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Fairy Tail Brave Saga (フェアリーテイル ブレイブサーガ, Fearīteiru Bureibusāga) is a puzzle RPG, released as an app for Android, iOS and iPhone in October 2014 by Taito Games.[1]


In Brave Saga, the player selects a party of up to 5 characters and a quest to embark on. As with other RPGs, completing battles and quests earns the player and their characters rewards and experience. These quests are usually in the form of a series of turn-based battles. In battle, during the player's turn, the characters involved in the battle are displayed on the top of the screen. On the bottom of the screen is a pile of Lacrima which is increased during a set time in the turn. After selecting an action and target, the player must connect matching Lacrima using their touch-screen in a set time in order to power up their characters for the turn - the more Lacrima are connected in one go and the more chains and combos a player achieves, the stronger their characters and their actions will be.[1]


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