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E-Land is an amusement park located in Earth Land's parallel world, Edolas.


E-Land is an amusement park located near the Royal City and inside the Royal Palace.[1]


E-Land, an amusement park designed for the city's residents. There is a variety of entertainment such as traditional carousels, train rides,[2] and the Monster Academy.[3] Everything in it can be controlled by the Command Tact, which is in the possession of the Captain of the 3rd Magic War Division, Hughes.[4] At the end, of the amusement park, there is a room in which the machine to activate the Dragon Chain Cannon, is located.[5]

Inside of E-Land there is a gigantic active volcano with roller coaster tracks surrounding it, on the right side. In the middle, there is a giant castle that takes up most of the middle area of the park, on the left side, there is a ferris wheel with oval-shaped objects floating around it.[6]


Attractions in E-Land

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, the entrance is bigger than it was in the manga.[7]
  • In the anime, on the inside, there is a Volcano on the right side of the park and a tower with lights around it. And a gate that opens upwards with the word E-Land in the front and on top of the word, the Edolas Symbol is in engraved in it.[7]


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