Five Bridge Familia (伍条橋一家 ファイブリッジ・ファミリア Faiburijji Famiria) is a Dark Guild specializing in Telekinesis.


The location of this guild is currently unknown and it is ambiguous whether they even have a permanent location or use their vehicle as a mobile base, much like Grimoire Heart use their airship. Drum Bee, the Guild Master, has stated a desire to make Black Vox his Guild Headquarters.[1]


FBF attack train

Five Bridge Familia stop the train

In order to infiltrate the Mage Prison Black Vox, the Guild Master allowed himself to be captured, convicted and confined there. The other members then kidnap the Prison's Warden, Councilor Torch Endeavor,[2] and use him to gain entrance into the Prison,[3] stating that their only reason for doing so is to free their Master.[4]

Drum defeated

Five Bridge Familia's plans are for nought

But, once freed, he reveals their true plan: to grab control of Black Vox.[1] Despite the efforts of the jailers and Gray Fullbuster, the other prisoners are freed and their plan seems to be a success.[5] But one of the prisoners reveals himself to be a Legal Mage hired to defeat the Five Bridge Familia, and had just been pretending to be a prisoner to catch the Dark Guild off their guard. As everybody recognizes him to be Gildarts of the West, the strongest Mage in the West, the man makes short work of the Guild and manages to save the day.[6]


FBF Mage easily defeats Gray

Gray is no match

All the members of the Five Bridge Familia seem to have a similar simple garb. They wear a robe with a light torso, dark sleeves, and a high collar. There are five dark stripes down the middle of the torso and the sleeves are much longer than the arms and billow out towards the end. The robe is tied at the waist with a thick black and white cummerbund. They wear dark trousers below the robe, tucked into black boots. They also wear a strange headgear which is like a cloth wrapped around the top of their head, completely covering their eyes. Despite this, they seem to be able to move without any problems. They also sport long hair tied back in a ponytail, with only two thin bangs falling down the sides of their faces upto their necks.[7]

Gildarts defeats FBF

Five Bridge Familia are shown their place

The Five Bridge Familia are a feared Dark Guild, of whom even the Black Vox jailers are wary. Besides the Guild Master, the Dark Guild seems to have thirteen other Mages.[8][9] They think of the Guild Master as their father and are willing to lay down their lives for his sake.[4] They appear to specialize in Telekinesis, the members being able to work as a group to collapse a whole mountainside onto a train.[10] They are quite adept in their use of the Magic, the average member being able to push back a young Gray Fullbuster effortlessly.[11] The Guild Master himself is a gigantic man who claims to be the strongest Mage on the continent; though he, along with his entire Guild, was defeated by Gildarts Clive within a matter of minutes.[7]


Name Rank Team Status
Drum BeeGuild MasterNoneUnknown
Five Bridge Familia MageDark MageNoneUnknown

Magic & EquipmentEdit

The Dark Guild possesses a vehicle which is capable of flight.[12]

Major BattlesEdit


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