Fairy Tail Drama CD Volume 1: Detective Lucy ~ The Continuous Disappearance of Fairies at Mirror Mansion Case ~ (FAIRY TAIL ドラマCD VOL.1) is an audio drama for Fairy Tail. It was released on April 17, 2012.

Investigating a request on Fairy Tail's request board, Team Natsu travel to the seemingly uninhabited Mirror Mansion. Finding themselves locked in and trapped in the mansion, they find a note challenging them to solve the mansion's mystery in order to escape. With members of the group disappearing one after another, it's up to Detective Lucy to solve the mystery.


The audio drama begins with narration from Lucy, who says she will talk about a mysterious and dangerous case they were involved in. She mentions that everything began when she, Natsu and Happy took on a certain job from the request board...

Walking through a forest in the mountains, Happy notes how there have been a lot of mountain beasts recently. Lucy describes the details of their job, involving tearing down an abandoned residence, the client being Magnolia's council. When Natsu asks about them being their client last time as well, Lucy mentions that sometimes the client forgets, but says a job is a job and if all goes well, they will get their reward. She then says the name of the place, deep in the forest - the 'Mirror Mansion', which Natsu considers a weird name. Arriving at their destination, Happy says how it was bigger than he though - more like a castle than a mansion. Natsu mentions that it looks like Lucy's old house and Lucy, noting the similarities, agrees.

Entering the mansion's yard, Happy and Lucy are impressed by the space, the flower beds and the water fountain. Natsu says he'd have thought someone would have come by already, mentioning that this was a big job. Lucy asks if it wasn't a waste to destroy such a beautiful mansion. On entering the mansion itself, the group are amazed by how big the rooms are, as well as the expensive furniture and decorations. As they look further, Natsu is surprised at how many mirrors there are. Lucy considers that it might have been a hobby, thinking the name 'Mirror Mansion' fits.

Natsu says to Lucy that her old house was big like this as well and she agrees, mentioning how nostalgic it felt. As Natsu decides to head back to the guild, seeing as taking it down by themselves might be a bit much, Lucy says that it is a shame this place has be destroyed. She then notices a compact mirror on the floor, which she thinks is a bit weird as she didn't see it fall from anywhere and for some reason can't think straight while looking at it. She then thinks she hears a voice, saying "I've found you", but Natsu and Happy didn't hear anything.

The group go to leave but they find that the key won't turn and the door won't open. Natsu tries to break it down, but to their surprise his Magic is ineffective against the door. Happy tries to fly out of the window and open it from outside, but is unable to. Lucy realizes that someone is using Magic to trap them inside. Gray, Erza, Wendy and Carla then arrive, having come to help them with the job. On learning they also came through the door normally, the group attempt to open the door again but attacks from Erza, Gray and Wendy are unable to scratch it. Lucy summons Scorpio, but he also fails to break it down, before laughing and making a pun.

Lucy then narrates that in the end they couldn't get out and we stuck in the mansion for the rest of the day. They went inside and found a large room, resembling a reception room, where they decided to rest...

Happy wonders if they need to stick together seeing as there are many rooms, but Erza says that since they don't know who or what is there, they'd best not separate. Wendy adds that they need a key to open most of the doors and windows. Natsu then asks Scorpio why he's still there with Gray saying his giant scorpion tail is a bit of nuisance. Scorpio tells them not to be so cold seeing as they are friends, to which Carla notes that his "We are" is a little different from theirs. Erza then mentions that things have become a bit troublesome as they didn't tell anyone where they were going, so no one knows that they are there. Natsu then realizes something important - they didn't bring anything to eat!

Lucy narrates that the next morning, they were awoken by Happy's voice...

The group are roused by Happy who urges them to come quickly. They find a feast laid on the table. While Natsu and Happy are pleased with the food prepared for them, Carla wonders who did it seeing as a key is needed to open the doors and windows. Erza says that now they know they aren't the only ones there. Wendy counts portions for seven people - the same number as their group. Gray then asks whether there weren't eight of them. Lucy notices that Scorpio is not there and wonders where he went, with Gray guessing he went back himself.

Natsu then spots a letter among the food. Lucy reads the letter out to the group. It welcomes the group to the Mirror Mansion, leading Erza to wonder if it's from the mansion's owner. The letter says that if they want to get out they must solve the Mirror Mansion's mystery, complete it's game of 'hide and seek' and that when the group works out who and where they are, they will be released. While Happy wonders about the 'hide and seek', Gray is annoyed by their troubles being treated as some kind of game. Carla notes that the handwriting is rushed, so they can't tell if it was written by a man or a woman. Erza says that they know whoever wrote the letter is in the mansion and once they find them, they can leave. Wendy wonders if they won't be able to get out if they can solve the mystery and why someone would do this. Lucy excitedly says they'll understand once they find out and that this letter and test of wisdom is perfect for them. Natsu and Happy think this is interesting and decide to show this person their strong points.

Lucy then gives them a problem involving something with certain characteristics - six legs, two hands, two wings, four eyes, two necks and a tail. Natsu asks if it is some kind of monster, whilst Happy has a different idea. Gray calls them idiots for believing something like that exists and answers that it is a Mage messing about with Transformation Magic. Lucy tells the three they are wrong and asks if anyone. Carla correctly identifies it as her flying with Wendy. Wendy praises her for being smart, to which Carla replies she knows that much as her partner. Natsu, Gray and Happy raise a few questions regarding this, such as if Happy flying with Natsu would have been right as well and whether some of the feet should be hands instead. As Wendy says that riddles are kind of like that, Carla comments about the guys acting all hopeful, saying that the girls have to try their best. Erza quietly agrees, but secretly thinks that she can't say that her answer would have been a transforming Mage as well.

Lucy says everything will be OK as she's studied many novels and read many mystery and suspense stories, so they can use all that and definitely find the culprit. She tells them to leave it to 'Detective Lucy'. As Wendy says how promising it sounds, Lucy replies that she's been wanting to trying being a detective.

The group then have dinner and enjoy the food. As they are complimenting it, Natsu says that it feels like he's tasted it somewhere before and Happy agrees. When asked where, Natsu says he doesn't know but didn't think it was that long ago. Happy suggests that it may be from when they helped someone they helped and who cooked for them. Carla suggests another dark possibility which Erza considers - some enemy they've crossed in the past seeking revenge against them. Lucy asks if the request may have been a fake request to capture them.

Lucy narrates that after they finished their dinner, they began their investigation of the Mirror Mansion, hoping to find who wrote the letter, end the game and get out.

As they walk through the mansion, Wendy comments on its size with Natsu and Gray adding how it will be hard to find where the culprit is hidden. Happy then wonders why there were so many mirrors, leading to the group discussing various stories about mirrors, such as a Demon coming out of a mirror at night.

Lucy then remembers, to her dismay, the story of the 'Purple Mirror', which affects those who remember it. Wendy has also heard the story and had been doing her best to forget it. Carla says they'll be OK as apparently the curse can be dispelled by repeating 'Blue Mirror'. The two girls proceed to do that, with the others joining in just in case. Erza doesn't, saying she doesn't believe in those kinds of horror stories, at least until Happy says that in the version he heard if one doesn't forget it by 25 they wouldn't get married.

That what is said, as Lucy narrates, though she adds it's just a silly tale, as they continued their search.

As they investigate, Happy asks Natsu if he can pick up anyone else's scent. He can't and says it seems like they are the only ones in the mansion, which Erza says can't be the case as someone cooked for them and wrote the letter. Natsu then smells something, leading the group to a storeroom, with mirrors as well. They find plenty of food around and speculate that it was used to cook breakfast. They also find a master key on the wall which Erza takes.

As they search the other rooms with the master key, they enter what appears to be a library room. Carla notices that unlike a normal home, the shelves are filled with magical books, suggesting that Mages lived there. Wendy spots a diary on the table which Lucy reckons is an important clue. Erza suggests completing their search before investigating there further.

They eventually reach the last room, labeled the 'Chamber of Mirrors'. When they enter it, they are surprised, as Lucy narrates, to find the room's floor, walls and ceilings were covered in mirrors, seeming to go on forever. As Wendy is dismayed that the underside of her skirt could be seen, Erza points out the huge mirror against the wall, which has a keyhole, suggesting it is a door. When she tries the key, she finds it doesn't work. They then return to the first door to try the key but can't open it. Going by the greenhouse, they try the backyard access but again, the key doesn't work.

Finding the search tiring, Lucy decides to return to the library to check the diary. Wendy, Erza and Carla go with her while Natsu, Happy and Gray stay to look round the garden for a bit. Looking at the books in the library, Wendy notes there are many smudged pages that are hard to read. Erza sees various magical characters but doesn't know what they mean. However they get a general idea of things - the Mirror Mansion used to be home to a Mage's Guild, made up of a single family and its various servants. Lucy mentions it seemed a little bit like her old house. Erza notes that unlike other guilds, they didn't travel, battle or take jobs, but researched a certain unique Magic.

As Wendy wonders what sort of Magic it was, Carla notes that though they can't read the magical characters, it was probably mirror-related Magic. Erza also spots something about making mirrors entrances and exits, and wonders if that mirror being a door has something to do with the magic. Lucy also finds research on Magic involving the body and soul, wondering how much research they did. As Wendy mentions there is a lot of stuff relating to 'hide and seek' and 'it', Lucy wonders if it has anything to do with the compact she found as well as the voice she heard, and shows the compass to the others.

Lucy then says this situation has the same sort of pattern as a mystery, mentioning a group of people alone who end up getting murdered one after another. Wendy tells her not to say scary things as Carla refers to the situation as a 'closed circle'. Erza adds though that since it is possible to use Magic, it is a different kind of mystery. Wendy says that being able to do certain things that way there should be no need for tricks. Lucy mentions that because of this, the Mirror Mansion's mystery isn't entirely fair, and that rather than consider what Magic is being used, they should investigate the Magic the mansion's owner researched. Erza then starts to fall asleep from using her head to much. Wendy and Lucy, feeling tired, also decide to take a break.

Lucy wakes later to find Wendy calling for Carla, who has disappeared. When Lucy asks if she went to the bathroom, Erza replies that the doors and windows are all locked so she should be in the room. The others then arrive and after being let in, help search the entire room, but they are unable to find Carla. However they find another letter in the corner of the room, saying that Carla will be returned if they solve the mystery and wonders where they could be, indicating that someone came while they were sleeping and took Carla. Wendy and Happy, going by the letter saying Carla will be returned, are relieved to know Carla is fine for the moment. Lucy then considers how Carla disappeared from a locked room. Erza gets agitated and starts slashing around with her swords to Wendy's distress. Natsu and Gray then decide to look elsewhere, hoping to find Carla and catch the culprit.

The group continues their search for Carla but without success. Erza says that thinking back over the enemies they've fought, they have all had some form or presence, however this is the first time they've had a foe with no discernible form or presence, speculating that this might be the work of a Mage more formidable than ones they've previously faced.

Lucy then asks the others if they can hear something. They hear Carla calling out for Wendy and the others, asking where they've gone. They call out to her, but she cannot hear them. They also hear Scorpio who is wondering why he can't go back to the spirit world and is worried at the prospect of not being able to see Aquarius again. The voices then fade away. Figuring they must be imprisoned somewhere, Erza tells the others to search every floor.

Shortly afterwards, Lucy and Erza are searching a floor alone. Erza says that it may have been a bit easier if they had Natsu's flames though Lucy notes that even if they were all together they still wouldn't be able to see much. Erza then tries to warn Lucy about some stairs she was heading towards, but she is too late and the pair end up falling down the stairs. The others come to help and find Lucy at the bottom of the stairs, her head still spinning. Gray then asks about Erza. Lucy asks if she wasn't with her, but Natsu says that when they came it was just Lucy there.

The group realize that Erza has gone missing this time. Lucy is alarmed, as Erza was and should have been with her the entire time. Telling herself to calm down, Lucy considers that someone may have came when she banged her head on the way down the stairs. Considering where the group heard their voices from, they conclude that whoever took Erza must have been between the first and third floors. Lucy thinks about how it was another closed area and that when she hit her head, she must have spaced out, and someone came then and took Erza.

Natsu gets agitated wondering where Erza and Carla could have gone. Gray mentions that Erza had the master key, meaning they can no longer open any locked doors, saying that if they had a spare it would be different. Lucy wonders whether the compact really is a clue and what the voice meant. Wendy suggests she call another spirit to help them out. Lucy agrees and summons Loke.

After acknowledging their troublesome situation, Loke says that the diary is probably important clue and that perhaps they should look more into the research on the Magic involving the body and soul. Wendy praises the Zodiac Leader for being reliable, to which he says he'll give as much help as he can give for a cute princess like her. Natsu gets annoyed and tells him not to act like that just because he has glasses. Happy then asks Loke if he has heard of the Purple Mirror. Dismayed at being reminded, Loke quickly repeats 'Blue Mirror' several times, leading Wendy to wonder whether he really is reliable.

Loke then stands up and suggests another possibility that they have overlooked - that instead of being hidden somewhere in the mansion, the culprit is hidden among them. Using Gemini as an example, Loke says that the culprit might be using a similar Magic to copy a person's shape, abilities and memories, lurking among the group and causing the incidents. He also confirms that Lucy is the real one as she can call contracted spirits like himself.

Natsu is quick to accuse Gray of being an imposter, giving off that kind of feeling. Gray denies this and suggests that Natsu may be saying that to divert attention from himself. A fight breaks out between the two. Happy cheers Natsu on, while Wendy tries to get them to stop and Lucy tells Loki off for setting the fight off. The battle comes to an abrupt end when the shockwave from the attacks send Lucy, Wendy and Happy flying into the greenhouse.

Natsu, Gray and Loke soon pull Wendy and Lucy, both dizzy and disorientated, from the rubble. However Happy is nowhere to be seen. The group then hear Happy and Erza's voices calling out to them, but they soon fade away. Gray thinks this is strange as there is only one exit to the greenhouse so no one could have slipped past them.

Expecting them to nearby as they heard their voices, Natsu goes off to search for Happy and Erza. Wendy asks Lucy if she's OK as she still seems a bit unsteady. As Loki suggests they head back inside the mansion, Lucy apologizes to the others and asks them to go on ahead.

As Lucy narrates, she then lost consciousness again and came to on the sofa in the reception room...

Natsu learns from Lucy that Loki has disappeared as well. Gray thinks that it is unlikely he's gone back to the spirit world, given the situation. With four of them left, Wendy is scared, believing she is next to disappear. Not getting things, Natsu asks Gray if he really isn't an imposter. Asking if he's still on about that, Gray says if he was how he could have possibly taken Carla and Happy. Lucy then considers Gray's Molding Magic, saying that he could make another master key out of ice and find the others. Gray recognizes that that could work, then asks what she is getting at. Lucy goes on to say that if that is the case, he can get through locked doors and is therefore the most suspicious, imposter or not. Gray is dismayed as Natsu declares him the fake after all.

Lucy narrates that they decided to keep Gray in a room with no windows to be safe, saying that she felt sorry for him if he was the real one...

Wendy apologizes to Gray, saying that they're not doubting him, while Natsu tells him to be patient for a while. Gray says he'll put up with it since it was decided but when it is proved he's innocent they'll give him as much food as he wants. After shutting the door, Lucy sits in front of it. Wendy says that if Gray was the culprit then they will have won the game meaning everyone would be returned. Noting nothing appeared to be happening, Natsu wonders if it was the real Gray after all. Lucy suggests waiting for a little longer, telling them to rest for a bit while she guards the door. The two go into the room next door.

Sometime later, Natsu and Wendy wake Lucy who had dozed off. They ask if anything has happened with Gray. Lucy doesn't imagine so as she didn't move from the door but when they check the room, Gray has disappeared.

The group now down to three, Wendy says she didn't think it'd be them who were left. Lucy mentions that she and Natsu were together at the beginning. Wendy quickly says she's definitely not an imposter, though Lucy mentions the pattern in mysteries with the least suspicious one being the culprit. Wendy says she's about to cry but Lucy says it is just an idea. Natsu then asks how the culprit take everyone from the closed areas, even if they were an imposter. Lucy mentions that is a problem with the mystery they might not solve.

Wendy then considers the hint in the diary. Thinking about the Mirror Mansion, Mirror Magic and making mirrors entrances and exits, she realizes something. As the other two ask what she found, Wendy urges them to head for the Chamber of Mirrors. On the way, Lucy asks Wendy to tell them if she knows who the culprit is. Wendy says she doesn't yet, but that she thinks she knows the mansion's secret. She thinks the mages that lived there cast Mirror Magic on the mansion. Before she can describe what it is being used for, the group hear Gray and Loki's voices. Natsu leads the way to the Chamber of Mirrors with his flames while Lucy is having trouble keeping up. As she calls for the two to wait, she trips and falls over, dropping the compact.

Natsu goes back and tells Lucy to hurry and get up, giving her back the compact. After saying she was still unsteady, Lucy asks where Wendy is. Natsu asks if she wasn't with her before using his flame to look around. Wendy is nowhere to be seen and as Lucy narrates, since it was narrow path there was nowhere to go between Natsu at the front and herself at the back.

With just the two of them remaining, Lucy wonders if Natsu is the imposter after all. Natsu protests, but then wonders if he really is seeing as Lucy said about the least suspicious one being the culprit. They then hear Wendy's voice saying that she's gone over as well and tells them to go to the Chamber of Mirrors, saying they'll see the culprit there. After hearing that, Natsu proceeds to go then stops and suddenly realizes something.

When Lucy asks him what it is, Natsu declares that he knows who the culprit is, to Lucy's surprise, not expecting him to figure it out before her. Natsu then says it is simple enough for an idiot to get and asks Lucy if she hasn't figured it out yet, wondering if this means he's smarter than her. Annoyed, Lucy says she didn't expect to hear him say that, but adds that sometimes he acts stupid then smart so she doesn't get him. Natsu then says that Makarov once said that no matter how wise someone is, there will still be times when they are stupid and no matter how stupid someone is, there will be times when they are wise. He goes on to say that he is the least suspicious and everyone has disappeared, which leaves one answer. Lucy still doesn't get it. Natsu says he doesn't get all of it but knows who the culprit is, and they should go to the Chamber of Mirrors to see.

As they reach the Chamber of Mirrors, Lucy sees Natsu go through the doorway, but as she follows, she finds no one there with just the compact left behind on the floor. Lucy is confused and alarmed, thinking about how the culprit was supposed to be found in the Chamber of Mirrors and how everyone else had disappeared leaving just her. She then realizes what had happened and goes through the door with the compact in her hand. In the mirror, she sees the culprit - herself.

When Lucy declares this out loud, the room lights up and she puts the pieces of the puzzle together in her head. She understands the link between the Mirror Mansion, "hide and seek", the Magic involving body and soul, and the compact. Lucy begins explaining things in front of the mirror. She says that she was the one who cooked the meal, wrote the letter and spirited her friends away. Someone was taking control of her body and manipulating her to do those things. Thinking back, she realizes that when the events occurred she was either sleeping or had hit her head and spaced out, meaning that she didn't notice she was being manipulated. The reason why her is to do with the compact. When she found it, she heard a voice saying "I've found you" - what it meant was that it had found the person who would be 'it'. Whoever has the compact loses consciousness and is manipulated, becoming 'it'.

When she asks if this was correct, her reflection replies that she is correct and apologizes for controlling her, saying she didn't intend to but there wasn't another way. Lucy realizes that Natsu recognized her cooking from when he came to her apartment. After her reflection confirms this, Lucy then steps towards the mirror to explain the trick that was used to make everyone disappear, and her body begins to go through the surface into the reflected world.

As she explains, there are mirrors throughout the mansion and whoever has the compact can travel through them, accessing the 'closed-off' areas. Every time she lost consciousness, she and the others would be taken through the mirrors. The time Natsu disappeared was different because he was holding the compact and went through the mirror himself. Lucy says this is the unique Magic that the owners were researching - Magic to pass through mirrors, which was used by the true culprit, whom she is speaking to.

However there isn't anyone else in the mansion besides them, so who is the real culprit? Lucy, though lacking solid proof, says what she thinks - the Mages there were using Magic involving the soul. She is sure that they used the Magic on the house, giving it a soul. The true culprit is the Mirror Mansion itself. When Lucy asks if the mystery is now solved, the mirror door opens and she is sucked into the mirror.

Lucy wakes to find herself reunited with her friends, who are glad to see her OK and say that they heard her voice as she explained everything and congratulate her. Carla mentions that Wendy gave her hint - she had realized that someone was going through the mirrors and was likely using the Chamber of Mirrors, but Wendy says that in the end the one who solved the mystery was Detective Lucy.

Lucy finds it a little weird being complimented despite being the culprit, but Loke assures her she isn't too blame as she was being manipulated. Happy is still a little confused so Natsu roughly summarizes it for him - a little more than roughly as Lucy notes and mentions how she doesn't understand whether he is smart or not.

Lucy then wonders where they are, to which Erza points out to her how things are inverted. Scorpio then says they are in the world inside the mirror, which Wendy's reflection confirms.

Happy is surprised to see Wendy's reflection talking on it's own. Lucy says that the Mirror Mansion is borrowing their form to communicate. The Mirror Mansion confirms this then apologizes to Wendy for surprising her. She says it's fine but adds that it feels a bit weird having your reflection talk to you. Loke asks the mansion if it could explain things, as he didn't get the full situation. Wendy also asks how the mansion became a special house.

The mansion explains that it was constructed through Magic by a group of genius Mages. Long ago, the mansion's creators, their family and servants lived in the mansion. From outside the mansion looks like a normal house, but it is much bigger on the inside. Using large mirrors, it was possible to go deep into secret areas. The mansion, granted a soul, lived in happiness with its masters.

When Carla asks what happened to the people living there, the Mirror Mansion explains, using Carla's reflection, that after the masters died, the Magic was sealed and travel through the mirrors was no longer possible. The residents of the house gradually left one by one until no one was left. In the present, there isn't anyone who knows about the mansion. That thought saddened it. It wished that someone would remember it so that the seal would be broken, returning it to its original form, and for someone to live there in happiness like before. Those feelings are what led to its Magic activating and trapping the group there.

Wendy feels sorry for the mansion being alone like that, though Gray notes being trapped inside was a little troublesome. Erza asks if there was any other way, to which the mansion replies, with her reflection, that because of the seal all it could do was have them play 'hide and seek'.

Erza asks if the game was necessary to break the seal. The mansion confirms this, saying that the people who lived in the house, both the researchers and their families, enjoyed playing 'hide and seek'. The rules they set back then meant that participants could only use the space inside the mansion, with the passages in and out of the mansion being out of bounds, and the one who was 'it' alone allowed use of the mirrors. That person held the compact in order to use the mirrors and once the game was resolved, the sealed passages would open and the mansion would be return to normal. The mansion had to have the game played by those rules, so it used the compact to manipulate Lucy. Erza understands, though she notes it is strange having your reflection talk to you.

Natsu then asks how they get out, to which Lucy says that there should be no reason for them to be locked in now that the seal is broken. The mansion confirms that since it was, the Magic on the door is gone. Hearing that, the group decide to take their leave, mentioning how though they were worried they enjoyed themselves.

Lucy asks the mansion about one thing she didn't understand - did she come across the compact on purpose? The Mirror Mansion confirms that it had to be her, and when asked why, it mentions what she said when she first saw it, her nostalgia and pity toward it having to be destroyed. Because of her sympathy towards it, it felt that she would be the one who would be able to discover its secret. After explaining, it apologizes again for the trouble, but also says it had fun for the first time in while.

Lucy mentions that although she was a little nervous she had fun too, saying it was like being back at her old home. The mansion thanks her one last time before Lucy says goodbye. After going back through the mirrors, the group reach the door and as they have the mansion's permission, break through it with their individual Magic techniques.

Lucy narrates that was how they were able to get out the Mirror Mansion and goes on to say about some stuff which happened shortly afterwards...

Not long afterwards, Erza mentions that the mansion is going to be used again. Lucy is relieved to learn this. Natsu says there is no way they'd destroy such a rare mansion. Carla mentions that it is probably going to be used as a memorial hall in a park which means, as Wendy points out, that it won't be lonely anymore. Gray suggests they go over there again sometime.

Happy still doesn't get one thing - despite getting trapped and threatened, no one is mad at all. The others agree that they aren't mad, due to the circumstances involved and no one coming to any harm. Lucy says there is another reason. Though their circumstances are different, they have all been in situations where they have been separated from their families, so they could understand how the mansion felt. Wendy says she had fun with everyone, feeling like there are a family. Natsu says to her that they are already a family and when Lucy, seeing everyone's smiles, silent agrees, thinking that Fairy Tail will always be their home.

Natsu then says there's something else he doesn't get - was the story about the Purple Mirror real? Everyone is dismayed at being reminded, having tried their best to forget about it, and they proceed to all chant 'Blue Mirror' together.

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