Five Bridge Familia Vehicle is one of the means of transport for the Dark Guild Five Bridge Familia, capable of terrestrial as well as aerial travel. It is unknown whether the the vehicle is magical in nature or not.

Exterior Design

FBF Vehicle Exterior

The vehicle's exterior

The Five Bridge Familia vehicle is designed akin to a huge cart, with two massive spoked rear wheels, a snowplow in front and a compartment which takes up most of the space. It also has two headlights and has railings running all along its circumference, the only exceptions being the points where one can climb onto or get down from the vehicle using ladders attached to its sides[1] and the back of the vehicle, which has large device reminiscent of an afterburner attached directly to the compartment.[2] Though a lot space exists in front of the compartment, there is very little space between the sides of the compartment and the railing, just enough for a young Gray Fullbuster to shuffle along it sideways.[3]

The compartment has an arched roof and the front has a circular window with a shade hanging above it, allowing the pilot to view the vehicle's path. Two piston-like devices attached to cylinders exist on either side of the window. The ceiling has a large chimney on top, which is attached to the afterburner with pipes running along the roof, and an exhaust pipe runs from the afterburner along the right side of the compartment and finally up through the roof, where it opens out into the air. Two steam pipes with gauges also exist along the right side, just above the exhaust pipe. The roof also has a ventilator. The whole compartment has a network of iron beams around it and one along the middle of the roof.[1]

The wheels appear to be functional and not just for support when the vehicle is stationary as a mechanism to make them turn exists below the vehicle, though it is unknown how it maintains balance on two wheels despite its shape.[1]

Interior Design

FBF Vehicle Interior

The vehicle's interior

The interior of the compartment is just one vast control room with various control panels. A circular window takes up most of the front wall, allowing the pilot to navigate safely. A main control panel exists in the center of the cabin, with another panel right in front of the window and another in front and to the right of the main control panel. The window is surrounded by various meters and gauges. The floor has large rectangular grilles in various places. Various machines with wires leading off to unknown places also exist all over the room.[4]

Magic & Abilities

FBF Vehicle in motion

The vehicle takes off

Flight: The Five Bridge Familia Vehicle is capable of flight, though it is unknown whether it uses magical means to do so. The vehicle seems to be surrounded by a glowing field when it takes off,[5] but the effect is noticably absent through the rest of the flight.[2]


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