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Erza saving Kagura

Erza saving Kagura

Erza grew up in Rosemary Village, the same place where Kagura and Simon lived as children. When Rosemary Village was attacked by a Zeref-following cult, Erza managed to save Kagura from capture by hiding her inside a crate, but got caught herself as a result.[1] She was enslaved by the cult and forced to build the Tower of Heaven, a structure developed for the purpose of resurrecting the Dark Mage, Zeref.[2] She was imprisoned together with several other slaves, most of them were children. Among these children were Jellal Fernandes, Shô, Simon, Wally Buchanan, and Millianna. While they were asking each other for their names, she said that her name was just "Erza", so Jellal decided to give her the surname "Scarlet" after her scarlet hair so they would never forget it.[3] Despite the harsh conditions of her enslavement and labor, Erza became close friends with the other children. She also formed a strong bond with Rob, an elderly Mage from the Fairy Tail Guild, who taught her about Magic and his guild.[4][5]

Erza and the others captured

Erza and the others caught escaping

One day in X776, Shô came up with a plan for the eleven-year-old Erza and all their friends to escape from the tower. They were unfortunately caught by the guards, who decided to send the escape's mastermind to the tower's disciplinary chamber, while the rest would be deprived of food for three days. Seeing how fearful Shô was, Erza prepared to take the blame herself, but Jellal announced himself as the mastermind instead. However, the guards reasoned that Erza was the one responsible and sent her to the disciplinary chamber,[6] where she was tortured to the brink of death and lost her right eye. Jellal rescued her, but was captured soon after. Finally fed up with their torment, Erza staged a revolt against their captors so they could escape and save Jellal.[7]

The revolt appeared to be successful at its inception[8] until the tower's Mages arrived to repress the slaves, causing most of the other slaves to retreat. During the attack, Erza watched in horror as her friend Simon's lower jaw was blasted off by a Magical attack, while Rob sacrificed himself to defend Erza from another Mage's attack. In her rage, Erza's latent Magic Power was activated for the first time, and she used it to turn all of the discarded weapons and tools around her against the guards, finishing the revolt.[9][10]

Jellal tries to kill Erza using his Shade

Erza strangled by Jellal

As the other slaves boarded ships meant to ensure their freedom, she reunited with Jellal, but discovered that he had changed; the kind and compassionate boy she knew him to be was suddenly twisted and violent, using Magic to slaughter the defenseless guards around them. Jellal had been possessed by what he claimed to be the spirit of Zeref, and decided that the only way for them to attain true freedom was to complete the Tower of Heaven and revive Zeref. Erza refused to help him, prompting Jellal to cast her out of the tower by herself, only letting her live because she helped take care of all the guards who would have opposed him. Before letting her escape, Jellal told Erza to keep the Tower of Heaven a secret from the government, as well as to never return to the tower, threatening to destroy the tower and kill everyone in it, including their friends, if she disobeyed.[11]

Porlyusica treats Erza

Porlyusica treats Erza's right eye

After washing up on the shores of Fiore, Erza made her way to and joined the Fairy Tail Guild.[5] She habitually began to wear armor and acted distant from the other members.[12] After Gray, who tried picking fights with the reclusive Erza, saw her crying by herself and questioned why, she began to open up to her guildmates more.[13] Around this time, Fairy Tail's master Makarov brought Erza to see Porlyusica, who gave her an artificial eye to replace the one she lost. With her eye healed Erza shed tears of joy, which only came out of her real, left eye, though Erza didn't mind as she said she had already shed half of her tears.[14]

Erza&#039;s memories

Erza remembers her S-Class Exam

When Mirajane first joined the guild, Erza tried to welcome the girl and commented that she had heard about her strength. However, the Take Over Mage left the building without speaking a word.[15] As the years passed, Erza became more and more strict until she could be called the guild's disciplinarian. She took responsibility for breaking up fights between Gray and Natsu. At the same time, however, she was driven to constantly fight and bicker with fellow member Mirajane, which eventually ended after Mirajane greatly mellowed out in the wake of her younger sister Lisanna's apparent death in X782. In the year X780, Erza passed Fairy Tail's annually held S-Class Mage Promotion Trial, becoming the youngest member of the guild to do so at fifteen years of age.[16]


Lullaby arcEdit

While returning home from a mission to slay a colossal horned monster (bringing its horn, decorated and given to her by the locals, as a souvenir), Erza stops at a pub where she overhears a group of Mages discussing a sealed Magic called "Lullaby", with one of the members, Kageyama, claiming he will be able to break the seal. She doesn't give them much thought until she hears Kageyama mention Erigor, the "Death God" and ace of the Dark Guild, Eisenwald. Too late to act against them in time, she decides to enlist Natsu and Gray to help her fight Eisenwald and discover what the Lullaby is, as well as what they intend to do with the spell.[17]

Erza arrives with her horn

Erza arrives at Fairy Tail

She returns to the guild with the intention of discussing the matter with Makarov, only to learn that he is away at a meeting with the other guild masters in the country. After ritualistically berating her guildmates for their poor conduct, she tells Natsu and Gray to accompany her on her mission, shocking the entire guild with the idea that she has just formed the strongest team in the history of Fairy Tail.[18] They are joined by Lucy, the guild's newest recruit, who is requested by Mirajane to keep Natsu and Gray from bickering behind Erza's back. Before setting out the next day, Natsu challenges Erza to fight him after they return, which she accepts.[19]

Erza discusses her mission with Lucy and Gray of her mission on the train ride to Onibus; Natsu, however, is left in the dark since Erza knocks him unconscious to ease his motion sickness.[20] They are so caught up with their discussion that they accidentally leave Natsu on the train, prompting Erza to temporarily stop the train via its emergency stop signal and chase after him on a borrowed Magic Four-Wheeled Car. Upon retrieving Natsu, he says that he briefly fought with Kageyama, who had escaped, prompting Erza to berate him for not stopping him and paying attention to their discussion. Natsu further explains that the Mage was holding a skull-shaped flute, which Lucy recognizes as the Lullaby, a mass-murder curse that kills anyone who listens to its music.[21]

Erza vs. Eisenwald

Erza fights the members of Eisenwald

Desperate to stop Erigor from playing the Lullaby, Erza and the others rush for the nearby town of Oshibana, where they find Eisenwald waiting for them inside the local train station. Before escaping with the Lullaby, Erigor claims to use the Lullaby to kill everyone in the city.[22] Erza sends Natsu and Gray to chase after him while she fights against the members of Eisenwald, easily taking them all out at once. Having used up much of her Magic Power in the fight and on the Magic Four-Wheeled Car,[23] she goes outside to evacuate the citizens gathered around the station. However, Erigor reappears and casts a Wind Wall around the station, trapping Erza inside.[24]

Erza&#039;s way to get some info

Erza always gets what she wants

She interrogates the defeated Eisenwald members in the station and realizes that Eisenwald's true target is Clover Town, where Makarov and the other guild masters have gathered. Remembering Kageyama's power to dispel Magic, she and Gray find Kageyama after he is defeated by Natsu and demands that he lift the Wind Wall, but he is stabbed in the back by fellow Eisenwald member Karacka to keep him quiet.[25] Fortunately, Lucy acquires the key for the Celestial spirit, Virgo from Happy, allowing the team to burrow beneath the Wind Wall and escape; before doing so, Natsu brings Kageyama, not wanting him to die.[26]

Strongest Team vs. Lullaby

Erza, Natsu and Gray fight the Lullaby

Natsu sets out to fight Erigor while Erza and the others chase after him on another Magic Four-Wheeler with Kageyama in tow.[27] By the time they catch up, they find that Natsu has successfully defeated Erigor. However, Kageyama steals the Lullaby and hijacks the vehicle, setting off for Clover Town to kill the guild masters himself. Erza and the others chase after him, but by the time they find him at the masters' meeting hall, they witness Makarov persuading Kageyama to stop his plan. Suddenly, the Lullaby comes to life and unveils a Demon that was sealed inside the flute.[28] Together with Natsu and Gray, Erza battles and destroys the demon, reverting the Lullaby into an ordinary flute, but destroying the entire meeting hall in the process.[29]


Siegrain reminds Erza to keep a secret

Shortly after returning to the guild, Erza keeps her promise to fight Natsu, holding their battle in front of the Fairy Tail guildhall. Before the match can be concluded, however, a messenger appears and arrests Erza on behalf of the Magic Council for the damages caused during their battle against Eisenwald.[30] As she is escorted to her trial, she encounters the Council member, Siegrain, who reveals that the Council is using her as a scapegoat to display their authority. Siegrain once again reminds Erza to keep the Tower of Heaven a secret from the Council before leaving to oversee the trial. During the trial, Natsu barges into the courtroom, while dressed as Erza, and tries to pass himself off as her in an attempt to save her, not realizing that the trial is a formality and she wouldn't be punished. As a result, the two are imprisoned together for the night. Although angry that Natsu's rampage had ruined her chance to return home for the day, she warmly admits that his gesture did make her happy.[31]

Galuna Island arcEdit

Angry Erza

In the beginning, Erza was angry...

After returning to Fairy Tail, Erza is challenged by Natsu, but quickly hits him with her sword, knocking him out. The guild members, besides Makarov, then all fall asleep when Mystogan walks in to take a job, waking up soon after he leaves.[32] After Natsu, Lucy and Gray steal a S-Class job and go to Galuna Island, Erza goes after them to stop them and return them to Fairy Tail. She hijacks a pirate ship to go to the island.[33] Erza arrives and saves Lucy from Sherry Blendy and detains Lucy and Happy for their breaking of the guild's rules.[34]

Very angry Erza

...rather, very angry

The next day, Gray walks into one of the Galuna Islanders tents to find Erza sitting with a tied up Lucy, and Happy. Erza tells Gray to leave the island, since they broke the rule of taking an S-Class job.[35] Gray refuses and tells Erza to do whatever she wants, but it won't stop him. Shocked that someone actually stood up to her, Erza has a slight change of heart and decides to punish them after they finish the mission.[36]

Erza slices Toby, to stop the Moon Drip from releasing Deliora, but doesn't make it in time.[37] However, Deliora is found to have already died.[38]

Erza about to throw spear at the moon

Erza about to throw her spear at the moon

Erza interrupts their victory by reminding everyone their mission hasn't been complete, as they haven't saved the villagers from the curse.[39] Once back at the village, Erza is the one who figures out the secret of the villagers, and uses The Giant's Armor[40] to throw a spear to the moon with the help of a very motivated Natsu. With this, they destroy a layer created by the Moon Drip, revealing that all the villagers were originally monsters who are able to turn to humans and not the other way around, and that the Moon Drip layer was simply causing their confusion.[41] She then leads the team off the island, only taking the Celestial Spirit key as a reward, and not the money. She then reminds Natsu and co. that despite finishing the mission, they are all going to get punished.[42]

Once everyone returns to Magnolia, they are surprised to find the guild completely trashed.[43]

Phantom Lord arcEdit

Erza tries to stop jupiter

Erza tries to stop Jupiter

Erza and the others return from Galuna Island, only to find that the guild has been attacked by Phantom Lord. Later, Erza goes to Lucy's apartment with Team Natsu, and explains the power of Phantom Lord, and that they have a Dragon Slayer as well.[44] Shortly after, Shadow Gear is attacked as well, leading to a Guild War against Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord.[45] Fairy Tail assault Phantom Lords guild,[46] but after the sucker punch defeat of Makarov by Aria,[47] Erza demands the guild to retreat.[48] As Erza takes a shower, blaming herself for Makarov's defeat, the walking guild of Phantom Lord attacks Fairy Tail[49] with its Magical Convergent Cannon - Jupiter. Erza stops the first shot with her Adamantine Armor, but loses consciousness.[50]

Erza beats Aria

Erza defeats Aria

Later, Erza reappears when Natsu is being beaten by Aria. Erza, angered by what he did to the master, is able to quickly defeat him.[51] As she collapses, she implores Natsu to protect Lucy and the guild from Jose and Gajeel, as his power will one day surpass even hers.[52] Gray and Elfman find Erza, but before they can aid her, Jose himself appears before them. He quickly defeats Elfman and Gray. After Erza fights him briefly, Jose remembers how Erza took the Jupiter Cannon head on, and asks her how she was able to do it. Erza replies her love for her friends makes her who she is. Jose laughs, and finds Erza to be a person worth killing.[53]

Erza vs. Jose

Erza vs. Jose

After Natsu beats Gajeel, she reminds Jose that he lost the war because he didn't calculate Natsu's destructiveness into his plans. Erza then berates Jose's reasons for attacking Fairy Tail, and defends Lucy. Jose soon defeats Erza, but is saved by a recovered Makarov[54] who finally finishes Jose with Fairy Law.[55]

As she helps to rebuild the guild, Erza follows Gray and Natsu to Lucy's apartment only to find her not home. They all read Lucy's letters, and find a note from her claiming she is going back to her home.[56] After Erza, Natsu, Gray, and Happy arrive at the Heartfilia Konzern, they see Lucy, who just came back from telling her father she will never stay, and to leave Fairy Tail alone. Team Natsu all share a laugh, and afterwards everyone is impressed by how much land Lucy's dad owns.[57]

Loke arcEdit

Erza as a Prince

Erza acting as a prince

Erza is sent to help a theater in trouble; it is here she reveals her love for the theater and the dramatic arts. She signs the others up in a play to help the owner recover from his tragedy, wherein most of his actors and actresses had quit. Erza spends a long time and effort practicing for her role as the prince. During the play, Erza gets stage fright and forgets most of her lines when it comes to performing her part, to which, in some moments, she improvises to fill up sentences in her dialogue. Later though, she gets too deep into her character, as she cuts Lucy's clothes up on stage. The team ends up destroying the theater due to their recklessness, but still get a standing ovation, successfully making Rabian's play entertaining.[58]

Team Natsu finishes up a job and run into Loke shortly after. After Lucy thanks him for finding her keys, he quickly runs off though.[59] When Loke is missing from the guild the next day, Erza searches for him with Natsu.[60]

Tower of Heaven arcEdit

Sexy Rose Dress

Erza's dress to go to the casino

Erza is one of the members invited by Loke to go with Team Natsu to an expensive resort. At the beach, Erza has a quick flashback of her slave life at the Tower of Heaven. When she wakes up from the daydream, Lucy invites her to go to the resorts casino.[61]

While at the casino, Lucy and Erza are playing cards when one of Erza's childhood friends, Shô, steps in to rotate the dealer position.[62] Suddenly, the casino lights turn off due to Simon's spell, then comes back on with Shô behind Erza, telling her that he can use Magic as well, and demonstrates this by trapping everyone in the casino inside playing cards.[63]

Another friend of Erza, Millianna, appears from behind Lucy and ties her up using her Magic ropes. Feeling insulted, Shô tells Erza that they were her friends too once, until she betrayed them. The group tells Erza that they are here to take her back home. Erza, pleading for Wally to stop, gets shot in the back by Wally's tranquilizer shot. Before their departure, Wally gives Millianna a sleeping Happy as a gift. Shô is excited to reveal that Erza will be returning to the Tower of Heaven, where Jellal is waiting.[64]

Erza captured by Shô

Erza captured by Shô

Erza later wakes up in a ship on the way to the tower, bound by Millianna's Nekōsoku Tube. Shô then appears, and yells at her for betraying Jellal. Erza then has another short flashback, revealing her imprisonment with Jellal and the rest of her old friends.[65]

As Erza arrives at the Tower, she is thrown in a prison. Shô tells her she will stay there until the "ceremony" starts tomorrow. He then tells her that she will be the sacrifice for "Paradise". Erza tells Shô not to use the R-System to resurrect the Black Mage, Zeref, because of the consequences it will bring to the Magic World. Erza then brings Shô to his knees by kicking him in the face, and then sets out to search for Jellal.[66]


Erza explains her past as a slave

Erza fights her way through some guards, asking where Jellal is, and eventually comes across Natsu and co., who has also teamed up with Juvia Lockser. Although she is surprised to see them, she tells them to go back. Natsu refuses, one reason being because Millianna has Happy. Erza apologizes, saying that she will lose this fight no matter what. Erza then tells them about the Tower of Heaven and about her past.[67]

After sharing her past, Erza tells Gray, Lucy, and Juvia, that she is destined to fight Jellal.[68] Meanwhile, Jellal's Thought Projection, Siegrain, is gathering votes at the Magic Council to destroy the Tower of Heaven with the Etherion.[69] Back at the Tower, Erza tells the others that Zeref was the strongest Dark Mage ever. He created horrible and destructive monsters. Lucy points out that the Lullaby was one of Zeref's monsters. Erza also thinks that Deliora was one, too. Lucy then asks why Erza is considered a traitor to her old friends. Erza doesn't know why, but suspects Jellal made something up. Shô then appears, hearing what actually happened eight years ago and cannot believe that Jellal was tricking them all this time. Simon then appears, revealing he knew all along that Jellal was lying. They all decide to work together to stop Jellal.[70]

Shô traps Erza in a card

Erza trapped in a card

Everybody follows Simon in an attempt to look for Natsu and stop Erza's other friends from attacking.[71] The company learns that they can't escape, because they need to defeat Jellal and the assassins of Death's Head Caucus', Trinity Raven, before Jellal activates the tower that will cause the Council to release the Etherion, which will destroy the tower and them along with it.[72] After hearing what will happen, Shô traps Erza in one of his cards and runs off with her.[73] Erza and Shô run into Ikaruga. Ikaruga claims that she can slice anything, even separate dimensions like Shô's cards. With this, she quickly defeats him.[74]

Ikaruga starts attacking Erza, who is still inside Shô's card. After a few more slices, Erza breaks out of it. All of a sudden, Erza's armor is cut into pieces, showing that she didn't dodge all of Ikaruga's attacks successfully.[75] She then Requips her Heaven's Wheel Armor. The two girls attack each other head on. Erza Requips several armors, but all of them easily break by Ikaruga's sword. Erza then gets up and Requips a sarashi, with a flame patterned bottom hakama.[76]

Erza defeats Ikaruga

Erza defeats Ikaruga

Erza explains there is nothing special about her armor. All her life she had locked her heart away in her suit of armor, and that had made her weak and afraid. Now that she wears none, she believes she can defeat Ikaruga.[77] The two ladies charge towards each other, their swords clashing for the final time. Although Erza gets slashed, Erza's slash to Ikaruga is able to defeat her. Erza tells Shô to get everybody else out the tower, claiming that she will fight Jellal and end this.[78]

Erza want to kill Jellal

Erza pinning down Jellal and preparing to kill him

Erza makes it to the part of the tower where Jellal is. Jellal claims the game is over, and Erza asks if playing with people's lives are fun. She thinks Jellal is bluffing about the Etherion falling, but he claims that he is not and that either way, she will be a sacrifice for Zeref. The two battle, and Erza eventually pins Jellal to the ground with her sword at his neck.[79]

She then tells Jellal he failed at completing the R-System because the tower has no Magic to resurrect. There needs to be 2.7 billion Edeas in order for the tower to activate. Trying to make her give up, he explains how his body was possessed by Zeref and how he is nothing more than a doll doing his bidding.

He says he knew he could not finish the R-System, but Zeref would not stop him. He asks Erza to strike him down. She refuses and hugs Jellal as the Etherion hits the tower, completely destroying the outer structure of the tower.[80]

Surprised that she is alive after the blast, she looks around and notices there is Lacrima everywhere and that the structure is an absorption crystal. Jellal explains that the Council's Etherion provided the tower with 2.7 billion Edeas to bring Zeref back. Just then, Siegrain shows up and reveals that he and Jellal are the same person, and that he became a Council Member just to cast the Etherion down on the tower. They both reveal that they are the same person and that Siegrain was just a Thought Projection. Now that the two have morphed back together, Jellal's full Magic Power returns.[81]

Natsu saves Erza

Natsu saves Erza from being a sacrifice for Zeref

A Bind Snake Jellal cast earlier stops Erza from moving. Before putting her in the Lacrima to be the sacrifice for Zeref, Natsu arrives to pull Erza out. Erza tells Natsu to leave and not fight Jellal, because she is afraid of the consequences that will happen to him. Natsu then punches her, causing her to faint while mentioning he'll win this fight. Enraged by how much Jellal has hurt Erza, Natsu flares up and goes to fight Jellal.[82]

Erza&#039;s sorrow

Erza's sorrow after Simon's death

Erza then wakes up to Natsu being blasted by Jellal's meteor attacks. Natsu starts destroying the tower so the resurrection cannot occur. Jellal prepares another attack on Natsu, but Erza gets in front, hoping that he won't attack her. He still prepares to launch it, claiming that it does not matter who the sacrifice is, now that there is so much damage. He launches his attack. Opening her eyes, Erza sees that Simon is in front of her and that he used his body as a shield to protect her. He falls to the ground, confesses his love for Erza, and then dies. Erza screams in anguish as Natsu continues his battle with Jellal. By eating the Etherion,[83] Natsu manages to defeat Jellal,[84] but the tower becomes unstable and is ready to blow up, which will kill anyone near it.[85]


Erza sacrifices herself in front of Natsu

Back in the tower, Erza carries Natsu on her back. She shortly realizes that she needs to be the sacrifice to control the Magic energy and stop the explosion. She then puts her body half-way in the crystal, only for Natsu to wake up and ask her what she is doing. She tells him she cannot imagine a world without her friends and if she dies saving everybody, then she has no regrets; she then offers her body to the R-System so that she can control it. She blanks out completely.[86]

Erza wakes up in a dress, wondering where she is. Everything is white around her. The scene turns to her funeral. Erza realizes that she is dead and that nobody is happy. Natsu doesn't believe Erza is dead and refuses to accept it, causing a ruckus as the funeral. As everybody cries, Erza realizes that she made a mistake.[87]

Natsu carring Erza

Natsu saves Erza

She then wakes up, realizing it was a dream. All of her friends run towards her, and Natsu carries her towards them. He lays her in the water, to which Erza is amazed that he was able to not only find, but also take her out the vortex alive. Natsu in tears tells Erza not to sacrifice herself ever again. Erza promises him to do so, and she comes to the realization that she doesn't need to die for her friends, but to live for them, because that is that only way to bring the best future. For the first time since eight years ago, she cries tears of joy, out of both eyes.[88]

Wally, Millianna and Shô apologize to Erza, saying they didn't want to hurt her. Erza suggests they come to Fairy Tail. Later, Lucy asks where Shô and the others went. Erza dashes out to go look for them.[89] She then realizes that her former comrades decided to leave Erza’s side, saying that they have caused her too much pain for her. Erza then prepares for them the official Fairy Tail’s Farewell Ceremony. After a few promises, she recites the rules when leaving Fairy Tail, and cries goodbye to them, hoping to see them again someday. After that, Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Erza throw a farewell bash, wishing Shô, Millianna, and Wally well as they depart, finally free and living their own lives.[90]

Battle of Fairy Tail arcEdit

Erza fight

Never mess with Erza's cake

Erza comes back to the guild to see it rebuilt and in great condition; but her happiness is interrupted when she finds that Gajeel Redfox has joined Fairy Tail. She voices her concerns with Makarov, but as he gives her his confidence, she petitions to have Gajeel watched.[91]

Later, when a reporter from Sorcerer Magazine comes to Fairy Tail to interview the members, she wears a modified version of her Heart Kreuz Armor. She surprises everyone when she expresses her desire to be interviewed.[92]

During the festival, Erza competes for the title of "Miss Fairy Tail", Requipping into a beautiful dress that Lucy recognizes as goth lolita style in front of everyone, and states that victory is hers. However, she is turned to stone, along with all the other Miss Fairy Tail contestants by Evergreen.[93]

Erza Goth Loli restores from Stone Eyes of Evergreen

Erza is freed from Evergreen's Magic

Natsu and Gajeel try to turn her back to normal with Natsu's flame, thinking that it would release her from the stone. She does get revived, but due to her artificial eye halving the effect of Evergreen's Magic. She soon realizes that even Mystogan has arrived to fight Laxus Dreyar, in order to help save the guild.[94]

She then goes to town to find Laxus, but encounters Evergreen instead. She threatens Evergreen to release the other girls, but Evergreen is more interested in claiming the title of "Titania" for herself instead. After fighting her for some time, Erza pins her against a wall. Evergreen reveals to her she'll kill the girls if Erza doesn't strip to degrade herself. Erza responds by Requipping into her Heaven's Wheel Armor and threatens to kill Evergreen herself if she doesn't revive the girls, and thus, Evergreen concedes and the girls are released.[95]

Laxus vs. Erza

Erza fights Laxus

After her fight with Evergreen, both Erza and Natsu find Laxus and Mystogan already fighting in the Cathedral. When Erza witnesses the true face of Mystogan, it turns out to resemble Jellal's completely. Not knowing it wasn't Jellal, her eyes begin to shed tears and she becomes emotionally unstable for a moment. Mystogan claims he is not Jellal, but he knows who he is, and then quickly disappears, leaving Laxus to Erza and Natsu.[96] She recovers from the surprise though and prepares to attack Laxus with her Lightning Empress Armor, but later decides to trust Natsu to stop Laxus, and goes to destroy the Thunder Palace instead to protect everyone in Magnolia.[97]

Erza on FP 1

Erza on Fantasia Parade

With the help of Warren Rocko, she communicates with all her comrades, and they help her to destroy the Thunder Palace's Lacrimas. In the end, she manages to take out two-hundred Lacrimas, which are the majority of them.[98]

After Laxus is defeated, the Harvest Festival continues with the Fantasia Parade. Erza performs with her swords on her float, not knowing Mystogan watches her.[99] When Laxus leaves the guild, Erza and the rest of the guild puts up the sign he and Makarov made up, meaning they will always be watching over him.[100]

Oración Seis arcEdit

Erza begins to try and find out about Mystogan; however, she realizes Makarov knows nothing about him. Stumped, Erza wonders about Mystogan's relationship to Jellal, and why they both have the same exact face.[101]

Later, Erza and her team begin to go on a mission to hunt a Mage hunter, but she becomes surprised when she hears Lucy went off to Acalypha and took out the Naked Mummy Guild by herself.[102]

Erza remeets Ichiya

Erza trembling before her reunion with Ichiya

Later, Makarov reveals that an alliance of guilds has been made in order to take down one of the Dark Guilds part of the Balam Alliance, the Oración Seis, and that Fairy Tail is a part of it. Team Natsu is chosen as Fairy Tail's representatives.[103] They meet up with the Blue Pegasus Guild delegates, The Trimens that are none other than, Hibiki Lates, Eve Tearm, Ren Akatsuki, and to Erza's horror, Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki. They also meet the delegates of Lamia Scale Guild: Jura Neekis, Lyon Vastia and Sherry Blendy, as well as the delegates of Cait Shelter: Wendy Marvell[104] and Carla.[105] As all the delegates get together, Erza follows Natsu and Gray as they run to find the Oración Seis.[106]

Snake bites Erza

Cubellios bites Erza

As the Oración Seis finds them, Erza battles Cobra in her Flight Armor. However, she is bitten by his snake and she suffers from the extreme poison.[107] As Lucy gives Erza her belt to strap on her arm, she begs for someone to cut her poisoned arm off. Lyon steps forward to do this, but this is denied by her fellow Fairy Tail members and an argument erupts. However, Carla explains to them that Wendy, who was kidnapped by Brain, can help her, as her Magic allows her to heal the injured.[108] As the others leave to rescue Wendy, Lucy and Hibiki Lates stay behind to take care of her.[109] After Natsu arrives with Wendy, she treats Erza and removes the poison.[110] When the others notice a pillar of black light in the sky, Natsu knows Jellal is there and rushes forward.[111] In the ensuing confusion, Erza slips away, intending to find Jellal as well.[112]

Erza meets Jellal

Erza reunites with Jellal

Because the others are impeded in fights against the Oración Seis, Erza manages to reach Jellal first, although she is unsure of how to act towards him. To her surprise, she discovers that he has become amnesiac, and is only able to remember her name.[113] As Erza explains who he is and what he did to his comrades, Jellal breaks down in tears upon learning what kind of person he is.[114] Suddenly, Cobra appears and attempts to take Nirvana, but Jellal reveals that he put a Self-Destruction Spell around Nirvana to destroy it. However, he also put the spell on himself so he can end his life, and free Erza from the pain he has caused to her.[115]

Jellal is scolded by Erza

Erza gives Jellal a scolding

She doesn't take this too kindly and runs up to him, grabs him and demands that he cancel the spell and live. Moments later, Brain appears, revealing that he taught Jellal the Self-Destruction Spell, and easily cancels it, before activating the second stage of Nirvana. Erza and Jellal are caught in Nirvana's skywards eruption, as she holds onto Jellal with one hand. She pulls him up, saying that he should live on to see the future as Fairy Tail members do with their connection of "hope".[116]

Erza in the Robe of Yūen

Erza prepares to fight Midnight with new confidence

Later, Midnight appears before her and quickly defeats Jellal, revealing his Reflector Magic to her.[117] She tries her best to fight him, but all her attacks are reflected and her armor becomes reflected to confine her. As Midnight tortures Jellal with the truth of his deeds, Erza reassures Jellal that she believes that there is still goodness in him, and Requips to her Robe of Yūen, readying herself for round two against Midnight.[118] Erza reveals all three of Midnight's weaknesses, which are not being able to reflect two things at once, her not being able to work on humans, and Erza's current armor being made out of rubber.[119]

Erza breaks through Midnight&#039;s illusion

Erza defeats Midnight

Midnight says that at midnight, his refracting gets to his peak as he transforms into a giant monster. He creates a giant explosion and stabs Jellal and Erza. He is then successfully slashed and defeated by Erza as she reveals his transformation was all just an illusion.[120] Afterwards, she manages to get into contact with the others through Hibiki's telepathy, only to learn that Nirvana is controlled by six different Lacrima Crystals.[121]

After their discussion and planning, Hibiki implants a map to guide them towards the location of each Lacrima Crystal. Erza says she will handle Lacrima number five. When Jellal is about to say he'll destroy the sixth Lacrima, she immediately interrupts him. She whispers to him that Natsu still doesn't know his relation towards the mission and might mistake him as an enemy. When Erza finishes, Natsu answers that he seemed to have heard a familiar voice, but Hibiki's connection is then lost.[122]

Erza destroys one of Nirvana&#039;s Lacrima

Erza destroying one of Nirvana's Lacrimas

Erza arrives in front of the fifth Lacrima, waiting for the appointed time to arrive and destroy it.[123] After Natsu's victory over Zero, the rest of the Mages including Erza manage to destroy all six Lacrima Crystals, destroying Nirvana.[124] Everyone rejoices as they are reunited. Erza says that she will support Jellal and he does not need to care about his memories. At this moment, they stare at each other, only for the New Magic Council to interrupt and arrest Hoteye and Jellal for their past criminal acts.[125]

Erza asks Jellal

Erza asking Jellal on what he'll do in the future

As Jellal willingly gives himself up to the Council, Lahar warns him that this will probably be the last time he ever sees them again, for he will either be given the death sentence or life imprisonment. Suddenly, an angered Natsu starts to fight against the Council, trying to bring Jellal back. This causes every other Mage to fight for Jellal as well, except for Erza, who can only tremble in anger and watch the chaos. Erza decides to stop the commotion once and for all, and lets the Council take Jellal away. Jellal looks back at her in relief, but not before he mentions her scarlet hair, implying that he remembers the time he chose her last name, Scarlet.[126]

Erza crying

Erza's sadness after she loses Jellal

They say their final farewells and as Jellal is taken away, everyone looks on sadly. Erza later sits alone, crying for the loss of her friend as she remembers when she and Jellal were together as kids, and him choosing her last name based on her hair color.[127]

Back at Cait Shelter, Roubaul reveals to Allied Forces that Wendy's whole guild was just an illusion he made after she was left in his care. Wendy, now alone,is comforted by Erza and invited to join Fairy Tail.[128]

Daphne arcEdit

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Edolas arcEdit

Erza and Gray return to normal

Erza and Gray return

After the return of Gildarts Clive, he tells Natsu he has something to tell him, Erza urges Natsu and Lucy not to take on the Hundred Year quest that Gildarts had recently failed.[133] Later, Erza comments on Bisca Mulan and Alzack Connell getting along well. Erza tells them to treasure these memories so they will not regret them later. Makarov then calls Erza over, telling her that about his choice to pass the Hundred Year Quest to another guild, to which she agrees.[134] Later, the Anima sucks up Fairy Tail, and all of Magnolia into Edolas, including Erza.[135][136] However, Gajeel releases her and Gray from the Lacrima[137] with Mystogan's help. Mystogan then sends them to Edolas with X-Balls that allow Earth Land people to use Magic freely in Edolas.[138]

Erza and Gray comeback

Erza and Gray join the fray

When Erza Knightwalker is about to kill Happy, Erza and Gray bash some of the Edolas Guards and show up, ready to attack, and declare Erza Knightwalker to be an enemy of Fairy Tail.[139] Seeing that her counterpart is about to strike Gray, Erza quickly blocks her counterpart's spear with her sword, and the clash of their weapons. Realizing that her group cannot not proceed any further than they already have with Knightwalker hot on their tails, Scarlet orders her friends to carry on without her.[140]

Scarlet vs. Knightwalker

Erza vs. Erza

As the two Erzas fight, Knightwalker explains her Magical weapon, The Ten Commandments. Scarlet notices how her counterpart's Magic is a lot like hers.[141]

Erza is successful in defeating her counterpart, and takes on her guise as Knightwalker afterwards.[142] Erza, still in disguise, catches up with Natsu and Gray and captures them. She drags them to the Dragon Chain Cannon room, commenting on how she can see eternal Magic coming.[143]

Erza takes Faust hostage

Erza takes Faust hostage

She then orders Gray to activate the cannon aiming towards the island, with the threat that she would kill Natsu if he did not comply. Right at the crucial moment, however, Erza Scarlet suddenly shouts at Natsu to fight, before quickly holding her sword at Faust's throat, revealing her true identity to everyone else, and that the entire plan to be a ruse. She then tells the soldiers to move the coordinates to fire at the Lacrima, or she will kill the King.[144]

However, the real Erza Knightwalker vaults over the wall of the control room and frees Faust, which leads to the release of cannon on the Lacrima island. Just then, an ally of theirs, Coco, arrives on her Legion, helping them all escape. They then set flight towards the Lacrima island to save Magnolia.[145] She then helps everyone to push back the Lacrima island, enough for Mystogan to send the giant Lacrima back to Earth Land. Just when everything seems over though, Erza's counterpart shoots Pantherlily, declaring the battle is not over yet.[146] When the Dorma Anim shows up, Natsu tells her that he, along with Gajeel and Wendy, would take care of Faust, while she and her group should protect the Exceeds.[147] However, as they try to catch up, Knightwalker ambushes the legion that they are on. While Lucy, Gray, and Coco fall, Erza merely chains on to another legion and clashes with her counterpart once more, with both of them declaring that there is only room for one Erza, and the other one must perish.[148]

Scarlet vs. Knightwalker

Scarlet vs. Knightwalker: Round Two

The second round starts off with each Erza fighting ferociously, as Scarlet uses several different armors, and Knightwalker changes her spears forms. Eventually, Erza comments on how they're both evenly matched, but then Knightwalker decides at that moment to use her trump card, Ravelt. Erza then Requips into the Armadura Fairy Armor. As the two Erza's clash, they create an explosion large enough to shatter the entire island, and in the process, Erza's armor is destroyed along with Knightwalker's spear.[149]

Erzas get physical

Erza grappling with her counterpart

However, even though they both have already run out of Magic, they have a fist fight, while debating about whether it is wrong to extort Magic from Extalia. Erza finally manages to knock some sense into Knightwalker, telling her that they can still survive without Magic, and that it can be overcome. She then tells Knightwalker that they are the same, and as Erza herself has the same evil qualities and weaknesses in Knightwalker, Knightwalker herself has the same compassionate heart as Erza. The falling island then crashes into the ground, and both Erzas no longer have the strength to move. Knightwalker then admits defeat, but Erza denies this, saying that there is no such thing, seeing as they're the same person.[150]

Erza&#039;s farewell (Anime)

Erza bids her counterpart farewell

With the two Erza's peace is made, the Reverse-Anima begins to take Scarlet back to Earth Land. The two Erzas bid one final farewell.[151] After returning to Earth Land, she is surprised to see the Exceeds have arrived in Earth Land, and after hearing about their story, no one has grudge against them. The Exceeds decide to find all the eggs they sent to Earth Land, and bid a final farewell to Fairy Tail.[152]

Returning home to Earth Land

Fairy Tail returns to Earth Land

However, when the Exceeds leave, Erza, along with Gray and Natsu, are surprised when Pantherlily drags out the captured Lisanna.[153] However, Lisanna reveals that she was never dead, but that she was merely transported to Edolas by the Anima, and she is in fact the Lisanna everyone knows. Erza, alongside Natsu and the others, helps Lisanna to return to her siblings.[154]

Tenrou Island arcEdit

Back at Fairy Tail, everybody is acting hyper again. Pantherlily tells Erza that it's comforting to see a familiar face like hers, even though she's not the Erza he knew.[155] Later, Erza is by Makarov's side for the announcing of the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial. Gajeel is not elected to participate, as Erza claims it is too soon for the guild to trust him yet.[156] After the rules are explained, it is revealed that Erza will be participating along with Mirajane and Gildarts. Their main role in the trial is to attempt to hinder the selected teams in some way.[157]

Sea Empress Armor - Close

Erza releasing her Magic Power

After the participants get to Tenrou Island, Makarov tells them there will be eight paths, and of them, seven will result in battles.[158] She waits in Path D, and battles both Juvia and Lisanna.[159] Despite a valiant fight, Erza easily manages to defeat them.[160] After the first part of the exam is over, she, along with Juvia, Lisanna, and Mirajane, all rest at the camp on the island. She questions why Mest and Wendy aren't at the base, which sends her and Juvia out to look for them.[161]

Later, Erza and Juvia both find an injured Levy McGarden. Erza, with Juvia and Levy go to help Gajeel, to find he successfully beat Kawazu and Yomazu, members of a Dark Guild, Grimoire Heart. While they check up on Gajeel's condition, Yomazu announces that The Seven Kin of Purgatory is coming, the aces of Grimoire Heart. Erza immediately announces that the exam is now on hold, and sends a warning flare signal to the rest of the guild members present on Tenrou Island.[162]

Juvia and Erza meet Meredy

Erza and Juvia vs. Meredy

Erza goes over to Yomazu and asks what their goals are. He then reveals they are here for the Black Mage, Zeref. He tells them Zeref lived 400 years ago, and has since been in a "slumbering" state.[163] When the Grimoire Heart Guild arrives on the island, members surround Juvia and Erza, and they prepare to fight them.[164] They easily defeat all the members in their immediate vicinity, but are then confronted by Meredy. Erza warns Juvia not to underestimate her just because she is a kid, saying that she can sense a strange Magic from the girl.[165]

Erza against Meredy&#039;s blades

Erza fights with Meredy's blades

In her battle with Juvia against Meredy, Meredy uses Maguilty Sodom, which creates Magic swords that are sent flying towards her and Juvia. The attack manages to pierce Juvia's water body, which causes Erza to question what type of Magic it is.[166]

As they battle continues, Meredy goes on to explain her rankings for people to kill, and says Gray Fullbuster is first, since he is the reason Ultear's mother Ur was killed. Meredy then sends more swords towards Erza, but Juvia uses her water to surround and knock all of her blades away. Juvia then says she can't forgive Meredy now. Erza, with a nervous look, remarks that Juvia should calm down.[167]

Juvia proceeds to attack Meredy with astonishing strength. This shocks Erza, who notices that Juvia's fighting is nothing like how she was during the exams. She finally understands that Juvia's true powers come out when she fights for a loved one. Juvia tells Erza that she will handle Meredy and that Erza needs to go find Wendy and Gray. Erza departs leaving Juvia to her.[168]

Erza finds Azuma

Erza vs. Azuma

As Erza runs around looking for her guild mates, Azuma emerges upside down from a tree and provokes her into a fight[169] After Requipping a few more armors, she and Azuma battle for a while longer. Azuma comments that he and Erza are the same as they both pursue the strong opponents. Erza, however, replies that she only needs the strength to protect her comrades. Azuma smiles after hearing the statement and activates his Lost Magic, Great Tree Arc to uproot Tenrou Island's tree,[170] which had the ability to protect and give strength to every Fairy Tail member. Azuma then tells Erza that her friends' lives are on the line, and to show him if she has enough power to protect them.[171]

Erza is almost defeated

Erza almost defeated by Azuma

Erza asks Azuma why she's the only not affected by his damage to the Tenrou Tree. He says he wants to fight her when she's serious, to which Erza responds by claiming she will defeat him no matter what, but makes Azuma promise if she beats him, he'll return the guild's Magic Power. Erza and Azuma square off once more, but she has great trouble gaining the upper-hand. She decides that she needs to put all her Magic Power into one attack without using any power for defense, so she Requips to just a sarashi and a single sword. She goes all out using her Crimson Cherry technique, but Azuma is easily able to ensnare Erza before she gets to him, and uses the Terra Clamare send Erza to the brink of defeat.[172]

Fairy Tail Lends Erza a Hand

Erza is given strength by her comrades

While Erza is unconscious, she hears Jellal's voice telling her not to lose, and she wakes up, telling herself it's just her imagination and that she needs to focus on Azuma. She attacks him, forcing him on the defense for a bit, but once again, he bind her arms and legs, hitting her with his strongest attack once more. As Erza falls to her defeat, she hears Natsu's voice asking her if she was going to give up, and has other visions of her friends in the guild. This gives her the resolve to get back up. She apologizes to them, mentioning that she wasn't protecting everyone but instead, she was the one being protected.[173]

Azuma defeated by Erza

Erza defeats Azuma

As she comes toward Azuma, he is surprised that he has lost control of the Tenrou Island Magic and that it now protects Erza. He thinks to himself that their true strength is not in the individual but the sum of them, and calls them an amazing guild. Erza lands a finishing blow, defeating Azuma.[174]

After defeating Azuma, Erza falls to the ground, battle worn, and notices Azuma's body transforming into a tree. He states that it is a side effect of overusing his Lost Magic. He then tells her that, as promised, he would return everyone's Magic Power to them. She then asks him if he knew a man name Jellal. Azuma states that he does and explains that Jellal is a sad man whose become obsessed with the idea that Zeref ghost exist and that he lost all sense of reason. Erza then asks him why they are after Zeref. Azuma states that it is to get closer to the very first Magic in the world, as it would lead to what Jellal called, "Paradise". Azuma tries to explain further but is completely transformed into trees.[175]

Team Natsu arrives at the airship

Team Natsu challenges Hades

Erza soon meets up with Gray, Natsu, Wendy, Lucy, Pantherlily, Happy, and Carla and they all head towards the Grimoire Heart airship to fight Hades, the final enemy on the island.[176] Before going on the ship, Natsu tells the Exceeds to search for the ship's power source and destroy it in order to prevent it from taking off. After Wendy casts Troia on Natsu as a precautionary measure, the group head inside the airship. Erza reminds the group that Hades is a powerful Mage and that to use their full power from the start. All the Mages fight to the best of their ability, and send Hades crashing into one of the walls. He emerges unharmed though, and claims he is ready to get serious. He screams out "Katsu", and Wendy disappears.[177]

A voice is heard above all of them, as it is revealed Horologium saved her at the last second by forcing his gate open, commenting that since the danger was higher than normal he came out to help. Horologuim's time is spent so he releases a newly clothed Wendy and tells the group to be more careful before disappearing.[178]

Everyone prepares to attack again. Hades mocks the current Fairy Tail, and tells his opponents he was the second master of Fairy Tail. A disbelieving Natsu charges, but Hades attack him, as well as everyone else, leaving them all on the ground. As Team Natsu lay defeated, Hades starts to belittle Makarov, but Natsu defends him, prompting Hades to brutally beat up Natsu, while Erza and the others watch in horror. Just when Hades is about to finish Natsu off, Laxus appears and headbutts the former master.[179]

Nemesis&#039; activation

Erza feels fear

After Laxus fails at beating Hades, and gives his Magic Power to Natsu,[180] Erza remarks how the situation is similar to when Natsu ate the Etherion.[181] After Natsu attacks Hades with his Lighting Flame attacks, Erza is shocked to see Hades is still okay. Hades then removes his eye patch and shows the group the "Abyss of Magic", which transforms Hades and increases his Magic Power drastically.[182] After displaying his Living Magic spells, Natsu tells the group to use the fear they are experiencing to become stronger. With that, everyone helps launch Natsu at Hades, even though none of them have Magic Power left. Natsu and Hades's final collision ends with the ship exploding.[183] Natsu prevails punching Hades in the face. Hades doesn't know how he lost, until he feels that his heart had been destroyed somewhere on the ship. He reveals his heart was the only thing that let him use all his Magic. Wendy shows Erza, Gray, and Lucy that the Tenrou tree is back up, which was thanks to Ultear's Arc of Time.[184] Everyone then attacks Hades, with Natsu landing the final blow to defeat him.[185]

Makarov Charges

Fairy Tail flees as Makarov holds off Acnologia

After their success, the rest of the injured Fairy Tail members show up and scare off the remaining Grimoire Heart members. Afterwards, all the guild members head back to camp and rejoice in their victory.[186] Their rest, however, is cut short when Acnologia arrives and attacks the guild members. Erza watches as Makarov holds the beast off and tells his guild members that his final order is for them to escape.[187] However, she, along with the rest of Fairy Tail, comes back and attempts to fight Acnologia. Their attack amounts to nothing, and all the Fairy Tail members hold hands in an attempt to negate the attack as the island is destroyed by the Dragon's Dragon Roar. They fail and Tenrou Island is destroyed.[188]

X791 arcEdit

Erza along with the rest of the Team Tenrou are rescued by Bisca, Alzack, Jet, Droy, Max, Warren and the Trimens from Blue Pegasus. She watches as Mavis Vermilion reveals that she was the one who saved them and then disappears. She returns to the Fairy Tail Guild and, along with Natsu, Gajeel and Gray, defeats the members of Twilight Ogre who were threatening Romeo, later being welcomed back by him and the older Fairy Tail members.[189]

Erza and Mirajane ready to fight

Payback: Fairy Tail style

Erza joins their welcome back party, and is surprised to hear that Bisca and Alzack have gotten married and have a child.[190] Erza is later confronted by the couple again in Magnolia Town, and they reveal startling information about Jellal to her.[191] Later, Erza, along with Mirajane, accompanies Makarov to the Twilight Ogre Guild to pay them back everything they owe. She dons her Purgatory Armor and she, along with Makarov and Mirajane, proceed to fight the entire guild.[192]

Key of the Starry Sky arcEdit

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Grand Magic Games arcEdit

Erza trains for GMG

Erza training

Erza and the other members of Fairy Tail go to the beach to train for the Grand Magic Games.[216] On the second day of training, Erza and co. are interrupted by Virgo, who tells everyone the Celestial Spirit World is in great danger and requires everyone's help. They are sent to the Spirit World, where they find out there is no trouble, but all of Lucy's Spirits had planned a party to celebrate everyone's return. After a day of celebrating, Virgo informs the gang that time runs different in the Spirit World than in Earth Land, thus they have lost almost the whole three months of training in the one day.[217]

Once they realize this, Erza and the others become depressed until the group is contacted by Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy. After a brief reunion, Ultear decides to increase Fairy Tail's Magic Power by unlocking their "Second Origin" with her improved Arc of Time.[218]

Erza slaps Jellal

Erza slaps Jellal

Erza and Jellal go off to talk privately, and she asks him if all of his memories have returned, with him confirming that they have. He tells her he's prepared to die if she wants to seek revenge for him killing their friend Simon, however Erza says she won't because Simon wouldn't have wanted that. When he says that he thinks death is the only way to truly redeem his sins, Erza slaps him and pulls on his collar, accidentally causing the two of them to fall off the rocky ledge they were sitting on and into a large flower field, with Jellal landing on top of her.

Jellal and Erza&#039;s kiss

Erza and Jellal kiss

While on top of her, Jellal and Erza kiss. However, Jellal pushes her away and tells her that he can't because he has a fiancee. When Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy later take their leave, Erza sees them off.[219] She smiles and remarks to herself that Jellal's a clumsy liar, referring to the fact that she knew he lied about having a fiancee, but accepts his decision on their relationship.[220]

Later Erza along with Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Wendy, Happy and Carla arrive in Fiore's capital Crocus. After a brief meeting with the rest of the guild members that have arrived, Erza goes to the room provided for them to see if something is amiss.[221] Later, when Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Happy return to the Honeybone Lodge, Erza scolds them for their lateness, but it is interrupted when Lisanna and Elfman walk in. The meeting is interrupted, however, when it is announced that the preliminary for the Grand Magic Games is about to begin. They are informed that in order to be in the games, they must be one of the first eight teams to go through the Sky Labyrinth. Erza and the others are worried because Wendy is nowhere to be seen, but Elfman decides to take her place and they set off. Eventually, by defeating other guilds and taking their maps of the Sky Labyrinth, they arrive at Domas Flau, but are informed that they are the last of the eight teams to make it.[222]

Team FT A

Erza represents Fairy Tail in the Grand Magic Games

Erza and the others change into their team outfits before they head out to hear which teams made it out of the labyrinth before them. As the teams are introduced, they learn that Raven Tail has entered into the competition, and are angry when they learn that they are the ones who injured Wendy and Carla.[223] She is also shocked to learn that there is a second team from Fairy Tail in the running, consisting of Gajeel Redfox, Mirajane Strauss, Laxus Dreyar, Juvia Lockser, and Jellal Fernandes disguised as Mystogan. A few minutes later, after they hear the rules for the first event of the games, Gray decides to enter for them in that round.[224] When Gray loses the event and the crowd mocks him and Fairy Tail for it, Natsu comes to his defense, but Erza stops Natsu from acting rashly.[225] When the first battle of the day is chosen, Lucy vs. Flare Corona, Erza encourages Lucy to win.[226]

Enter Bacchus and Erza

Erza meets Bacchus

After Lucy's defeat by Flare, due to the outside help she received from a fellow Raven Tail member, Jellal and Jura eventually step up to fight. Jellal loses the match because Ultear intervenes because he was about to give away his identity accidentally.[227] After the guild's terrible first day, they go to a nearby bar and celebrate.[228] When a Mage from Erza's past, Bacchus, enters, the two talk briefly and he vows that they will settle their score for good. When Lucy asks Erza who he is, she replies that he is a Mage that she fought constantly in the past, but neither ever beat the other, much to Lucy, Natsu, and Gray's shock.[229]

When the second day's battle begins, Erza listens to and is moved by Toby's greatest secret, being subsequently angered to the point that she has to be held back when Kurohebi rips Toby's sock.[230] Later, she gives encouragement to Elfman when he has to fight Bacchus.[231] Erza also watches Mirajane and Jenny's fight and comments on Mirajane's Satan Soul: Sitri.

Erza and Millianna reunite

Erza and Millianna reunite

After the second day ends, Erza and Jellal meet under a bridge in Crocus. The two discuss the sudden disappearance of the strange Magic that was at the tournament every year. Jellal decides to inspect the organizers directly now and starts to leave, but not before Erza tells him not to overdo it.[232] As Erza walks back to her lodging, she is approached by a member of Mermaid Heel, who reveals herself to be Millianna.[233] Erza and Millianna talk about her joining a guild and Shô and Wally, who Millianna states are still traveling. Erza soon mentions Kagura, and compliments her on her strength. She then asks about the woman's sword, Archenemy, to which Millianna explains that Kagura will never unsheathe it until she faces the man who destroyed her life: Jellal Fernandes.[234] Millianna declares her hatred for Jellal as well, for forcing her to remain a slave and for him killing Simon, under the assumption that Erza feels the same way. Erza can only guiltily look away in response.[235]

She is later seen gazing over Crocus from a high position, thinking about her recent conversation, when Gray joins her. When Gray asks her what's wrong, she changes the subject to what has been happening with him recently. After revealing that he escaped the whole "mess" with Juvia and Lyon, Erza encourages him to respond to Juvia's feelings, before turning back to go to bed at their lodgings.[236]

Titania&#039;s Victory

Erza defeats the 100 monsters

On the third day of the Grand Magic Games, Erza chooses herself to represent Team Fairy Tail A for the Day's event. The event, Pandemonium, consists of defeating monsters of different levels to earn points and progress. It starts with a drawn participant choosing how many monsters they will fight. Erza is drawn to go first and decrees the end of the game by defeating all 100 monsters alone, an unheard feat.[237]

After Millianna wins her fight against Semmes, Erza comments that she has improved and later looks at her, worried.[238] When the third day's 3rd battle is announced, Erza becomes shocked after knowing that Laxus' opponent, Alexei, is from Ivan's guild.[239] As soon as the match begins, Laxus is completely overwhelmed, something which shocks Erza. However, a few minutes into the fight, it is revealed that the match was fake and that Alexei was really Ivan Dreyar and that Laxus had defeated every member of Team Raven Tail. Erza comments on Lucy's kindness when Lucy says that Laxus didn't have to hurt Flare Corona as badly as he did.[240]

Team FT A worried about Wendy

Erza watches Wendy's battle

When the final battle of day three begins between her own team-mate Wendy and Chelia Blendy of Team Lamia Scale, Erza is seen smiling in acknowledgement of Wendy's heightened abilities after seeing the young girl cast Shattering Light: Sky Drill at her opponent.[241] However, when Chelia later stands up seemingly unharmed by the attack, Erza notes that Chelia is quite the opponent.[242] As their match continues, Erza is shocked at Wendy's determination to keep fighting until the end of the match.[243] After Wendy's and Chelia's match ends in a tie, Erza talks about how impressive the match was.[244]

After the third day of the Grand Magic Games ends, Erza heads out to a bar with the rest of Fairy Tail to celebrate. Lucy comments on her speedy recovery, which Erza puts down to Porlyusica's great healing skills.[245] Despite Natsu, Happy and Gray being told off for barrel surfing through the bar, Erza is quick to set a bad example by giving the game a shot as well, flipping out at the end of her ride.[246]

Lucy, Wendy and Erza arrive at Ryuzetsu Land

Erza and the rest of Fairy Tail arrive at the pool for some fun

Later that night, Erza, Lucy and Wendy are approached by Levy, who tells them about a popular leisure center in Crocus. Deciding that they have to check it out, the guild head to the center straight away, and Erza, despite still having injuries from her participation in Pandemonium, decides to go too.[247] At first, she and Lucy decide to sunbathe, but soon become annoyed when the Trimens of Blue Pegasus appear and flirt with them. Not being able to stand their presence any longer, Erza proceeds to yell at each of them, though she can't find the words to scold Ichiya.[248] After leaving and walking around, Erza spots Jellal and questions why he is there, annoyed with him for his poor disguise.[249] The two begin to talk, though in the midst of their conversation, Ichiya -who is running dangerously beside the pool- trips over and flies in their direction. In a split second attempt to stop Ichiya from hitting Erza, Jellal forces the two of them down into the water, and though Erza is saved, she becomes embarrassed to see that Jellal groped her chest in the process, much to Jellal's embarrassment, though Erza says it was okay despite Jellal apologizing.[250] When Lyon and Gray later fight and freeze the pool, Natsu uses his Magic to melt the ice, causing a large explosion. Erza and Jellal are both sent flying, and Erza lands atop him, not being able to contain her shock at the destruction the guild has once again caused.[251]

On the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games, Erza cheers on Lucy on as the latter participates in the Naval Battle event.[252] When only Lucy and Team Sabertooth's Minerva are left, Erza notes that Minerva is able to create heat inside the water.[253] As Minerva starts to torture Lucy, Erza, along with Gray and Natsu, stands shocked as Minerva proudly proclaims Sabertooth's superiority, as her teammates smugly look upon the battle.[254]

Erza threatens Sabertooth

Erza threatens Sabertooth

Erza watches as Minerva comes out of the water and stops Gray and Natsu from fighting. She threatens Sabertooth, saying that they have made the enemies of the worst guild to anger. In the infirmary, after Lucy asks forgiveness for losing, Erza and Gray try to comfort her. Makarov arrives and announces that the administrators have told them to join both teams together, which consists of Erza, Gray, Natsu, Laxus and Gajeel. Erza glares at Minerva when they see Team Sabertooth.[255]

During the first battle of the day, Blue Pegasus' rabbit member is revealed as Nichiya from Edolas. Erza, after seeing him and Ichiya standing next to each other, faints due to their similarities.[256] When Ichiya wins the battle against Bacchus and Rocker, she looks at him and is surprised with the battle's outcome.[257]

Before the battle of the Dragon Slayers begins, Erza, as well as her guildmates, tells Natsu and Gajeel to fight with everything they've got.[258] During the course of the battle, when Sting and Rogue enter Dragon Force, she recognizes the state from when Natsu ate the Etherion back at the Tower of Heaven. She is shocked by Sting's vastly-improved strength in such a state.[259] Later, when Natsu forces Gajeel away to fight Rogue and Sting alone, Erza smiles at the sight of Natsu overwhelming the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth with his attacks.[260] Her smile remains after he has defeated them, following which she also hugs him, much to his displeasure.[261]

Team Fairy Tail is fired up

Erza and the team get ready

After hearing about Lucy's arrest by the Fiore Army, Erza reiterates what she heard and asks Makarov for his opinion on the matter.[262] While wondering about Lucy's arrest, Erza questions why the kingdom only arrested her and not the others while suggesting that they likely consider their actions justified. As Makarov gives his take on the matter, Erza listens in.[263] The next day, Erza arrives at the Domus Flau with the rest of Team Fairy Tail, ready for the final day of the games.[264] As the announcers explain the rules for the final day, Erza and the rest of the team listen in. When the rules explained, Erza tells her team that they have to win for the sake of Lucy. With everyone determined to win, they all join in a group cheer.[265] When the games start, the members of the other teams scatter but Erza and the rest of the team stay put, much to everyone's surprise even as battles rage.[266] Soon after multiple Mages are knocked out by opponents, Mavis explains that she presented them with a strategy for victory and gives them the command to go, at which point they rush into battle.[267]

Erza beats Jenny

Erza defeating Jenny

Upon Mavis' command, Erza goes forward soon confronted by Rufus' Falling Stars spell. But, due to Mavis' plan she easily avoids it and proceeds forward. Soon, Erza crosses paths with Jenny Realight whom she quickly defeats, gaining another point for Fairy Tail.[268]

Following Mavis' strategy, Erza searches for Minerva. While walking she hears a noise from behind her, turning around she finds Kagura lunging towards her. She draws her sword out attempting to block Kagura's attack as she is shocked by Mavis' prediction proving false. As the battle continues, Minerva suddenly joins in, shocking everyone.[269][270]

Erza withstands Yagdo Rigora

Erza successfully defends against Minerva's attack

Erza boldly proclaims that she will not hold back against any of her opponents, later making a comment about Minerva's own self-confidence. Afterwards, the three women begin their battle; throughout the event, Erza mostly strikes with her swords, though she does manage to land a powerful kick upon Kagura's left cheek after being pushed aside by Minerva's Magic. Erza and Kagura are soon ensnared in Minerva's Magic where they are subsequently struck with a powerful spell that, despite its flashiness and very destructive nature, leaves the two Mages with moderate injuries. A pleasantly surprised Minerva then reveals to have captured Millianna sometime prior, shocking and infuriating Erza.[271]

Erza vs. Kagura

Erza clashes with Kagura

As Erza continues to glare down Minerva, Kagura moves to grab her sword, threatening Minerva with her life if she does not immediately release Millianna. This seems to merely amuse Minerva further, the Sabertooth Mage tempting Kagura on in her threat. As Kagura charges, Erza remarks on her speed, only to suddenly find herself right in the range of Kagura's attack, Minerva having used her Magic to switch places with her. In a last second reflex, Erza throws up her sword, managing to just block Kagura's attack as Minerva calmly walks away from them. As she watches Minerva teleport Millianna away and promise to face the victor of her and Kagura's fight, Erza angrily points out the Sabertooth Mage's shamelessness, having interrupted their battle to merely pull such a stunt. Minerva though doesn't seem to care, stating that she is merely acting as a King and doing anything necessary to win. Annoyed, Erza once again demands Millianna's release, only to be shocked when Kagura suddenly attacks her, screaming for her to stop pretending to be Millianna's friend. Stunned, Erza watches as Minerva claims that the two have a lot to talk about and vanishes, commenting to Kagura that the Sabertooth woman has gotten the better of them both. Kagura, however, turns her steely gaze onto Erza, vowing to defeat her and then Minerva.[272]

Slashing Form

Erza's Adamantine Armor destroyed by Kagura

As the two resume combat, Kagura delivers a strike with her Archenemy so strong that Erza is blown away despite blocking it. Immediately Requiping her Heaven's Wheel armor, Erza tries to counter using Pentagram Sword which Kagura evades by jumping, then switches to her "Strong Form" landing a clean blow on Erza, destroying the platform they are fighting at. As the two fall, Erza Requips her Adamantine Armor, but this proves to be ineffective as Kagura cuts through it, gravely wounding Erza with her "Slashing Form".[273]

With no time to waste, Erza Requips her Flight Armor, performing Sonic Claw to fight back, but Kagura's speed proves to be superior as she slashes her multiple times, knocking her down. As Erza continues to be overpowered by Kagura, she expresses her surprise that there is someone like Kagura and asks the latter if her strength comes from her hatred for Jellal, which earns Erza a kick from her opponent, sending her through several pillars. When Erza asks Kagura about what happened between her and Jellal, Kagura tells her that she is the little sister of Simon, someone who worked as a slave for Jellal just to be then killed by him. However, Erza corrects Kagura, saying that Simon died because of her weakness, making her the real murderer. Kagura is pushed over the edge, finally unsheathing her Archenemy and delivering a strike.[274]

Erza blocks Archenemy

Erza blocks Kagura's attack

However, Erza blocks the sword with her own and apologizes to Kagura, claiming that dying would be disrespectful to Simon and her comrades.[275] The two fight and Erza says it is fine if her hatred is the source of her strength, stating she has no intentions of trampling on her feelings but neither will acquiesce with them, before overpowering Kagura with a fast strike. Rubble begins to fall over Kagura, but Erza pushes her out of harm's way with her right foot getting stuck. The two then recognize each other from their time at Rosemary Village when Erza had saved Kagura, with the latter crying at the realization of who Erza was. Eventually Kagura removes the rubble from Erza, saying she needs time to process all the information and tries to admit defeat but is stabbed by Minerva who sadistically reminds to Erza her speech about Kings while bursting into an evil laughter, with Erza scowling at Minerva for her cruelty.[276] As her anger slowly starts to build up, Erza is asked to save Millianna by Kagura, immediately saying that she will. Then, Minerva unexpectedly releases Millianna. Erza hurries to her friend and discovers that her back is heavily slashed and bloodied. After hearing Minerva's words about it, this finally sends Erza into a rage.[277]

Despite her wounds from previously attempting to save Kagura, Erza manages to stand and face Minerva, however the Sabertooth woman quickly utilizes her Magic to grab her by the ankle and pick her up, throwing her through the air. As she smashes Erza through one of the pillars nearby, Minerva delightedly claims that she will deliver Erza's public execution.[278]

Erza&#039;s Nakagami Armor

Erza's Nakagami Armor

As Erza lies bloodied on the ground and attempting to stand up, Minerva remarks that her feet are far too injured, and that she will not be able to rise once more. Erza rebuts this, stating that she will be able to stand, as, when she is fighting a battle she cannot lose, she will get up as many times as necessary to defeat her opponent. Proving her words by standing, Erza glares angrily at Minerva, who comments that malice doesn't suit her, nor make her in any way scary. Continuing, Minerva uses her Magic to flick Erza back to the ground, explaining that with her Magic she can manipulate any space or territory, and that this Magic makes her the strongest Mage in Fiore's strongest guild. However, whilst speaking, Minerva fails to notice that Erza springing from the ground to strike her, Erza's summoned blades slicing through the Sabertooth woman's chest. Minerva tries to hit Erza back with her fists, but Erza dodges the blows and continues to slash, angering Minerva, who moves to cast another spell. Before she can though, a furious Erza willingly activates her Second Origin, Requipping into Nakagami Armor to continue the fight.[279]

An undeterred Minerva continues her attack, referring to Erza as "pathetic" and fires. However, Erza dissipates the blow, to Minerva's surprise. Erza tells a stunned Minerva that she's hurt too many people close to her and so she will deliver upon that herself. A frightened Minerva tells her to stop, to no avail as Erza takes her out and earns five points for her team.[280]

Fairy Tail stands before Sting

Erza stands with her team

Soon after, Erza witnesses the Sabertooth symbol sent into the sky by Sting Eucliffe and heads off to fight him. Arriving with the rest of her teammates, she listens to Sting mock the group over their injuries and claims he can beat them all by himself. Hearing him state that he wants to fight and defeat all of them at once, Erza tells Sting that all of them will be his opponents, as he desires.[281] Erza stands with the rest of her team as Sting powers up to take them on. Even as Sting comes forth, Erza does not move. Ultimately, Sting concedes that he cannot win and surrenders the battle, giving a point to the team and winning the Grand Magic Games for Fairy Tail, to the happiness of the guild members as well as Erza.[282] Erza approaches Sting and asks why he didn't attack them and is told in response that he fought because he thought he could see Lector again, puzzling Erza. As Sting says he now feels he can no longer see Lector, Erza tells him he can as Millianna appears with the Exceed in hand, allowing Sting to be reunited with his companion, a reunion at which Erza smiles.[283]

Once their victory is announced to all, Erza stands with the rest of her guildmates as they are seen by the others around Crocus, who acknowledge their strength. Soon after, Erza asks whether anyone saw the signal flare Natsu was to use upon rescuing Lucy, to which nobody replies in the affirmative. Spurred by a discussion with the others, Sting asks why Natsu didn't participate in the final day, a question Erza avoids answering.[284]

Erza asks about Rescue Team

Erza after the speech

Soon afterwards, the guilds are gathered in Central Square of Crocus to be addressed by the King. The King reveals the upcoming attack at the hands of 10,000 Dragons and requests that the guilds assist the kingdom in combating them. Erza, with the many other Mages, enthusiastically agrees to do so. As she begins wondering about Lucy's conditions after her capture, she is told that she is fine and that she is with the princess now. As the other Mages express interest in fighting, the King begins crying and thanks them all, ending his words with a verbal quirk which causes Erza and the rest to stare at him.[285] As the guilds prepare themselves for the upcoming battle, Erza is approached by Cana, who suggests her to take a bit more time to rest due to her wound, but Erza dismisses it and states that she will be fine.[286]

Atlas Flame attacks Fairy Tail

Erza faces Atlas Flame

Later on, an alarming noise emits from the castle, to which Erza questions what it could be.[287] Suddenly, a wave-like assault originating from the location of the Eclipse Gate shreds through Crocus, catching Erza and the rest of Fairy Tail by surprise.[288] Unexpectedly, a Dragon fully made of flames, then appears in front of them. Claiming that they will experience "the flames of hell," Atlas Flame unleashes a giant wave of flames out of its mouth, causing Erza and the others to be thrown away.[289] However, everyone survives the attack and Erza then proposes to reorganize their stance. After Makarov's attack is proven to be ineffective, Atlas Flame attacks Erza and others one more time, claiming that they cannot defeat a Dragon as long as they are human.[290]

Jellal after saving Erza

Jellal saves Erza

Afterwards, Future Rogue commands Motherglare to release eggs of Dragon-like monsters that instantly hatch and proceed attacking the Mages. Laxus then decides to battle Atlas Flame as one of the Dragon Slayers, supported by his Thunder God Tribe, while Erza and other Fairy Tail Mages attack the newly-hatched creatures.[291] While fighting them, Erza gets separated from the others. The monsters begin to overpower her and Erza notes to herself that her injury isn't healed yet, contrary to what she told Cana earlier. With her legs unable to move, Erza begins to give up as the monsters attack her. However, Jellal appears, blasting away the monsters with his Heavenly Body Magic and asking Erza if she needs help. That is when Millianna notices them, enraged to see Jellal again.[292]

As Millianna utters Jellal's name, Erza attempts to calm her down and tells her that she has already forgiven Jellal. Unable to accept that, Millianna asks Erza why she's covering for someone who killed Simon. She then yells out that she cannot forgive Jellal so she will kill him, however, Erza argues that such action won't change anything. That is when Ultear appears and takes all the blame on herself, much to Erza's surprise and Millianna's confusion. As Ultear takes her leave, Erza states that Ultear is also a victim because she was led down the wrong path from young age. When Jellal questions the twisted world they live in, Erza simply states that no matter what, they have to live on.[293] With Jellal's help, she is then seen walking away while holding a sword as a means of defense.[294] After the Dragons return to their time, Erza and Jellal are seen smiling at each other, delighted that everything is over.[295]

Kagura hugged by Erza

Erza accepts Kagura as her "little sister"

After the Dragon War, Erza and the rest of the Mages who helped in the fight are invited to Mercurius for a celebratory banquet. With her drink in hand, Erza greets Lucy and some of the others when they arrive in the ballroom, and later also finds and greets Kagura, asking if her wounds are okay. After recalling that a lot happened between them during the Games, Erza asks if Kagura will accept her as a friend, only to be surprised when Kagura blushes and asks if she could be her big sister instead. Glancing over her shoulder, Erza spots Millianna, who still seems to be wearing a glum expression. Asking her to cheer up, Erza pulls forth Happy to try and tempt Millanna to smile, though the Mermaid Heal Mage tries to ignore the cat until Erza also brings forward Carla and Pantherlily, whom Millanna happily attacks with her love. As Millianna hugs Happy, Erza asks him if he has seen Natsu, becoming a little concerned when the Happy replies that he hasn't spotted him anywhere.[296] Shortly after, Erza stands strong by her guild and asks Yukino to join them when the Celestial Spirit Mage is attacked by the other guilds, who all want her to accept their requests for membership. In the brawl that follow, Erza and Kagura lock horns, only to be stopped when Natsu enters the room dressed as the King, shocking them all into silence.[297]

Later, Erza and the rest of the team leave Crocus, riding a carriage to get back to Magnolia. Erza notes that it feels like they've stayed in Crocus for quite some time, even though it's been a little more than one week.[298] When they finally arrive to Magnolia, they are welcomed by a cheering crowd. Erza states that some of those people aren't even from Magnolia. She is then praised by some of them for her performance in the Games, which leaves her embarrassed. Erza is then seen smiling as Magnolia's Mayor reveals their reconstructed guild building.[299]

Sun Village arcEdit

Erza&#039;s reaction

Erza's reaction after being punched by Natsu and Gray

With the Fairy Tail guild receiving a lot of requests after their victory in Grand Magic Games, Erza, Wendy and Carla take on a job and play as actors at Rabian's performance, with Erza playing the character of Elie.[300] Later, much to her surprise, Lucy finds them at her place. Erza tells her that they want to share the sweets they got as a reward for their job. Afterwards, they wonder about Natsu and Gray's job, as they have been away for 3 days. Worried that something happened, they head to their location. When they arrive, they find an unconscious monster that Natsu and Gray were supposed to defeat and next to it, Natsu and Gray engaging in a fight. Erza attempts to stop them but much to the shock of everyone else, she gets punched in the face by Natsu and Gray and angrily retaliates afterwards.[301]

Back at the guild, Erza and others find out that Natsu and Gray were working together due to the request demanding so. Erza states they should be thankful that the guild has so many requests again just as another request arrives, asking Natsu and Gray to take care of it. Makarov then reveals that it's a request from Warrod Sequen, ranked fourth in the Ten Wizard Saints. Hearing this, everyone is surprised and Erza wonders what happened.[302]

Walking to the location specified in Warrod's request, Erza comments on the breeze in the open mountain air, stating that it feels nice. She then turns to Natsu and Gray, who are still arguing, and demands that they stop as they are going to be meeting with someone of extremely high standing; upon hearing Lucy ask if she is right about her description of the Ten Wizard Saints, Erza tells her that she is correct and that Makarov and Jura are amongst them, Jellal and Jose were, and that the four highest ranked Saints are referred to as the Four Gods of Ishgar. Then when Erza hears Wendy ask what Ishgar is, she explains that it is the old name for their continent; Natsu and Gray continue bickering and drag Erza into the conversation, making Erza wonder if she is the one being insulted instead of them.[303]

Team Natsu accept Warrod&#039;s request

Erza and Team Natsu accept Warrod's request

Erza and the group then arrive at Warrod's house and enter, with Erza explaining that they are from Fairy Tail; the group is silenced by Warrod, who is watering his plants, making Erza nervous. Erza's nervousness is quickly broken by Warrod's playful attitude, which leaves her taken aback. Erza then apologizes before speaking to Warrod and asks the man if he is who he is, which he states that he is, if he wasn't joking, leaving Erza dejected; he quickly states that he was joking about joking, leaving Erza annoyed. Erza then listens as Warrod talks about a village with an everlasting flame that was frozen solid and that he doesn't know how the disaster occurred, but adds that the villagers are alive; Warrod asks them to unfreeze the villagers and the flame, prompting Erza to say that someone of his power could easily solve the issue by himself. She is quickly corrected by Warrod, who explains that the Ten Wizard Saints are not omnipotent and that countless Mages more powerful than himself exist, adding that if he were to leave the continent, he would be insignificant. Erza, however, is left awed after Warrod explains that those in a guild make up for what their partners cannot do. She and the rest of Team Natsu then formally accept Warrod's request and the Wizard Saint uses his Magic to send them the needed 2000 kilometers; Erza smiles at this, marveling at his Magic to control mother nature itself.[304][305]

The Town of Giants

Team Natsu stumbles upon a frozen giant

Arriving at the destination, Erza notes to Wendy that it took no time at all, with the latter stating it was amazing. Looking at the village, Erza sees the frozen structures but does not see any frozen people, despite Warrod saying there would be some. However, everyone soon sees a large number of frozen giants and wonders whether the village belonged to them.[306] Seeing such large people, Erza is surprised. Gray and Natsu attempts to melt the ice but are unable to with their Magic. Suddenly, the group is spotted by three men, whose identity Erza asks for. The men reveal that they are treasure hunters from the Sylph Labyrinth Guild and as they repeat it, Erza tells them there's no need.[307] The men claim that they are going to get the flame which guards the village while Happy states that they are going to free the village, shocking the men who claim that such will oppose their plans, which Wendy and Lucy oppose. The men begin running, determined not to let themselves be stopped. Hearing that the flame is frozen, the men reveal that they have Moon Drip in a vial which they can use. Erza is surprised that they were able to liquidize it and, hearing Natsu state it can help save the villagers, gives chase with the rest of her guild.[308]

Erza turns into a kid

Erza turns into a little kid

However, as the others begin to pursue the treasure hunters, Erza decides to stay behind in the village and look for further clues that could help them to identify the freezing Magic. Looking around at the frozen giants, she notes that each of them is holding a weapon, and that they are all facing one direction. Thinking this over, she concludes that perhaps the village was under attack before the spell was cast, and that the giants were protecting the Eternal Flame. Reasoning that the flame must be in the opposite direction of where the giants are heading due to their protecting it, Erza runs through the village and comes to a mountain. Convinced the flame will be at the top, Erza runs up the slope, only to be despaired when she finds nothing at all. Moving to look around some more and wondering what her real goal was in trying to find the flame, Erza suddenly spots her reflection in a nearby slick of ice, shocked when she sees that she has turned into a little kid.[309]

Surprised, Erza wonders if she has an armor that will fit her in her current size. She then tries to take a step but slips, falling down off the mountain. She realizes that she will have trouble moving, as her mind remembers her former physical appearance. Imagining the reactions of her friends, Erza insists that she absolutely must return to her original looks.[310]

Erza tests her magic

Erza tests her Magic

Attempting to use her Magic to gauge how it may have potentially been altered, Erza releases a large amount of Magic power, but only succeeds in summoning a small sword. Commenting that both her physical and Magic abilities seem to have been lowered significantly, Erza is approached from behind by Minerva, who shocks the red-head when she reveals that she is part of the Dark Guild Succubus Eye. When Erza asks if Minerva has lost every ounce of pride as a Mage, Minerva ignores her and asks for a fight, stating that Erza stands no chance in her current form. Questioning if Minerva was the one who changed her, Erza prepares to defend herself, whilst Minerva, explaining that her partner is the one with the age-manipulating Magic, moves to begin her assault.[311]

Despite her attempts, fighting Minerva in her child-like body proves meaningless as she is effortlessly dominated by the Dark Mage, who ridicules her and tells her she fully intends to torment her as payback for what happened in the Grand Magic Games. As she is kicked in the stomach, Erza wonders about the spell which turned her into a child and wonders if she needs to defeat the caster in order to end its effects.[312]

Erza back in action

Erza: back in action

However, Minerva has the upper hand and Erza finds herself lying on the ground. Minerva, pointing at Erza with a sword, states that killing her like this won't suffice and tells Erza that if she begs for her life, she might spare her, wanting to hear the screams of a 'shamed warrior'. Not complying with this, Erza states that Minerva has lost a pride as a Mage, claiming that Magic exists to be used for friends. Erza then tells Minerva that it's not too late to escape the darkness, but this just angers Minerva, who readies to give Erza the final blow. At that moment, Erza suddenly returns to her adult form and defends herself by striking Minerva with kicks. Minerva wonders if Doriate was defeated and then mocks Erza for her attire. The latter returns the favor as it's revealed that Erza grabbed part of Minerva's clothing, leaving her underwear exposed. As Minerva becomes even more enraged, Erza simply says that it wasn't intentional.[313]

Erza&#039;s last attempt

Erza's last attempt to speak to Minerva

Before too long though, Doriate once against spreads his Magic and turns Erza back into a child, much to her frustration. However, as Minerva mocks her, Erza points out that the Magic has affected her as well, much to her frustration.[314] During their battle, their actions are paused momentarily as the goings-on of a battle in the distance are noticed. Hearing Minerva inquire as to what it is, Erza states that is it Natsu.[315] Not long after, both Erza and Minerva notice the ice melting, with the former happy that her teammates managed to pull it off. The two female Mages are then approached by a now-awakened giant, who is surprised to see humans in their village. At that moment, Minerva decides to flee the battle, stating that they'll finish it later. Even though Erza attempts to talk it out one more time, Minerva states that her darkness will corrupt the world, not the other way around.[316]

With the giants and the village saved, Erza takes the opportunity to question them as to what happened. The giants reveal that they attempted to fight but were frozen before they could do so. Lucy remembers Atlas Flame's words about an Ice Devil Slayer and suggests he froze Atlas Flame thinking him to be one. As Erza suggests that it was an accident, Gray butts in, telling them they still don't know his true intentions and that Doriate's warning about the gate to the netherworld still stands. Hearing this causes Erza to think about Tartarus, to which Gray suggests that they were behind the freezing of the village and had Succubus Eye guard it.[317] Soon after, Erza and the group spend the night partying with the giants, going on till sunrise.[318]

The Girls at Walrod&#039;s Hot Spring

Erza and co. arriving at the hot springs

After completing Warrod's request, Erza and co. return to Warrod's home to deliver the news, with Erza noting how she is relieved that they completed the request without any further incidents. As Warrod prepares to deliver the payment for their completed task, he presents Erza and co. a potato, leaving them astonished. Later that night, Erza, Lucy and Wendy arrive at a secret hot spring, with Erza mentioning how it is expected of Warrod to know of such a secretive location. As the girls relax in the hot springs and enjoy their relaxing experience, Erza comments about the rejuvenation properties of the hot springs. As they bathe, their attention turns towards Natsu, Gray and Happy, whom are also relaxing in the hot springs.[319]

Team Natsu listening

Erza and co. listening to Warrod

After Lucy and Wendy attempt to cover themselves up in embaressment from bathing with men, Erza asserts that it is nothing to lose their composure over, and recollects a time when she would bathe with both Natsu and Gray as children, with Erza subsequently offering Natsu to wash his back. After Warrod's revelation as being one of Fairy Tail's founders, Erza and co. express their astonishment. After a bit of correlation, Erza deduces and questions Warrod whether his reasoning of personally requesting Natsu and Gray is indeed relevant to Warrod's relation to the guild, to which Warrod affirms. As Warrod lovingly recollects Mavis' words and her morals, Erza and co. attentively listen on, with Warrod continuing on to sing a song once sung by Mavis. After Warrod's song, Erza requests Natsu to wash her own back, and Natsu astonishingly deduces that Warrod is older than their Guild Master, to which Erza chimes in that it was rude of Natsu to announce such a thing. After Warrod provides his limited knowledge over Tartarus, Natsu expresses his rage and bursts out in anger, flailing his fists directly in front of him. However, forgetting that he was initially washing Erza's back, he looks down to see Erza, mortified by his assault and responds with aggression of her own.[320]

Tartarus arcEdit

At the guild, Erza tells Makarov about Minerva enlisting in a Dark Guild. Makarov briefly comments on the information, calling her a "brash and reckless lady" and then asks about Jiemma's whereabouts, just to learn that nothing is known of his location at the moment. Makarov proposes reporting this to the council, with Erza stating that she was thinking of contacting Sting, the acting master of Sabertooth, as well.[321] A little while later, Erza watches as Jet barges into the guild hall, claiming he has bad news.[322] Shortly thereafter, she stands next to the others as they await for Porlyusica to reveal Laxus, Yajima, and the Thunder God Tribe's condition, momentarily thinking to herself that Jellal might be one of Tartarus' targets.[323]

Team Erza and Mirajane

Erza and Mirajane rush to location of the former chairman

While Natsu is eager to wage war on Tartarus, Erza agrees with Makarov's statement that it is too early, admitting that they do not know their intentions or the location of their headquarters, something even the Magic Council knew.[324] However, upon learning some of their locations from Loke, the guild decides to take down the Dark Guild and protect the former council members. Soon, Makarov gives a speech to everyone which Erza listens to as they then set out.[325] Later, after the deaths of numerous ex-Magic Council members, Erza and Mirajane are sent to protect the former Magic Council chairman as a means of avoiding the catastrophe that would mean Tartarus activating Face.[326] While taking a break on their way, Mirajane notes that Jellal has most likely become a target as well. Erza replies that even she doesn't know where Jellal is, but even if she's not with him, he can defend himself just fine. The two then state that they must protect the former chairman of Magic Council. They eventually reach his house, with the chairman, Crawford Seam, offering them a cup of tea.[327]

Erza wipes out Tartarus pawns

Erza attacks the intruders

Crawford then questions the reason for Erza and Mirajane's visit, wondering how they got his adress. Erza apologizes and the ex-chairman reminisces about Erza's trial in past, much to Erza's embarrassment. The group continues their discussion, with Erza stating that they plan to destroy Face. However, Crawford claims he knows nothing of its whereabouts, not even the three former council members that are protecting it know where it is located. Suddenly, both Erza and Mirajane stand up just as a group of attacker barges into the house. Erza and Mirajane face them, using the Black Wing Armor and Satan Soul respectively. The female Mages are happy to work as a team for the first time, determined to protect the ex-chairman together.[328] They continue wiping out the attackers, with Erza requipping into her Heaven's Wheel Armor. However, the two find it odd that Tartarus sent such weak enemies, when suddenly, both fall down. Crawford is then shown holding the two Fairy Tail Mages' bodies, while contacting Kyouka about the news of him capturing two subjects.[329]

Erza being tortured

Erza being tortured for information about Jellal

Erza eventually wakes up in a jail. She realizes she is naked and chained up just as Kyouka welcomes her to Tartarus. Erza questions the whereabouts of Mirajane and Crawford, and Kyouka reveals that the ex-chairman is a traitor, having allied with Tartarus, much to Erza's shock. Kyouka then notes that any resistance is futile, as the shackles have sealed Erza's Magic. Erza asks about Mirajane one more time and Kyouka reveals that Mirajane is currently under the effect of her ability, in order to make the Fairy Tail Mage into her slave. Erza tries to make her stop, but Kyouka tells her not to whine and instead asks about Jellal's whereabouts.[330] Erza questions the reason for that, but Kyouka tells her one more time to reveal Jellal's location, while using her ability to cause Erza great pain. When Erza states that she doesn't know, Kyouka slashes her, much to Erza's agony. The Demon then reveals that they found out the names of the 3 former Magic Council members that have sealed Face, with Jellal being the only one alive out of them. Kyouka insists that Erza reveals the information about Jellal to her, proposing to free her and Mirajane in exchange, otherwise, both Fairy Tail Mages will die. However, Erza continues claiming that she doesn't know, asking Kyouka to spare Mirajane. Kyouka smiles as she asks whether Erza will let her have some more fun.[331] A moment later, when Kyouka heads out to check the commotion, she summons Yakdoriga to watch a seemingly unconscious Erza, ordering the Demon, however, not to touch the Fairy Tail Mage as not to let all the fun Kyouka had while interrogating Erza go to waste.[332]

Erza and the defeated Yakdoriga

Erza and the defeated Yakdoriga

Eventually, Kyouka returns to Erza in order to find out Jellal's location. She has Yakdoriga torturing the Mage using its electric ability. After a short while, Kyouka orders the Demon to stop, again asking about Jellal's whereabouts. However, Erza tells them to return Mirajane. Kyouka ignores this, while telling Yakdoriga to continue. She grasps Erza's hair, noting that she'll double her sense of pain again just as Erza's screams are heard through the dungeon.[333] Erza is then briefly shown again, seemingly unconscious, just as the Face's seal is being undone.[334] Later, when Fairy Tail successfully avoids the exploding Lacrima and attacks Tartarus' headquarters, Kyouka heads to Erza's location to use her as a hostage, however, she is intercepted by Natsu and Lisanna. The female Mage is then revealed to have broken free and is shown in her armor-less attire, covered with the unconscious body of Yakdoriga. With a smirk on her face, Erza states that she was just returning the favor.[335]

Erza pierces through the Cube

Erza pierces through Cube

Later, Kyouka is seen tied up similarly to when Erza was being tortured. Erza, with an evil grin, states that she will get a revenge for all the things done to her, much to the confusion of Natsu and Lisanna. Natsu then asks about the whereabouts of Mirajane and Elfman. Kyouka, threatened by Erza's sword, gives a reply. Natsu and Lisanna head to Mirajane's location while Erza continues questioning Kyouka. She learns of the seal on Face being undone and expects Jellal's fate to be grim, but Kyouka reveals that they did not kill him as Face was unlocked through other means. Erza then asks about the Demons' goal, which leads Kyouka to reveal that they intend to destroy the Magic of the entire continent in order to return to Zeref's place. At that moment, Kyouka breaks free and attacks Erza, stating that the shackles do not work on Curses. However, Erza manages to block her attack and delivers a powerful kick. She asks whether the Demons blindly believe Zeref, with Kyouka responding affirmatively, admitting that they were born thanks to his love. Erza is then a target of a barrage of attacks as Kyouka extends her claws to strike. When Kyouka tells Erza that humans would not understand, Erza states that humans have faith as well. Subsequently, Erza dons a full body armor equipped with a giant lance, using it to strike at Kyouka.[336] Ultimately, Erza, with her lance, pierces all the way outside, creating a hole in Cube.[337]

Erza continues her fight with Kyouka

Erza continues her fight with Kyouka

Erza then notices everyone from Fairy Tail just as she lands while switching back to her previous attire, affected by the gravity of UnderCube. She questions the situation, but Gray states that there is no time for explanations and tells everyone to enter Cube through the hole that Erza created. She then reveals that Natsu and Lisanna are fine, and with Elfman confirming his well-doing as well, the only one to be found is Mirajane. Erza smiles as everyone from Fairy Tail springs into action, however, she is suddenly grabbed by Kyouka's extended claws. She tells a worried Lucy that she will be fine and they should focus on stopping the Face, as the seal has been broken. Kyouka then smashes Erza into a rocky surface, however, Erza doesn't seem to be affected. With a grin on her face, she states that her payback is far from over.[338] With her blade, Erza repeatedly clashes with Kyouka, admitting that the Demon is strong.[339]

The two continue their showdown and Erza notices Cube trembling one more time, with Kyouka stating that the end is near.[340] However, after Face's supposed activation, Kyoka notices that Erza's Magic remains, which leads her to ponder if the Face operation failed. Erza then watches as Kyouka makes a run for it, leaving the battle to Minerva, whose appearance leaves Erza dumbstruck. Introducing herself as Neo Minerva and a Demon of Tartarus, Erza can only call the declaration absurd.[341]

Erza and Minerva clash one more time

Erza and Minerva clash one more time

Being hastily attacked by Minerva, Erza swaps blows with the new Tartarus member before she is contacted by Warren, who is using his telepathy to inform the Fairy Tail Guild that they can consider retreating now that they have rescued all of their lost comrades. Before Erza can contemplate her next actions though, Warren's telepathy is high-jacked by Mard Geer, who greets the Fairy Tail members and bids them farewell as he moves to cast Alegria, a Curse which causes Cube to begin deforming. Being struck with sticky tendrils of the guild building, Erza begins to be pulled into the floor, the redhead soon realizing that the guild building is consuming her. Angry at her prey being stolen, Minerva attempts to stop the process, but to no avail, with Erza becoming frozen alongside the rest of her guild as part of the newly transformed Cube: Plutogrim.[342] After the Celestial Spirit King casts Galaxia Blade to dispel Alegria, Erza is freed of its effects and charges at Minerva. The two clash one more time just as an excited Minerva exclaims that Erza should show what she is made of.[343]

The two continue clashing and even though Minerva makes use of her Territory Magic to push Erza back, the latter counterattacks by delivering a punch to Minerva's face. As the reborn Mage proclaims that she is the strongest, Erza questions Minerva's enemy just as she strikes her one more time. While recalling the time she spent training with her father, Minerva continues the fight, but is yet again punched into the ground by Erza, who tells her to wake up. As Erza shows understanding for Minerva's actions, Minerva states that she wants Erza to kill her, but the Fairy Tail Mage argues that there is someone surely waiting for her to come home. At that moment, a figure appears behind them and Erza recognizes the Underworld King, Mard Geer. As Mard states that he has come to clean up the place, Erza, seeing that Mard targets Minerva with his Curse, yells out her name, however, she is then shocked to see that the attack does not connect and Sting and Rogue arrive to assist in the battle.[344]

Erza surprised to see Sting and Rogue

Erza, surprised to see Sting and Rogue

Questioning their arrival, Erza soon recalls the letter about Minerva joining a Dark Guild that she sent to Sabertooth a while ago, but her surprise is then changed to embarrassement as the two Exceed, as well as the Twin Dragons state that the letter was so badly written that it took them this long to arrive. Listening to the conversation, Mard states that it doesn't matter as the world of Magic will soon end. Erza is shocked to learn that there are 3000 more Face devices and her surprise grows as Mard claims that the now-deceased Crawford Seam is controlled by Keith's Necromancer to activate all the Faces in one hour. The Twin Dragons tell Erza to go and stop Face from activating, while they head to battle Mard. Seeing this, while helping Minerva and the two Exceed in escape, Erza warns Sting and Rogue of the Underworld King's immense power.[345] As they walk through the destroyed Cube, Erza asks Minerva if the latter knows where the control room is. After getting a negative reply, the group happens upon Happy and Pantherlily and Erza watches as Minerva rips Franmalth off Happy's head, smiling that he is the one who can reveal the location of the room.[346] With a threatening expression, Erza asks Franmalth to confirm that they are heading the right way and afterwards, reassures Minerva about Sting and Rogue, stating that they have to deal with Face. She then warns the Exceed that they will be left behind after their short banter.[347]

Erza stands against Kyouka

Erza prepares to fight Kyouka once more

Arriving at the control room shortly after, Erza and her friends find the Chairman still working to activate Face. Starting towards him to cease his actions, Erza suddenly finds herself unable to move and begins to choke herself, the group realizing distraughtly that both Sayla and Kyouka have found them, with the former utilizing her Curse to trap them. Unable to move, Erza listens as Kyouka states that Face will soon be activated; however, Mirajane suddenly rushes into the room, slamming Sayla harshly into a nearby wall with all of her might and freeing everyone from her possession. Erza's happiness at seeing Mirajane safe is short lived though, as Kyouka reveals that the Chairman has completed his activation sequence for Face, and that it shall fire soon; the Demon woman also approaches Sayla and absorbs her powers, vowing to fight on for the both of them. Knowing she needs to defeat Kyouka in order to stop Face's firing, Erza Requips into Armadura Fairy and moves to face the Demon head on once more.[348]

Etherious Kyouka strikes Erza

Erza struck by Kyouka in her Etherious form

Vowing to stop both Kyouka and Face, Erza rushes the Demon woman, the two exchanging blows until Erza manages to push past Kyouka's defences and slice her through the side.[349] Unperturbed by the attack, Kyouka stands and chuckles, commenting that she and Erza are very much alike before she is interrupted by a strange noise that can suddenly be heard.[350] As the noise grows louder and louder, both women look to the sky in disbelief as Acnologia descends upon the destroyed Tartarus guild.[351] Both Erza and Kyouka express their shock as Acnologia rampages around the ruins of Cube.[352] Subsequently, Erza and Happy turn their attention towards the fire Dragon that appears soon after Acnologia, questioning if it could be Igneel.[353] However, unbeknownst to Erza, Mard Geer instructs Kyouka to speed up the activation of Face via Organic Link and Erza watches as the Demon does so, soon learning that Kyouka's death will mean Face's end. She points out Kyouka's confidence as the Demon enters her Etherious form and strikes Titania, destroying a part of her armor, much to her shock.[354]

As her Armadura Fairy crumbles and Minerva, seeing that Kyouka is capable of decreasing the timer at will, urges her to hurry up, Erza requips and charges at Kyouka. As they continue clashing, Erza questions the Demon's actions and their will to die for Zeref, learning that Kyouka will be no more once Face activates. At that point, Kyouka hits everyone with her Curse, manipulating their sensation of pain. She continues to hurt Erza, soon taking all her other senses as well. Kyouka rejoices over her seeming victory, however, Erza manages to stand up and after claiming that this means nothing to her as she has her friends to lead her way, she strikes Kyouka with her fist, much to the Demon's surprise.[355]

Erza slashes through Kyouka

Erza slashes through Kyouka

Erza then rushes forward, delivering a strong kick, shocking Kyouka yet again. However, due to the effects of the Demon's Curse, Erza feels pain and momentarily backs away just to return with yet another punch. This enrages Kyouka who speeds up the Face's activation one more time and Erza, unable to hear the screams of her companions, takes an attack from Kyouka's claws followed by an excruciating pain. The Demon then launches a barrage of attacks until Erza manages to counter-attack and, requipping a pair of swords, slashes through Kyouka's body. Later, after Minerva finishes Kyouka off and Erza regains her senses, she is shocked to witness that Face is about to activate, with the timer having reached zero.[356] Erza is upset to have failed to stop the Face, however, she then notices all the Face devices being destroyed and wonders what is going on.[357][358] Realizing that the continent's Magic is saved, Erza's expression changes to that of relief.[359] Erza later joins the rest of the Fairy Tail members to listen to the Dragons' final words.[360][361] A week later, Erza sits out by the river as she recalls being tortured by Tartarus which evokes bad memories of her childhood. She wonders if she will ever be able to trust again. As she sits there though, Jellal passes by, saying she will be fine. He tells her she knows the weaknesses of man well enough, so she should keep on her path of light as she has always done and he will walk the path of darkness and tells her to move forward.[362]


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