easy on Team B just because they are his guildmates, Gajeel states that his thought process is legitimate, subsequently teasing Natsu's team for placing last in the preliminary.[98] As the first event, Hidden, is announced, Juvia chooses to participate, due to Gray being the competitor for Team A, prompting a comically angered Gajeel to tell her that if she were to lose on purpose, he'd beat her up.[99] After the contest starts, when Juvia hugs one of Gray's clones generated for the event, thereby losing their team a point, Gajeel angrily calls her an idiot.[100] He later yells at an embarrassed Jellal when the Independent Mage loses his battle against Jura Neekis of Team Lamia Scale.[101]

Natsu and Gajeel finish Chariot

Natsu and Gajeel finish Chariot

Gajeel later participates in the Second Day's event, Chariot, alongside fellow Dragon Slayers Natsu and Sting Eucliffe of Sabertooth. However, much to his surprise and displeasure, Gajeel, like the other two, is afflicted with motion sickness, proving the task to be extremely difficult. The three are left behind while the rest of the participants race towards the goal.[102] As the others finish, Natsu, Gajeel and Sting are ridiculed by the audience. Sting decides to give up, but Natsu and Gajeel are determined to finish the race. Gajeel then finishes the in seventh place (just behind Natsu), earning his team one point.[103] He is later seen in his own team's corner, shocked at Mirajane's sudden display of power.[104] Gajeel congratulates Mirajane as she returns to their team's viewing area following her victory against Jenny Realight. He also commends Jellal for staying in character.[105]

Day 3 party

Gajeel celebrates with Fairy Tail after the successful Third Day

During the Third Day's battle portion, Gajeel is surprised to see what appears to be Laxus being physically dominated by Team Raven Tail's "Alexei".[106] In reality, said fight was a mere illusion cast by "Alexei", whom was, during the real battle, unmasked as Ivan Dreyar. After Laxus states that Makarov knew all about Raven Tail's details, Flare blames Gajeel for Laxus' knowledge, allowing Ivan to finally realize Gajeel's double-agent status.[107] After Laxus defeats all the members of Team Raven Tail and is declared the winner, Gajeel is shown to be quite pleased at his victory.[108] During the next battle, between Sherria Blendy and Wendy Marvell, Gajeel watches Sherria use a similar form Magic to Wendy's Sky Dragon Slayer Magic.[109]

After the Third Day's events and battles, the Fairy Tail Mages celebrate their victories by throwing a party.[110][111] Later that day, Gajeel, alongside most of the other Mages of Fairy Tail, heads to Ryuzetsu Land, Fiore's most popular water park. Once there, Gajeel and Levy walk with Happy, Carla and Panther Lily, who decide to go to a nearby aquarium. Gajeel is asked by Levy if he would like to join them, but Gajeel quickly denies the offer, stating that there is no way he would go to a place like that.[112]

Destroyed Ryuzetsu Land

Ryuzetsu Land is destroyed

As the day progresses, Gajeel is seen sticking his head through a cutout, appearing as a fish with hairy legs.[113] A little while later, Gray and Lyon Vastia end up in a dispute and freeze the pool. Such an action prompts Natsu to attempt to melt the ice with his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, but, much to Makarov and Mavis' chagrin, ends up destroying the entirety of Ryuzetsu Land, causing Gajeel to land on top of the voluminous amounts rubble, the cutout lying atop his body.[114]

The next day, during Naval Battle, Gajeel scolds Juvia for falling out of the water sphere. Later, as Lucy fights Minerva, Gajeel expresses anger at Minerva's sadistic actions.[115]

Team Fairy Tail enters

Team Fairy Tail enters the Domus Flau

After Lucy is sent to the infirmary, Gajeel and the rest of his team come to visit her. While there, Makarov informs him and everyone else present that Team Fairy Tail A and Team Fairy Tail B must merge, which surprises Gajeel.[116] Gajeel, along with Erza, Laxus, Gray, and Natsu, is chosen for the new Team Fairy Tail. After they enter the Domus Flau, he and Natsu glare at the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth.[117]

As the tag battle between Ichiya and the Rabbit from Team Blue Pegasus and Bacchus and Rocker from Team Quatro Puppy begins, everyone, Gajeel included, expresses their eagerness towards the Rabbit revealing its identity. When the Rabbit reveals itself to be Nichiya, Gajeel is seen holding a physically, and emotionally, disgusted Erza, telling her to snap out of it.[118] When Ichiya wins the tag battle, Gajeel expresses his pleasure at the Blue Pegasus Mage winning, in spite of the match turning into a two-on-one fight.[119]

After a tag battle between Team Mermaid Heel and Team Lamia Scale results in a draw, Team Fairy Tail and Team Sabertooth's battles begin. A determined Natsu and Gajeel march into the Domus Flau and prepare to battle Sting and Rogue.[120]

The Twin Dragons overpowered

Gajeel and Natsu make the first move

Before the Twin Dragons can so much as move, Natsu and Gajeel quickly move to face them, knocking them back, with Gajeel, in particular, punching away Rogue, surprising the audience. As Rogue attacks Gajeel with his Shadow Dragon's Slash, which he blocks with his Iron Dragon's Sword, respectively, Sting changes the trajectory of his previously fired White Dragon's Roar in an effort to give Rogue some leeway in his fight against Gajeel. However, Gajeel dodges the spell and knocks Rogue away. Gajeel then watches as the Twin Dragons rise from the ground, having previously been struck by Natsu's Fire Dragon's Wing Attack, and activate their respective drives, stating that they'll show them the power that kills Dragons.

The Twin Dragons attack, with Rogue outmaneuvering Gajeel, melding his body in and out of shadow form. As Rogue states that the Shadow Dragon cannot be captured, and that it successfully hunts its prey, Gajeel grabs Rogue's fist, stating that such a thing is ridiculous, prompting him to punch Rogue away, demanding that the Shadow Dragon Slayer not look down on Fairy Tail. With Mato questioning the outcome of the match, Gajeel watches, confused, as Sting and Rogue rise from the ground, once more, and enter Dragon Force.[121]

Sting overpowers Natsu and Gajeel

Gajeel and Natsu forced underground by Sting

Gajeel stands and awaits the newly powered-up Dragon Slayer's attacks, however, before the two can advance, Sting states that he, alone, is enough for Natsu and Gajeel, and moves to take the two alone. Gajeel comments that Sting is underestimating them, but Natsu replies that he is unsure about this, stating that he can sense Sting's strength. Sting advances and viciously attacks, with Gajeel and Natsu try to combine their attacks to respond; Sting proves to still have the upper hand. Eventually, destroying entire Domus Flau with his breath, Sting sends the two Fairy Tail Mages plummeting into the catacombs that lay below. Despite his continuous attempts at fighting back, Gajeel is eventually bested by Sting's Holy Ray, and is thought to be defeated, alongside Natsu.[122]

Gajeel and the cart

Gajeel left immobilized by a mining cart

Before Mato can declare the match over, however, both he and Natsu stand up, commenting on Sting's power, but also saying that they have memorized all of his particularities; getting into a fight over the position of Sting's foot when he moves to make an attack. Being unable to come to a united decision, Natsu becomes annoyed with Gajeel and pushes him into a nearby mining cart, causing him to become motion sick as it rolls down a hill, away from him. As the cart continues to roll away, Gajeel weakly states that he is going to kill Natsu when he next sees him.[123]

Gajeel ends up traveling the full length of the track, and finds himself in a cavern deep underneath Crocus. He manages to free himself, but coughs from his motion sickness, saying that he'll kill Natsu. Gajeel then meanders throughout his location, wondering where he is before, ultimately, discovering a large, cavernous graveyard filled the rotting remains of various Dragons.[124]

Dragon Slayers going to Dragon Graveyard

Gajeel brings Natsu and Wendy to the Dragon Graveyard

Gajeel brings Natsu, Wendy and their Exceed partners (as well as Gray and Lucy, whom happened to tag along) to the Dragon Graveyard. He tells them that the Dragons present come from ancient times and are not his, Natsu's nor Wendy's foster parent. The group ultimately decides that they must find a way to learn of what happened. Gajeel is then surprised to learn that Wendy's new spell, Milky Way, is capable of helping them do such a thing.[125]

Gajeel watches in amazement as Wendy activates her newly learned spell; Dragon bones begin to shake, before, eventually, an extremely large Dragon materializes in front of them. He shows fright at the sight of the newly materialized Dragon, but soon realizes that the Dragon is not as frightening as he first had thought. He then listens as the Dragon, Zirconis, explains to the group as to the reason why Dragon bones are located here, and about a war between the Dragons which happened 400 years earlier. While materialized, Zirconis also explains that Dragons first began to teach humans Dragon Slayer Magic, which led to some Dragons to partner with the humans. Gajeel continues to listen, in shock, as Zirconis talks about the Dragon King Festival and a powerful Dragon Slayer who killed many a Dragon, bathed in their blood, and, eventually, became a Dragon himself: Acnologia. Zirconis disappears soon after, prompting Gajeel and the other Dragon Slayers to fret about becoming real Dragons should they continue using their Dragon Slayer Magic. However, their fears are quelled by the arrival of Arcadios and Yukino, upon which the former states that their idea of transforming into Dragons is moot, as Zeref was the one who originally helped Acnologia become a Dragon in the first place. Upon finishing his thought, Gajeel questions who Arcadios is, but the man dismisses Gajeel's question and instead states that to defeat Acnologia, they must defeat Zeref before he became immortal.[126]

Darton kicks FT out

Gajeel and the others are kicked out of the building

Gajeel shows little surprise at Arcadios' appearance and remains silent throughout his presence. However, he, as well as his guildmates, follows Arcadios into Mercurius. Inside, Gajeel learns that Arcadios was the one responsible for the attempted kidnapping of Lucy. In addition, he is then elaborated on the details regarding the Eclipse Plan. Such news surprises Gajeel and he even wonders whether the connection with July 7, which happens to be the same day that the Dragons disappeared, is really just coincidental. Before anyone can speak further, they are approached by the members of the Fiore Guard, led by Darton. Darton proceeds to kick the Fairy Tail Mages out of the building before arresting Arcadios, Yukino, and even Lucy.[127] Gajeel and the rest later meet with other members of the guild and discuss Lucy's arrest at the hands of the Fiore Army. Gajeel wonders why the Kingdom only arrested Lucy and not all of them, given that they had discovered some top secret information, to which Mirajane replies that it'd be suspicious if they, as participants in the games, were arrested and didn't appear. As Makarov gives his take on the situation, Gajeel listens in.[128]

Team Fairy Tail is fired up

Gajeel and the team get ready

The next day, Gajeel heads out with the rest of Team Fairy Tail for the final day of the Games.[129] As the rules for the final day are explained to the Mages, Gajeel and the rest of the team listen in. After listening to the rules, the team listens to what Erza has to say about what is at stake. Juvia adds that if Natsu and the others could save her, that'd be best, with Gajeel reiterating that it indeed would be best if such a thing were to occur. The Grand Magic Game officially begins, as the team joins in a group cheer.[130] When the Game starts and the members of the other teams scatter, Gajeel and the rest of Team Fairy Tail remain in place, much to everyone's surprise, while their opponents battle one another.[131] Soon after the battles commence and continue, Mavis explains that she presented the team with a strategy, based on her observations, to assure victory, and gives them the command to go, at which point Gajeel and the rest rush into battle.[132]

As Gajeel goes with the rest of the team, he is soon targeted by Rufus' Falling Stars spell. However, thanks to Mavis' strategy, Gajeel is able to dodge the spell and proceed.[133] Gajeel soon encounters Ren Akatsuki and Eve Tearm of Team Blue Pegasus and uses his Iron Dragon's Roar to defeat the two of them, but winds up letting Hibiki escape.[134] Later, Gajeel walks around Crocus looking for opponents to defeat.[135]

Rogue and Gajeel meet up

Gajeel stumbles upon Rogue

Meanwhile, Erza Scarlet, Kagura Mikazuchi and Minerva meet each other and begin a three-sided battle. After an intense confrontation, Minerva casts Yagdo Rigora, summoning a giant statue that destroys the match's local. Even far away from the scene, Gajeel witnesses the attack and wonders what it was.[136] As the others fight, Gajeel wanders around Crocus, declaring angrily that Mavis' strategy has failed miserably. Whilst contemplating where and how everything fell apart, Gajeel rounds a corner and comes face-to-face with Sabertooth's Rogue. Commenting on Rogue's persistence, Gajeel warns that he will show the Shadow Dragon Slayer no mercy.[137]

Gajeel is later seen delivering a powerful Iron Dragon's Club to Rogue. While Rogue recovers from the brutal frontal assault, Gajeel states that there is no possible way for Rogue to have surpassed him in a day. Gajeel goes on to further state that if Rogue couldn't defeat Natsu when he was teamed up with Sting, then it would be impossible for he, himself, to be defeated. Rogue quickly retorts that Gajeel's strength is nowhere near Natsu's level, which very quickly, and visibly, angers the Iron Dragon Slayer.[138]

Gajeel mentions Frosch

Gajeel talking to Rogue

Soon after, Gajeel, after having beaten down Rogue more, asks him to repeat his statement. As Rogue says he knows now he can't win, Gajeel listens as he explains his history of admiring Gajeel and how, because he fights for his friends in Fairy Tail, he will win because Sabertooth has no such concepts. In response, Gajeel tells Rogue he doesn't know anything and asks him if Frosch isn't his friend. As they argue over Frosch's species, Rogue admits that he has a friend in Frosch before he is approached by a strange entity, as Gajeel stands there.[139]

As he begins getting upset, Gajeel tells a distressed Rogue to calm down, but he is hit with a powerful Shadow Dragon's Crushing Fang, which sends him flying. Noticing that the person who attacked him wasn't Rogue, Gajeel questions who the entity is, to which he is met by a reply of "Shadow". Gajeel states that he doesn't understand, but is met by a brutal kick from "Shadow". Gajeel states that he finds this situation interesting and attacks "Shadow" with Iron Dragon's Sword, but the being dodges the attack by turning into shadows. Before Gajeel can respond, he is hit by Shadow Dragon's Waxwing Flash. After losing sight of "Shadow", the being emerges from Gajeel's shadow and hits him with Shadow Dragon's Slash. Gajeel attempts to fight back, being countered at every turn, and is told once more that, as Rogue thought, he is not as strong as Natsu.[140]

Iron Shadow Dragon Mode

Gajeel enters Iron Shadow Dragon Mode

A short while later, Gajeel is seen being strangled by "Shadow" and is thrown onto the ground, told that the shadows around him will erode him. As he is being told to sleep in the darkness, Gajeel proceeds to eat "Shadow's" shadows. As he steadies himself from the ground, Gajeel tells the being to exit Rogue's body, revealing that the Shadow Dragon Slayer, whose name is actually Ryos, was his sworn brother. Gajeel then states that he wasn't the type to be admired, but rather, feared. Gajeel enters Iron Shadow Dragon Mode, stating that he'll make "Shadow" remember that fear.[141]

With that, Gajeel lunges at "Shadow", only to suddenly disappear within the shadows; unexpectedly, he then emerges from behind, dealing a hard blow to the back of the possessed Dragon Slayer's skull before, eventually, chasing "Shadow" in shadow form. Now within range, Gajeel grabs hold of "Shadow" and begins throwing him around the area. Without warning, he then unleashes a powerful Iron Shadow Dragon's Roar; such a gargantuan spell easily defeats "Shadow", granting Team Fairy Tail one point, but it causes Gajeel to exit Iron Shadow Dragon Mode, leaving him heavily exhausted. He turns to look at the defeated Rogue and sees "Shadow" flee. Furthermore, a tearful Frosch appears before Gajeel and begs him not to kill its friend, to which Gajeel simply states that he is done fighting. A weary Rogue soon awakens, but he shockingly cannot remember the events that just transpired, leaving a disturbed Gajeel to wonder what the "Shadow" really is.[142]

Fairy Tail stands before Sting

Gajeel standing with his team

After his comrades' battles are concluded, Gajeel spots Sting's signal flare in the sky and heads towards it, arriving at its original location with the other members of his team. Gajeel quickly berates Sting for commenting on their appearance, telling him that this is the final battle. Watching the Sabertooth man power up, Gajeel stands tall and proud beside his teammates, awaiting the actions to come. Sting, however, begins to second-guess himself, and eventually falls to the ground without even trying to, so much as, fight, openly declaring his defeat. Hearing that, due to this act, Sting has granted Fairy Tail victory in the Grand Magic Games, Gajeel smirks at his team, and again, as Sting is reunited with Lector.[143]

Gajeel and Levy ready for battle

Gajeel after the King's speech

With victory having been declared for Fairy Tail, Gajeel stands with his team happily as their strength is commented upon by participants and viewers alike. Telling Juvia that it is over, Gajeel is corrected as she states that it's the tournament that is over. As Sting draws attention to himself, Gajeel refers to his face as "annoying", to which the White Dragon Slayer asks why Natsu didn't participate in the final day.[144] Later, Gajeel is present at Crocus Central Square when Toma E. Fiore tells the Mages about the 10,000 Dragons' impending attack. He welcomes the news with a smirk on his face, seemingly looking forward to the battle. He is then surprised when the King gives them his thanks with tears in his eyes, ending his sentence with "Pum", leaving Gajeel, among many others, shocked and confused.[145]

Atlas Flame attacks Fairy Tail

Gajeel faces Atlas Flame

Gajeel and the guild leave soon after, heading to Central Park, the place they have been asked to protect from the 10,000 Dragons should they fail to be taken out by the Eclipse Cannon. Standing next to Levy as the clock strikes midnight, Gajeel notes how the Dragons disappeared, and are now going to reappear, on the same day.[146] With the Dragons now in the city, Gajeel and the other Fairy Tail Mages are attacked by a flame-clad Dragon: Atlas Flame, who, after introducing itself, blows them away with its mighty Roar.[147] Nevertheless, Gajeel manages to stand his ground.[148] Momentarily, he looks towards the sky as he hears Natsu's voice, who states that their Magic was created for this day: to slay the Dragons. Gajeel, however, ponders when Natsu claims that seven Dragon Slayers are present.[149]

Gajeel strikes the Dark Dragon

Gajeel strikes with his Iron Shadow Dragon's Club

Once Laxus moves in to attack Atlas Flame, Gajeel is told by Mavis to go find another Dragon to defeat.[150] Gajeel eventually finds himself face-to-face with one of the seven Dragons; the pitch-black beast roars at Gajeel, just as the Iron Dragon Slayer prepares to do battle.[151] Later, after Ultear casts Last Ages and rewinds the time by 1 minute, everyone, including Gajeel, gets a premonition of that minute. Thanks to this, Gajeel can see his opponent's movements and manages to strike back with his Iron Shadow Dragon's Club, leaving him surprised that he was capable of doing so.[152] Before he has a chance to finish the Dragon off though, the Eclipse Gate at Mercurius is destroyed, and Gajeel's opponent begins to vanish before his eyes, returning to his own time. As he watches it disappear, he is approached by Levy, who is overjoyed that they managed to fend off the total destruction of Crocus. Gajeel, however, is still hung up over the fact that none of the Dragon Slayers were able to defeat a Dragon.[153]

Gajeel talks to Rogue about his future self

Gajeel ignores Sting and talks to Rogue

Several days after the Dragons return to the past, the King holds a banquet for all the Mages who helped fend off the great beasts, which Gajeel attends; when Gray states that Gajeel's choice in clothing for the illustrious banquet doesn't suit him, Gajeel angrily replies that he at least had the decency to wear clothes.[154] During the course of the banquet, Gajeel is approached by Sting and Lector, who are looking for Natsu. Gajeel, eating a piece of fish, replies that Natsu is nowhere to be seen, leaving Sting crushed; the Iron Dragon Slayer turns his attention to Rogue, calling him "Ryos", much to the latter's displeasure. Gajeel then proceeds to ask Rogue about his future counterpart, but Rogue states that he's just as confused as Gajeel is about the whole situation. Adding that he won't turn into that man no matter what, Gajeel smirks at his former friend. However, this happiness turns to annoyance when Sting decides that he'll "settle" for Gajeel.[155]

The three Dragon Slayers then clink their wine glasses together, toasting Sabertooth and Fairy Tail's new friendship, however, they are intruded upon by Yukino, who Sting apologizes to for the way they, Sabertooth, treated her.[156] Shortly thereafter, when the guilds get into a fight over which of them Yukino will join, Gajeel participates in the brawl, slapping Toby Horhorta away with gusto.[157] Following the banquet, Gajeel and Fairy Tail return to Magnolia, where they are met with critical acclaim by all the citizens for their victory in the Grand Magic Games; Gajeel exclaims that Fairy Tail is finally the best once more.[158] Gajeel then smiles as the mayor of Magnolia reveals that he and the town helped restore Fairy Tail's Guild Building.[159]

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Sun Village arc

As soon as they settle in, Gajeel sets out on a mission with Panther Lily, followed by Jet and Droy, who were captured by the enemy along the way.[167]

Tartaros arc

Gajeel prepares for the Tartaros war

Gajeel readies to confront Tartaros

Alongside several of his guildmates, Gajeel looks through a book with information in it related to Zeref and his Demons. When Panther Lily asks what exactly Zeref's Demons are, Gajeel replies that he doesn't know, resulting in Carla explaining. When the issue of E.N.D. being in the hands of Tartaros is brought up by Natsu, Gajeel is quick to agree to his suggestion of attacking them, adding on that since Igneel was involved in the past, Metalicana may be as well. However, the idea is interrupted by the frantic arrival of Jet, who brings bad news.[168] Later on, with a somber expression etched onto his face, Gajeel listens as Makarov informs a mortally wounded Freed that the village that was contaminated by the Thunder God Tribe, Laxus and Yajima's battle with Nine Demon Gates member Tempester that, contrary to the truth, the villagers and all its inhabitants were saved by Laxus.[169] Gajeel stands next to Panther Lily and Levy as Loke enters the guild hall and claims that he knows the location of some former councilors, readying himself seconds later as Makarov creates groups to send out to the councilors' homes for protection.[170]

Gajeel talks about his smell

Gajeel's reply to Panther Lily

Eventually, Gajeel arrives with his group at Belno's home, only to find the woman lifeless and the entire town in shambles; blaming himself for not arriving sooner.[171] Still connected to the Lacrima in the guild, Gajeel listens to Michello as the latter reveals what Face is and its ability, leaving the Dragon Slayer wide-eyed. He then urges Makarov on their search for the three councilors connected to Face by Organic Link Magic.[172] Later, after all matters have been spoken of, Gajeel climbs to the top of a nearby house and sits on the roof, shedding tears at the fact that he could never repay the woman who tried to help him change his life. After the fact, Gajeel internally states that he'll beat the enemy for her, but concludes that she wouldn't have wanted him to do that, but instead use all of his might.[173]

Shortly thereafter, Gajeel and his group return to the guild, hearing Lucy and the others admit that they were unable to find Natsu and the others. Gajeel is asked by Panther Lily if going to the former chairman's home to follow their scent is possible, but the former informs him that if Wendy was unable to do it, then the same applies to him. Just then, Happy comes flying through a window, quickly informing them of the traitorous ex-chairman and revealing Tartaros' headquarters. As Levy gets ready to draw out a map, Gajeel notices Elfman's arrival.[174] Gajeel is shocked to hear Elfman claim that Lisanna has also been captured by the enemy, momentarily lowering his head in disapproval when Cana scolds him for his failure.[175]

Levy finds the location of Tartarus

Gajeel watches Levy find the location of Tartaros

After Levy manages to pinpoint Tartaros' location, she reveals that it currently flies just above Magnolia, and Gajeel points out that Tartaros came to them instead of the other way around. Although Gajeel and the other Fairy Tail members are determined to fight Tartaros, a huge explosion suddenly goes off and destroys the guild, leaving the fate of its members unknown.[176] However, it is soon revealed that Cana learned of the bomb before it went off and, using a technique she recently learned, turns Gajeel and there rest of the guild into cards. Carried by the Exceed, Gajeel and the rest invade Tartaros' headquarters and are soon released from their cards in preparation for an all-out assault.[177] Gajeel then engages multiple enemies in combat and quickly dispatches them with his Dragon's Roar.[178] Later, Gajeel, along with the rest of Fairy Tail, is addressed by Mard Geer who threatens their lives with a powerful Curse, Alegria.[179] Like the rest of the guild, he falls victim to the sudden transformation of the surrounding land, and is petrified in stone.[180]

Gajeel attacks Torafuzar

Gajeel attacks Torafuzar

However, the Curse is soon lifted by the Celestial Spirit King, who is summoned by Lucy to aid the guild. As Lucy lies collapsed on the ground, she is attacked by Torafuzar, though Gajeel quickly rushes to her aid, striking the Demon harshly in the chest and sending him flying. Standing on guard, Gajeel is almost hit by Keyes, who warps in from his right side, though Juvia appears to aid him. Soon after, the duo are also joined by Silver and Gray, and later Tempester and Natsu. Facing the four Demons, Gajeel prepares to fight with the other members of Fairy Tail.[181] Shortly enough, Gajeel gazes towards Silver, informing the crowd that Silver's stench reminds him of Gray's. Gajeel then watches as Silver captures Gray, disappearing from their current whereabouts in a flash.[182]

Torafuzar attacks Gajeel

Gajeel is elbowed by Torafuzar

Gajeel's attention quickly reverts to Temptesta, who evokes his Curse to bring forth turbulent packs of wind. Using his Iron Dragon's Scales, he avoids the attack, but is confronted by Torafuzar. Keyes uses his Curse to attack Gajeel, but Natsu and Juvia intervene. Glaring at Torafuzar, Gajeel questions his motives, only to be approached by said Demon and receive a powerful blow in his stomach. Seemingly equal in power, both sides continue their confrontation, with Gajeel rushing in to attack behind Natsu,[183] however, Torafuzar and his comrades parry their attacks.[184] During their battle, when Juvia is seemingly killed by Keyes, Gajeel is shocked and is visibly pleased when she defeats him.[185]

Natsu and Gajeel activate their modes

Gajeel and Natsu unleash their Dual-Element Modes

After Juvia collapses due to absorbing the Magical Barrier Particles within Keyes' body, Gajeel and Natsu continue to face their opponents, who admit that they have grown tired, proclaiming that they will treat them as Dragon Slayers, rather than humans, as they release their Etherious forms. Subsequently, Gajeel and Natsu active their Iron Shadow Dragon Mode and Lightning Flame Dragon Mode, respectively. Receiving shocked expressions from both Natsu and Lucy, Gajeel makes a bet with Natsu involving a written ode regarding the winner's greatness. Accepting, Natsu moves in to attack, with Gajeel following shortly behind. The two easily overpower their opponents with a barrage of attacks. Albeit, the two land a punch on each others' faces as their opponents lay on the ground, leaving Torafuzar and Lucy in dismay.[186]

As Gajeel argues with Natsu, he is unable to guard against Torafuzar's Tenchi Kaimei Curse, which submerges the entire area in black, poisonous water in mere seconds. Seeing how menacing Torafuzar is whilst in water, Gajeel rapidly uses his Magic on his mouth to prevent himself from drinking the black water as he sees his comrades unconscious. Despite having done so, he finds himself at a disadvantage and at a loss of air. When all seems grim, Levy dives towards Gajeel and locks lips with the Dragon Slayer to provide him with air. Regaining his consciousness, Gajeel is shocked to see Levy in the vicinity, quickly coming to her defense as she falls unconscious and is targeted by Torafuzar.[187]

Gajeel defeats Torafuzar

Gajeel cuts down Torafuzar

Gajeel then proceeds to wake Levy up and demand more air for him and for his comrades, which she gives after he tells her to use her Magic. Revitalized, he heads towards Torafuzar and completely overwhelms him multiple times, kicking and punching him away, as well as dodging his strikes. Before his final punch can connect, Torafuzar hardens his skin to a substance harder than iron, which causes Gajeel harm upon contact. After that, the toxic carbon in Torafuzar's Tenchi Kaimei begins to take effect, albeit slowly thanks to Gajeel's iron body. However, such an inconvenience allows him to be grabbed by Torafuzar, and he is told his friends will all die in his Curse; remembering his trial pre-Fairy Tail-Phantom Lord War and the words of Belno afterward, as well as his tears shed and promise made to the deceased Magic Council member after he discovered her body, Gajeel breaks free from Torafuzar, citing that her words of him resembling her dead son are a bad omen. Screaming for her to watch from heaven, Gajeel tells her as he attacks Torafuzar that he doesn't know if he found a life worth living like she wanted, but that he's found people he will protect, and that that's his meaning of life. Absorbing the carbonic water around him into his iron, Gajeel transforms his iron into steel, thereby allowing him to break through Torafuzar's skin. With a swift attack from his new Steel Dragon's Sword, Gajeel defeats Torafuzar and dispels Tenchi Kaimei, asking Natsu to remember his song as he lands on the ground.[188]

Tempester about to take down Gajeel

Gajeel is attacked by Tempester

His victorious smirk doesn't last long, however, as he looks for the nearby Tempester, only to realize that he's standing right above him. Before he is struck, Gajeel is saved by Gray, who identifies Tempester as the one who holds the cure to the Magical Barrier Particles that afflict Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe. Asked to deliver a vial of the blood to Porlyusica, Gajeel retorts that the Demon needs to be defeated first, to which Gray happily obliges, freezing Tempester with his new Ice Devil Slayer Magic. Shocked, Gajeel asks what he did, only to be met with a reply of Gray's desire to crush Tartaros.[189] With Gray departing swiftly after this, Gajeel sits with his now-awakened teammates, handing a sack containing Tempester's blood to Levy and asking her to take it to Porlyusica so that Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe can be healed. Before Levy departs, the group see that Natsu is sitting stiffened nearby, and though Gajeel comments that he is likely just upset at missing the fights, Natsu turns to Gajeel in terror, asking the Dragon Slayer if he too can hear what he is hearing. Confused, Gajeel focusses and also stiffens when he recognizes the noise swiftly approaching them just as a loud roar echoes all around. Shocked, he and his friends look up to see Acnologia approaching the Tartaros headquarters.[190] As Acnologia approaches, Gajeel sits on the floor near Natsu, both clutching their chests in pain as Levy wonders what is happening. He then watches on in shock as Igneel emerges from Natsu's body.[191]

Levy and Gajeel carry the injured

Gajeel's group on their way to Porlyusica

As everyone watches the Fire Dragon fly upwards to engage Acnologia, Levy questions if something similar is about to happen to Gajeel, though the Iron Dragon Slayer reports that the throbbing seems to be subsiding.[192] Turning to face Natsu, Gajeel questions if the Dragon that appeared is Igneel, and asks Natsu to explain what is going on; Natsu however has no clue himself.[193] Later, Gajeel and Levy, with the former carrying Juvia, head to Porlyusica's location in order to deliver the medical ingredients for Laxus and his team.[194]

Shortly thereafter, as Face activates and Magic begins disappearing from the continent,[195] Gajeel, surprised, senses his foster father Metalicana amongst the Dragons destroying some of the bombs and smiles as Magic is saved by their arrival,[196] stating that, in the end, the Dragons destroyed all the Face bombs on the continent.[197]

Gajeel provoked by his dragon

Gajeel is taunted by Metalicana

After the threat of both Tartaros and Face ends, Gajeel, the other Dragon Slayers (minus Natsu) and Fairy Tail greet the Dragons; Gajeel has a stare-down with his foster father Metalicana, who pokes fun at Gajeel for having a sour look on his face yet still, which angers Gajeel. Gajeel then learns that his foster father has already died and lived a half-life due to Acnologia taking his soul years ago.[198] When the Dragons prepare to depart from the world of the living, Gajeel consoles a tearful Wendy, telling her to give the Dragons a happy farewell. As the Dragons begin to disappear and they promise to obey the Magna Carta from years past and watch over humanity, Metalicana once again tells Gajeel that he still looks sour. Gajeel appears angry over such pitiful last words, but then smiles and sheds a tear at his foster father as he disappears for good.[199] A week later, Gajeel lays down near some trees, while Levy tells him that they aren't at the guild and he can't do that.[200]

Avatar arc

Gajeel's indifference towards Avatar Gray

Gajeel states his stance on fighting Gray

After his men inform him that Gray is a part of Avatar, Gajeel, now a member of the Council, says he doesn't care and that he will arrest them all, as that is their job as the Custody Enforcement Unit.[201] When Levy returns from a mission, she asks Gajeel if he had heard about Gray, to which he says Gray's actions have nothing to do with him and his job is just to stop Operation Purify. Panther Lily questions this saying that Gray was a former comrade, but Gajeel states that he isn't anymore. Gajeel says if the purification ritual happens, countless innocent people will die and asks if he should consider someone involved in that a comrade. Panther Lily asks if he will be able to fight Gray and Gajeel states that if their paths have become different it just makes Gray an enemy and that is why they have to stop the ritual.[202]

Victory Shout

The group's victory shout

With Avatar defeated, Gajeel grabs Mr. Cursey, stating he is confiscating it due to being forbidden magic. He then orders his troops to capture all of Avatar and to not leave a single one behind. Reunited with his comrades, Natsu points at Gajeel, stating there is someone who looks like Gajeel there, causing Gajeel to go into a rage. He says Warrod recruited him into the Council so he is above the guild now. With that, he tries to arrest all his former guild mates for felonious charges to prove a point but Erza knocks him over the head, wondering who the Gajeel impersonator is, leading Lily to have to tell everyone that that is the real Gajeel. After settling their griefs with each other, the former members of Fairy Tail celebrate their victory.[203]

After Avatar's defeat, the group decides to reform Fairy Tail; Gajeel, Panther Lily and Levy go back to the Council to file a report on Avatar, before which Gajeel laments having to quit the Council, thinking that he had finally found his calling.[204] Some time later, Gajeel arrives in Magnolia with most of the other prominent Fairy Tail members to fulfill the desire to get Fairy Tail back together, where he tells Wakaba and the Conbolt family that during the one year gap he was a member of the Council. He then smiles as Lucy tearfully states that she's finally come back where she belongs.[205]

Alvarez Empire arc

Gajeel decides to look for Laxus

Gajeel forms the "B-Team"

When the guild members start brawling in the midst of the Fairy Tail Guild's reconstruction effort, Gajeel yells from the sidelines that he'll have them all arrested.[206] Despite his statement, he winds up participating, until Erza intimidates him, along with all the other members, to get back to work. It is then that Mest Gryder arrives, claiming that Makarov needs Fairy Tail's help.[207] A little later, Gajeel uses his enhanced hearing to listen in on the conversation taking place between Mest and Team Natsu beneath the ruins of the guild, and learns that they are going to sneak into the Alvarez Empire to save Makarov. Coming up with his own scheme to save Makarov, he tells Cana, Mirajane and Juvia that they are going to reform the "B-Team", but that they need to go look for Laxus to fully complete their squad.[208]

Going in search of the other members, the group arrives at Laxus' believed location. Elfman questions if Laxus is really there, while Gajeel tells him that is what his intel says and that his lackeys are there too, to which Elfman asserts they are called the Thunder God Tribe. Mirajane then questions if there was a point in splitting the teams, to which Gajeel replies they wouldn't stand a chance in a fight and that he is not even sure an infiltration mission will succeed. Levy then arrives, stating that they need separate teams to raise their chance of success, before asking how they could leave her behind. As a reply, Gajeel pulls out his bag and jokingly says she is so small he thought she was already inside it.[209]

Ichiya joins the Fairy Tail Mages

Team B relaxes in Blue Pegasus' hot springs

Later, they all head to the Pegasus Village hot springs to relax. There they meet up with Ichiya, who tells them that Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe have joined Blue Pegasus. This statement angers Gajeel who wanted to reveal the information himself. Gajeel is accidentally knocked over into the women's side of the hot springs, where he lands on top of Levy, who subsequently hits him.[210] After the dress, Gajeel storms into the Blue Pegasus guild, demanding Laxus back.[211] Later, after arriving at the battlefield aboard Iciya's airship Christina, an airship developed to more conveniently carry Dragon Slayers, Gajeel gets on the loudspeaker to let everyone know that they are retreating. After they successfully retreat, having rescued their friends and master, Gajeel yells at Erza for going on a mission without him, to which Erza states it was supposed to be a secret. Alongside his comrades, Gajeel watches as Makarov tears up for Fairy Tail being the best family he could ever wish for.[212]

Dragon Slayers are ready

Gajeel prepared to face their enemy

When Gajeel and the rescue teams return with Makarov to the newly rebuilt Fairy Tail Guild, a feast occurs. During the party, Gajeel questions Wendy if she started getting motion sickness as well, to which she depressingly says yes. Gajeel and Natsu then confront each other and is about to get into a fight, with Reedus questioning how they managed to get angry at each other so suddenly. However, as Makarov begins a speech, Gajeel and Natsu, with Elfman and Gray also having joined in, break up their fight. When Natsu declares war against the Alvarez Empire, solely for the sake of their guild's survival, Gajeel is among those visibly seconding his decision. As Wendy states that they must win at all costs, Gajeel replies that such is obvious. Suddenly, Mavis appears before everyone; Gajeel and the others listen as she proceeds to tell them about Fairy Heart, as well as about her relationship with Zeref and their pursuit to find The One Magic.[213]

After Mavis finishes narrating her past, she claims that Fairy Heart is difficult to comprehend since it is an infinite Magic source, leaving Gajeel shocked at the statement. When Mavis apologizes for bringing the mess of her sin upon the guild, Gajeel remarks to everyones shock that it is not a sin to fall in love.[214] After Natsu states he has a secret technique to use against Alvarez but fails to reveal it, Mest bites Gajeel's heading, leading him to ask the former to stop.[215] The morning before the expected battle with Alvarez, Gajeel is awoken from bed as Alvarez mounts their attack on Ishgar.[216]

Dragon Slayers attack Ajeel

Gajeel and the others land on Ajeel's ship

With Alvarez's attack in motion, Gajeel is flown into the air by Lily as they fight with Natsu, Happy, Wendy and Carla. Using their swift speed and maneuverability offered to them by being much smaller than the ships they are attacking, they are able to take out several of the Empire's ships. After Ajeel knocks away Bisca's Magical Convergent Cannon: Jupiter shot, Lily is shocked anyone could do so, but Gajeel says they will just have to do things the old fashioned way and commandeer Ajeel's ship. They then fly aboard Ajeel's ship but the dragons slayers are quickly put down due to landing on transportation and Gajeel is unable to do anything.[217] As the Flying Dragon Squad escapes from the ship after Erza's arrival, Natsu is hesitant to leave her, but Gajeel states they have to as Lily comments that she will be fine.[218] Back in the town, Gajeel takes on members of the Ajeel squad and knocks them away with his Iron Dragon's Spear. As he does so, Kareem strikes and Gajeel manages to dodge in time as the small man introduces himself.[219]

Western Army defeated

Gajeel with the others finishing off the troops

After defeating most of the Ajeel Squad, the Dragon Slayers take a moment to breathe and Natsu states he wasn't going all out, leading Gajeel to say he was only using ten percent of his strength, which in turn causes Natsu to claim he was only using a tenth of one percent of his power. As they argue though, Bakel stands back up and Gajeel watches as Natsu launches him high into the air and sends him crashing through Ajeel's ship.[220] As Ajeel creates a sandstorm that covers the entire town, Gajeel tells the exceed to back down and that they will use their dragon noses to find the enemy.[221] After Erza defeats Ajeel, Gajeel is quick to notice that the sandstorm has stopped.[222] After defeating Ajeel, Erza falls from the sky and Natsu rushes to help her. Wendy calls out to Natsu and Gajeel tells her that she should go too as Erza looks very injured.[223] Later, as the Thunder God Tribe fights Wall Eehto, Natsu announces that they have taken down most of the enemy forces as Gajeel stands stern with his iron club.[224] A day after Alvarez's initial assault, Gajeel is assigned by Mavis to meet up with Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus in the north upon which he smiles and states he has been wanting to arrest the members of Sabertooth.[225]

Later, after Mavis readjusts the plan after Natsu took off on his own, Gajeel looks away in boredom.[226] Sitting on a cliff, Gajeel is approached by Levy who asks him if he is going to rest, and he says she is one to talk. Levy explains she is scared about the forthcoming battle and Gajeel responds by surrounding her in iron clubs. He says he will arrest her for complaining and after she frowns he says he will arrest her and put her in the guild's prison causing her to smile.[227] After arriving at the northern front, Gajeel tells everyone that they won't let the enemy get any closer to the guild, but as everyone prepares to fight, they are caught off guard by the enemy forces parading the defeated members of Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus before them on crosses. The sight of this completely shocks Gajeel.[228] Gajeel and his teammates charge towards the enemy forces and fight their way through and rescue the defeated Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus mages. Gajeel then tells Sting to leave the rest in Fairy Tail's hands, that all the pain and frustration building up inside him, he would return it to the enemy in spades. Gajeel is then told that the snow on Zonia is vanishing all at once, changing the climate into a warm spring setting. Gajeel is next warned by Sting that there are three monsters on the enemy's side. Gajeel, who is ready to fight, says that there are six monsters on Fairy Tail's side.[229]

Gajeel trapped in Bloodman's skulls

Gajeel overpowered by Bloodman

As Gajeel and the others prepare to battle the enemy troops once more, Panther Lily tells Gajeel that the enemy's numbers are high and that there are too many of them to fight, which Gajeel says he heard the first time as he attacks the troops with a giant sword. He notices Mages running away and he sees Bloodman, whom he attacks with iron clubs and his sword. He then asks his opponent if he has any idea how it feels to be crucified and that he will make Bloodman feel his full wrath for bringing back the worst memory of his life. After being told that what he has touched is death itself,[230] and seeing Bloodman escape, Gajeel headbutts Bloodman and tells him that he's been looking for a place to die.[231] As they continue to fight, Gajeel is asked why he is unaffected by Bloodman's Magical Barrier Particle body, which he responds is because his lungs are made of iron. Gajeel then proceeds to dodge Bloodman's subsequent, excited attack and launches one of his own, but it passes through his foes body, and Gajeel is then attacked by a sea of skulls that heavily damages him and kills many of his surrounding comrades, but the skulls are dispelled by Levy, who casts Solid Script: Shine upon her arrival. Gajeel quickly admonishes her for showing up, but sees that she has a mask protecting her from the Magical Barrier Particles; he is then subject to scolding by her for making claims of looking for a place to die, and looks at her warmly after she tells him that she doesn't want him to die.[232]

Gajeel defeats Bloodman

Gajeel defeats Bloodman

Gajeel double-checks with Levy to see if her mask will keep her safe, which she affirms; Bloodman quickly explains his abilities to them, citing that his Magical Barrier Particles were the First Seal, and that his skulls were the Second Seal, but tells them that the Third Seal will kill them and changes his form. In response, Gajeel makes light of Bloodman's comparatively low Magic Power, but his bravado turns to shock as Bloodman reveals that he has large amounts of Curse Power and can make use of the Curses of Tartaros' top members, which he uses to overwhelm both Gajeel and Levy. With his guard lowered, Gajeel is assaulted by the power of the Third Seal: Over Skelter; but he grabs Levy and escapes. When they land, Gajeel sees that her mask came off and he is told by her that it was useless in the first place, as Magical Barrier Particles can be absorbed through the skin. As soon as he learns this, he angrily asks her why she came to him, which he finds out was because she wanted to save him, after which she passes out. Gajeel immediately enters a rage and begins to fruitlessly attack Bloodman, and recalls his insecurities about always lagging behind the other Dragon Slayers in strength, but decides that as long as he can protect Levy, the one he loves, then it doesn't matter to him in the slightest. At his breaking point, Gajeel eats the Magical Barrier Particles, digests the iron and enters Dragon Force, which allows him to not only strike and defeat Bloodman, but also mortally wound him. With his foe defeated, Gajeel turns around to face Levy, but is ensnared by Bloodman, who has turned his body into a vortex of Magical Barrier Particles and is trying to take Gajeel with him before he dies.[233]

Gajeel thanks Levy

Gajeel's "farewell"

Gajeel repeatedly struggles to free himself from Bloodman's vortex, but when Levy begins to come near him, he shouts for her to stay back, as his body is turning into Magical Barrier Particles and so will hers if she touches him. When she tries to come near him anyway, he restrains her with his Magic, but she breaks free, only to be restrained by Panther Lily, something which puts Gajeel at ease. As he begins to completely break down, Gajeel thanks Levy for everything she's done for him, including teaching him how to love. He then tells her that he had thought about things he'd never thought about before with her, and as he sheds tears, Gajeel admits to Levy that he wanted to walk side-by-side with her forever, and that a future without her is the most terrifying thing he's had to face. Gajeel says his goodbyes to Levy and Panther Lily, and then makes the latter swear that he'll get Levy back to the guild safe and sound. When he says that he will, Gajeel smiles before completely fading away.[234]

After Irene Belserion reshapes Fiore with her Universe One, Gajeel wakes up in an unknown location, next to a river, and wonders where he is, claiming aloud that he thought he was dead. Over the river, Gajeel sees a strange substance taking shape and asks who they are; they respond, but inaudibly, prompting Gajeel to ask them once more who they are. Upon completing form, Gajeel sees a young girl who introduces herself as Zera, one of the very first fairies.[235]

Zera contacts the guild members

Gajeel watches Zera telepathically contacting Fairy Tail

Gajeel continues to stare at Zera, and she becomes flustered he questions what her problem is; he asks if he is in heaven or Hell, but learns from Zera that he is still alive because of Universe One, which sent him to a particular location. Thinking back, Gajeel becomes extremely embarrassed when he remembers what he said to Levy, and asks where they are, which he learns is Tenrou Island, which is now fused to the mainland. Gajeel reveals to Zera that he has never heard of her and is told that when Mavis' real body awoke, Zera was revived: all things he doesn't comprehend. Tired of chatting, Gajeel turns around to leave, but Zera resolves to help him protect Fairy Tail.[236] The Dragon Slayer then proceeds to sit down and watch while Zera telepathically points all Fairy Tail members in the direction of the guild so they can go save Mavis.[237] After Zera delivers her message, Gajeel tells the abashed girl that she should have delivered her message a tad more delicately, and then wonders aloud whether she actually was friends with Mavis.[238]

Gajeel Comes to Assist

Gajeel back in the action

Not so long after, Gajeel arrives right at the battlefield to assist Jet and Droy, prompting them to shed tears for treating them as his friends. He is helped by Panther Lily, and the two clear a wave of troops. With everything clear, Gajeel reunites with Levy, the latter initially reacting in comical anger, but in tears reminds him of his promise to return her to the guild, which Gajeel confirms to fulfill. Promptly after, the group is greeted by Zera in person, whom Gajeel identifies as Mavis' friend. The girl explains her ethereal appearance by saying that she's only an image of Mavis' subconscious, meaning that she'll disappear once Mavis remembers her.[239] This happens very soon, and Gajeel thanks her for her help, in the name of all the Fairy Tail Mages.[240]

As the battle continues to rage on, Gajeel hears Mavis' voice project itself from the sky in reply to Irene Belserion having done so just prior, with both Gajeel and Levy confused as to where it is coming from.[241] Though the battle continues, Gajeel and the others are caught in the light of Makarov's final Fairy Law, which leaves them confused following its subsiding.[242] After the fact, with his enemies defeated, Gajeel take the opportunity to rest.[243] A bit later, due to Irene's death, Universe One is undone, and as the light envelops the land and Fiore is returned to normal, Gajeel pulls Levy close to him and tells her to hold on.[244]

Gajeel is later seen with Levy as the light erupts from the guild hall due to the deaths of Zeref and Mavis. He soon witnesses the seemingly dead Makarov awaken. [245] Much later, Gajeel is teleported by Acnologia who absorbed the Time Magic in the Space Between Time and used it to send all the Dragon Slayer to his world.[246] There, Gajeel is seen trapped in a crystal pillar by the Dragon King along with his fellow Dragon Slayers due to Acnologia needing them to stabilize his spiritual body and his new Magic. Gajeel is later freed of his imprisonment due to hearing the voices of Levy and Pantherlily as the others state they hear voices of those waiting for them in the real world as well. He joins his fellows in confronting Acnologia with the intention of slaying him once and for all.[247]


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