Explosion (爆発の鎗(エクスプロージョン) Ekusupurōjon) is a form of the Magic Spear: Ten Commandments.


Ten Commandments Explosion

Spear's head

The shape of the Ten Commandments' head changes to a spear possessing a triangular-shaped blade with two curvy, yellow lines located at the center. The red edges of the spear start out wavy, but straighten up around the middle section of the spear-head to form a sharp point. The red triangular-shaped blade is being supported by an invert diamond-like shape, which surrounds a light, silver color and a much darker shade at the center.[1]

Special FeaturesEdit

Explosion: As the name suggests, said spear creates an explosion around the point where it hits. The explosion does not damage the wielder of the spear. However, the explosion deals great damage to the area around, capable of destroying a solid rock wall with one hit.[2]


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