Extalia's Four Elders (エクスタリア四長老 Ekusutaria Yon Chōrō) is a group of elders who decided to create a queen in order to protect the Exceeds from the humans and govern Extalia alongside Queen Shagotte.

Creation of the GroupEdit

Extalia's Four Elders was formed for one purpose, to create a Queen in order to protect the Exceeds from the humans.


Create A QueenEdit

The elders make a queen

The Queen foresees the destruction of Extalia

Many years ago, the elders decided to create a queen in order to protect the Exceeds from the humans. They used Shagotte's unique Precognition ability to fool the humans into thinking that they had the ability to kill anyone. They kept this secret even from the other Exceeds in order to boost their confidence. This plan succeeded and the humans began to fear the power of the Exceed god.[1]

Evacuate One-hundred Exceed eggsEdit

Shagotte foresaw the destruction of Extalia

Extalia's destruction

In the year X778, Shagotte foresaw the destruction of Extalia and the elders mistook it as an incoming result of a war with the humans. Knowing that they wouldn't win a war, the elders and Shagotte decided to gather 100 Exceed eggs and let them escape into Earth Land. However, they decided to tell the Exceeds that it's a plan to destroy the monsters of the other world known as the Dragon Slayers. Using the humans' Anima, the plan succeeded.[2]

The 100-Egg Evacuation

The "Mission"

One-hundred Exceed eggs, including Happy and Carla, were taken from their parents and sent to Earth Land on a mission to obliterate the Dragon Slayers. When Faust began using Anima to steal Magic Power from Earth Land, Queen Shagotte gave the Exceed in the field new orders: To capture the Dragon Slayers and bring them to Edolas. The Dragon Slayers would then be used to create a special type of Lacrima filled with Dragon Magic.[3]

Extalia elders explain everything

The elders and the queen explain their actions

This mission was later revealed to be a lie, due to the Queen's power she could see the events of the Edolas arc, and as such, she saw Extalia destroyed. So in order to keep the species alive, she sent 100 eggs to Earth Land to protect them, and lied about the mission to kill the Dragon Slayers to the other Exceed.[4]

Battles & EventsEdit


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