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The two main heroes of Pokemon finally battle each other, but not in the way you'd think...

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I make Pokémon videos of all kinds, and I try to post as regularly as I can. If you’re a Pokémon fan of any level, check my videos out!

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Beat and sound mixing by Rob-Ez! YouTube: Soundcloud:



Written and performed by Michael Groth Music and sound mixing by Rob-ez Costumes by Michael Groth and my mom

LYRICS: Greetings Pokefans, Michael here, and today we have a different kind of Pokémon battle for you. Today we have a RAP battle, between the hero of the anime, Ash KEtchuuuuum, and the hero of the Kanto games, REEEEEED. Ready, battle begin!

ASH – Verse 1 Yo my name is Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town, And this stupid silent freakshow is going straight down. If you think you’re going to win you’ve made a serious blunder, Shock you with my trusty Pikachu…Thunder. So here’s the famous Red, the star of the first games, But are you really Red if 8-year-olds can change your name? I run the show, everyone knows ‘bout Pikachu and Ash, You get replaced, each genera-tion throws you out like trash. While you stay stuck in Kanto, I have travelled ‘round the world! Catching ‘mon, winning badges, followed by hot girls. I’ve rhymed you down into the ground, so let’s see what you’ve got. But wait, I think I know already: Dot. Dot. Dot.

RED – Verse 1 I normally don’t talk, but it’s a special occasion, Time to use my rhymes to cause Ash Ketchum’s obliteration. You’re a child. All you do is lose, cry, and whine. I’m Red! I’m the greatest trainer of all time! I’ll crush you, I’ll break you, sweep your team and you’ll be done. You could never ever hope to beat the Champion! Took Team Rocket down, by myself, when I was only ten. You can’t stop three dumb losers who keep blasting off again. You released your Pokémon and then cried like a little girl. I caught every single Pokémon in the entire world! If we had a real battle and we truly got acquainted, I guarantee the screen would read “Ash Ketchum fainted.”

ASH – Verse 2 You think you’re such a master but you’re not all that great. I have over fifty badges while you have a measly eight. Sure you completed the dex, but just the Kanto one, man. Tell me, have you even heard of a Darmanitan? When there’s a new generation travel to a brand new nation, While you’re on a cold vacation facing your refrigeration! I’m Ash! They wanted me for Frontier Brain, But I said no so I could go around the whole world to train! Battling a legendary your Charizard almost died, Mine beat an Articuno, Sceptile beat a Darkrai! Who will everyone remember when they’ve gotten gray and old? The hero of their childhood or the one who lost to Gold?

RED – Verse 2 How many times will you start all over again? I may only have eight badges, but at least I’m not still ten! You beat your rival once in every match you’ve fought to date. I never lost to mine and even killed his Raticate. You may be better known, but I couldn’t care less, At least I’m not the one prancing around in a dress. You met Mewtwo, he turned you into a rock. When I met Mewtwo, threw my master ball. Caught. You’re pathetic, one look from me will freak out a Gastly, You’re wasting my time. See ya never, Ashley.

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