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Fairy Sphere (妖精の球, フェアリースフィア, Fearī Sufia) is one of the "Three Great Fairy Magics" distinct to the Fairy Tail Guild.


Fairy Sphere

Mavis deactivates Fairy Sphere

A spell which converts Fairy Tail member's bonds and faith into Magic Power. It takes the form of a large sphere with a Fairy Tail mark and a stylized pair of wings emblazoned upon it. The spell protects the Guild from any evil, an absolute defense Magic, powerful enough to defend against even time. However, the sphere acts as a stasis chamber, a place in which time stops, thus everyone within the sphere is stuck in a frozen state in which they don't age.[1] It's powerful enough to protect Tenrou Island and everyone on it from Acnologia's Dragon's Roar.[2]


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