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Fairy Tail Gaiden: Flash of Great Lightning

フェアリーテイル 外伝 雷豪一閃


Fearī Teiru Gaiden: Raigō Issen


Kyouta Shibano

Published By

Magazine Pocket

Original Run

May 4, 2016 – September 14, 2016



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Fairy Tail Gaiden: Flash of Great Lightning (フェアリーテイル 外伝 雷豪一閃 Fearī Teiru Gaiden Raigō Issen) is a Japanese manga series by Kyouta Shibano and a spin-off of Hiro Mashima's manga series Fairy Tail. It is the third sub-series of the Fairy Tail Gaiden meta-series.


The story centers around Laxus Dreyar and the Thunder God Tribe, detailing their events that took place during Fairy Tail's disbandment.


Written and illustrated by Kyouta Shibano, Fairy Tail Gaiden: Flash of Great Lightning is a weekly spin-off manga first serialized in the Magazine Pocket smartphone app on May 4, 2016, which is where the series has continued its serialization until September 14, 2016. The individual chapters had been collected and published in a tankōbon volume by Kodansha, which was released on November 17, 2016. The series amassed a total of 19 chapters and 1 omake chapter during its run.

List of ChaptersEdit

Volume 1
Name Summary Cover Release Date
1. Thunder Seeks Power
After Fairy Tail was disbanded, Laxus Dreyar and the Thunder God Tribe decide to join Blue Pegasus and are received very warmly by The Trimens and the other members. They start their work in the guild's host club, with Laxus being surrounded by the ladies, much to his annoyance. After realizing that his comrades had mingled with the others, he attempts to leave stating that Blue Pegasus isn't for him. He is then accompanied by Freed, Bickslow and Evergreen who try to ease him. Eventually Laxus claims that he doesn't mind guild "families" that clamor around. Suddenly, Hibiki, Eve and Ren catch up for them, incredibly edgy, stating that Ichiya has been kidnapped. Flash of Great Lightning 1 Cover May 4, 2016
2. Gloom of Roses
Following Ichiya's kidnapping, The Trimens reveal to the Thunder God Tribe about their guild's rivals, Red Princess, who always wanted Ichiya to join them. Laxus states that they should leave the former to return by his own, in which they reply that Blue Pegaus's ace is weak without his Perfumes. Eventually, Laxus and the group decide to go and save him, considering him as one of their family. At Red Princess Headquarters, Ichiya is being torturing by being tickled with roses, as Master Briana persuading him to join their guild. Suddenly, the four Mages enter the guild and tend to leave upon seeing Ichiya's wired posture, misunderstanding the situation. Master Briana stops them, saying that they won't let them go like that. Flash of Great Lightning 2 Cover May 11, 2016
3. Maiden Quartet
At Red Princess Guild Hall, Laxus, Freed, Bickslow and Evergreen are confronted by Master Briana, and are later joined by The Trimens. Briana reveals that she considers herself the prettiest Mage, so she must find a suitable partner, meaning Ichiya. Confused by her statement, Laxus steps in, demanding that she ends this right now so they can go back, just to be surrounded by thunder clouds as the Master states he mustn't underestimate her. The Lightning Dragon Slayer is then striked by Gloomy Day's Elegy, as a team of four female Mages appear. They are proved to be Maiden Quartet, Red Princess's top members who are said to rival the Ten Wizard Saints themselves. Laxus then, enthusiastic, challenges them, glad that powerful people have finally shown up. Flash of Great Lightning 3 Cover May 18, 2016
4. Lightning User
As Laxus begins his battle with Maiden Quartet, the latter is overwhelmed by Carol, Capriccio and Lead's lightning attacks. He then shoots his Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd, just to be absorbed again by the Red Princess Mage, much to his shock. After requiping Thunder Armor, Sonnet, alongside the three girls, combine their powers into a Unison Raid, stiking the Dragon Slayer with Four Lightning Symphony, damaging the surrounding area. After taking such a heavy attack, Laxus kepps standing, much to the girls' impression, while Sonnet suggest they go for an "encore". As the Thunder God Tribe attempts to step in, Laxus stops them, stating he can still go further. Flash of Great Lightning 4 Cover May 25, 2016
5. Impossible Encore
The battle between Maiden Quaretet and Laxus continues, with the girls brutalizing the former with their Unison Raid. Sonnet then strikes the Dragon Slayer with her final attack, Thunderstorm's Final Inquiry, much to Freed's and Hibiki's concern. Laxus then, unaffected, rises and strikes the whole area with his Raging Bolt. He then states that the warm up is over and it time for round two, just to find that Maiden Quaretet was completely wiped off with his attack, much to his shock. It is then revealed that all the previous attacks were just mere illusions. As Laxus gets angry for being trolled, Red Princess Guild Master, Briana decides to interfere to end this conflict. Excited, Laxus charges at the Master, who readies her Magic for the battle. As the Lightning Dragon Slayer delivers his punch, Ichiya blocks the attack, taking the fist himself. Flash of Great Lightning 5 Cover June 1, 2016
6. Blue Toast
After taking the fist, Ichiya flies away and falls down, much to everyone's shock. He then tells Laxus to stop fighting now, before Briana falls into tears, stating that after hurting him, she can't claim Ichiya anymore. Laxus the, irritated, yells at Ichiya and demands him to explain what is happening and why is he belittling him. Ichiya responds that he isn't and thanks him for coming to save him, pleased to know that they were the first ones to come to his aid. After that, the Blue Pegasus Mages return to their guild and party all night, celebrating their ace's rescue. Laxus sits away in a corner silently, much to the Thunder God Tribe's concern, before Ichiya comes to him, inviting him for a drink. When asked why he's so loved, Ichiya replies that he's just handsome, leaving the four Mages startled. After he goes for the chant, The Trimens step in, explaining Ichiya's real "strength" in how he was able to end a conflict without Magic, adding that they trust themselves to him. After that, Laxus tells Freed, Bickslow and Evergreen that they will be drinking with the guild. Flash of Great Lightning 6 Cover June 8, 2016
7. Specific Request
In the Rosa Rugosa town, Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe are on a mission to guard the Yuubi Centenary Festival. The Dragon Slayer soon gets bored because of the lack of strong opponents. He then remembers The Trimens words about Ichiya's true strength in pacific solutions. They are then encountered by Weyse, the Centenary's priest, who then reveals for the group the true purpose of their mission: to destroy the town's ancient mirror, the Yuudachi Mirror. Flash of Great Lightning 7 Cover June 22, 2016
8. Man With Mirrors and Reflections
June 29, 2016
9. ??? July 6, 2016
10. Duty
July 13, 2016
11. ??? July 20, 2016
12. Just One Request
July 27, 2016
13. Higurenokami
August 3, 2016
14. Wicked
August 10, 2016
15. Truth Exposed
August 17, 2016
16. Negative
August 24, 2016
17. Back
August 31, 2016
18. Without Hesitation
September 7, 2016
19. The End of Gaiden
September 14, 2016



Blue Pegasus
Laxus Flash of Great Lightning
Laxus Dreyar
Rakusasu Doreā
Freed Flash of Great Lightning
Freed Justine
Furīdo Jasutīn
Evergreen Flash of Great Lightning
Bickslow Flash of Great Lightning
Ichiya Flash of Great Lightning
Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki
Ichiya Vandarei Kotobuki
Hibiki Flash of Great Lightning
Hibiki Lates
Hibiki Reitisu
Eve Flash of Great Lightning
Eve Tearm
Ivu Tirumu
Ren Flash of Great Lightning
Ren Akatsuki
Ren Akatsuki
Bob Flash of Great Lightning


Red Princess
Master Briana Flash of Great Lightning
Master Briana
Masutā Buriana
Lead Flash of Great Lightning
Sonnet Flash of Great Lightning
Capriccio Flash of Great Lightning
Carol Flash of Great Lightning


Rosa Rugosa
Weyse Flash of Great Lightning


  • Lightning Magic (雷系各種魔法 Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō): An Elemental Magic, it allows the user to produce and manipulate lightning and electricity at will, having complete control over its manifestation.[1]
    • Lightning Body: Through the use of Lightning Magic, the user is capable of transforming their own body into electricity, turning themself into a lightning bolt, allowing him to transport to a different location.[1](Unnamed)
  • Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic (雷の滅竜魔法 Kaminari no Metsuryū Mahō): A type of Magic which allows the user to incorporate the element of lightning into their body, gaining exclusive characteristics that are commonly associated with Lightning Dragons. The user is capable of producing lightning from their body and of manipulating it to attack their opponents.[2]
    • Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd (雷竜方天戟 Rairyū Hōtengeki): The caster raises their hands and forms lightning between them, forming a very large trident out of it. They then hurl this at the enemy.[2]
    • Raging Bolt (レイジング・ボルト Rējingu Boruto): The user raises their clenched fist in the air and chants the incantation; a large bolt of lightning will then descend upon the target from the air, possibly completely vaporizing them with a strong blast of lightning. The full effect of this technique on an individual is currently unknown.[3]
  • Illusion Magic (幻影魔法 Genei Mahō): A Magic that was used by Red Princess prominent members to create fake attacks against Laxus.
    • Lightning Magic (雷系各種魔法 Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō): Through their use of Illusion Magic, Maiden Quartet was able to create fake lightning attacks against Laxus.[1]
      • Gloomy Day's Elegy (薄暗い日のエレジー Usugurai Hi no Erejī): The user summons a thunder cloud that shoots multiple lightning strikes at the target. This spell can also be used indoors.[4]
      • Full Charge (フル充電 Furu jūden): By using a magic staff, the user can absorb lightning that is aimed at them.[5]
      • Coil Chain (コイルチェーン Koiru Chēn): After absorbing lightning, the user creates a chain made out of lightning to bind the opponent.[5]
      • Lightning Blade Secret Sword Technique: Thunderbolt (ライトニングブレードの秘密剣テクニック: 落雷 Raitoningu Burēdo no Himitsu Ken Tekunikku: Rakurai): A technique that allows the user to slash their opponent with the energy of lightning.[6]
      • Charge Out (チャージアウト Chāji Auto): The user releases the lightning absorbed from the staff.[7]
    • Molding Magic (造形魔法 Zōkei Mahō): Molding Magic allows the user to mold or create something by concentrating their Magic Power into their hands, like an element, into different shapes or forms.[8]
      • Thunder-Make (サンダー・メイク Sandā Meiku): A form of Molding Magic, involving the creation of objects using lighting. This form of magic is capable of damaging mages who are excellent users of Lightning Magic.[8]
        • Thunder-Make: Giraffe (ジラフ Jirafu): The user claps their hands together and creates a giraffe that attacks the opponent.[8]
    • Requip (換装 Kansō): This Magic allows the users to store items in a pocket dimension so they can easily summon it at any time, even during battle, which gives them a high level of flexibility in combat.[9]
    • Unison Raid (合体魔法(ユニゾンレイド) Yunizon Reido): An ability that allows two or more Mages to combine their Magic to create a stronger attack.[7]
      • Four Lightning Symphony (フォーライトニングシンフォニー Fōra Itoningu Shinfonī): By combing the powers of four forms of Lightning Magic, The user at the center creates a large pillar of lightning, that rains down on the opponent and the surrounding area.[7]
      • Curtain Call (カーテンコール Kāten Kōru): By using different forms of Lightning Magic, the users create a lightning sphere around them, charging it with power before releasing several lighting attacks at a wide area.[10]
      • Thunderstorm's Final Inquiry (雷ファイナル問い合わせ Kaminari Fainaru Toiawase): By focusing all of the Lightning Magic, the user strikes the target with tremendous lightning bolt from above.[11]
  • Rose Magic: A Magic that allows the user to summon roses and manipulate them for combat. The exact uses of this Magic remains unknown.[12](Unnamed)
  • Paper Blizzard (紙吹雪 Kami Fubuki): A Magic that allows the user to create and use papers offensively.[13]

Important TermsEdit


  • Blue Pegasus (青い天馬(ブルーペガサス) Burū Pegasasu): The Guild Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe joined after Fairy Tail was disbanded.[14] It was approved by the master Bob after Ichiya gave him his recommendation.[15]
  • Fairy Tail (妖精の尻尾(フェアリーテイル) Fearī Teiru): The Guild Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe had come from, prior to its disbandment.[16]
  • Red Princess (レッドプリンセス Reddo Purinsesu): A Mage Guild that is the rival of Blue Pegasus. They are located in the same town and have been recruiting Ichiya to join their Guild, forcing his hand by capturing him.[17]


Magic ItemsEdit

  • Staff: A magic staff that can absorb lightning and use it against their opponent.[5]
  • Lightning Blade: A magic katana that is capable of using lightning magic.[6]


  • Thunder Armor (サンダーの鎧 Sandā no Yoroi): This armor grants the user the ability to attack their foes with lightning.[9]


  • Blue Pegasus Building: The Guild Building is a large structure that is the headquarters of the Blue Pegasus Guild. It's main hall is highly reminiscent of an elegant pub, where the guild members do their daily activities.[14]
  • Red Princess Building: The Guild Building of the Mage guild Red Princess and acting as their headquarters, Its exterior resembles a great mansion.[21]
  • Rosa Rugosa (ハマナス Hamanasu): A town north of Blue Pegasus, they have a special festival, called the Yuubi Centenary, every hundred years at the Yuubi Shrine.[22]


  • Yuudachi Mirror (断鏡 Dan Kagami): An ancient mirror, it is a crucial key to the success of the Yuubi Centenary. It is valuable enough for treasure hunters to go after it. Weyse requested for strong mages from guilds to guard it and destroy it.[23]


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