Foss (フォス Fosu) is a town which is known as the entrance to the West.[1]


Foss is located in a valley, surrounded by steep mountainous slopes and dense forests. It is known as the entrance to the Western regions.[1]


Foss is quite a large town with a canal dividing it into two parts. Numerous bridges across the canal allow transport from one side to the other. The density of buildings appears to be quite high, with almost no space between neighboring houses. The cobbled streets are narrow, but have benches and lamps for the convenience of pedestrians. The high density of buildings makes the road layout of the town complicated enough for a young Gray Fullbuster to get lost while searching for a fabric shop. One of the main streets has a large fountain. Small outdoor cafes also exist in the town.[2] Foss' railway station is quite small and has a simple domed roof.[3]


Locations in Foss
Foss Station
Foss' Railway Station


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