The Fairy Tail OST (Original Sound Track) is a 36 song album of music, from the anime Fairy Tail. The music for this OST was composed and arranged by Yasuharu Takanashi.

Song ListEdit

  1. Fairy Tail - Main Theme
  2. Erza no Theme (eng. Erza's Theme)
  3. Mahō Hatsudo (eng. Invoke Magic)
  4. Dragon Slayer
  5. Rakuen nō To (eng. Tower of Heaven)
  6. Yami Guild (eng. Dark Guilds)
  7. Mirajane no Theme (eng. Mirajane's Theme)
  8. Nigiyaka na Machi (eng. Busy Street)
  9. Yosei no Shippo (eng. Fairy Tail)
  10. Seirei Mahō (eng. Celestial Spirit Magic)
  11. Lucy Ganbaru (eng. Work Hard, Lucy!)
  12. Gray no Theme (eng. Gray's Theme)
  13. Natsu no Theme (eng. Natsu's Theme)
  14. Shukumei (eng. Destiny)
  15. Shinobiyoru Kage (eng. Creeping Shadow)
  16. Laxus Bouso (eng. Laxus Run Wild)
  17. Fairy Law
  18. Nakama Tachi (eng. Friends)
  19. Kokyo (eng. Home)
  20. Lucy no Theme (eng. Lucy's Theme)
  21. Kori no Senjin (eng. Eternal Ice)
  22. Yuki (eng. "Ghost")
  23. Yami yo, Tsudoe! (eng. I Dark, Forever!)
  24. Eisenvalt (eng. Eisenwald)
  25. Ankoku no Madoshi (eng. Dark Mage)
  26. Salamander
  27. Hyōjin Mau (eng. Ice Dance Blade)
  28. Mahō Taisen (eng. Against Magic)
  29. Kanashiki Kako (eng. Sad Past)
  30. Akuma Deriora (eng. Demon Deliora)
  31. Titania no Yoroi (eng. Armor of Titania)
  32. Moeagaru Kobushi (eng. Fist of Flame)
  33. Saigo no Mahō (eng. The Last Magic)
  34. Guren no Ikari (eng. The Anger of Crimson Lotus)
  35. Ifudōdō - Rock ver. - (eng. Pomp and Circumstance)
  36. Fairy Tail Main Theme - Slow ver. -


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