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East Forest (東の森 Higashi no Mori) is a forest near Magnolia Town.


The East Forest is located in the east outside Magnolia Town.[1]

Climate and AreaEdit

East Forest is a large forest, with a large variety of both plants and animals. The climate appears to be warm, with a good amount of moisture, which can be inferred by the lush vegetation as well as the fairly frequent and dense mist.[2]

There is also a river in the forest where Natsu Dragneel and Happy spend time fishing.[1] There are also numerous glades where Natsu used to train in his younger years.[1] Porlyusica's house is also located in this forest.[3]

Fauna and FloraEdit

Many different animals take residence here. There are both minute creatures like bats, lizards, turtles and fish as well as more dangerous animals like Forest Vulcan.[1][2] Plants grow densely and reach extremely large sizes. For example, some trees can grow wide enough to be able to use them as a comfortable home.


Locations in East Forest


  • Natsu found Happy's egg in this forest exactly 6 years before they both met Lucy.[4]


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