Dragon Cry (竜の涙(ドラゴンクライ) Doragon Kurai) is a Magic artifact, which appears in Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry.[1]


Dragon Cry, after soaking up the rage and anger of the deceased Dragons, appears as a blue and red crooked staff with a scaly design reminiscent of a Dragon. It's original form was a red ribbon that was in the possession of Sonya which she used to tie her hair.


Dragon Cry in effect

Dragon Cry in effect

Dragon Cry, originally being the ribbon that tied Sonya's hair, was empowered by the emotions from the deceased Dragons Acnologia had murdered during the Dragon King Festival. All of the power sealed inside is said to have the power to destroy the world if released by magic circles that rain down energy beams that reach as far as the whole continent of Ishgar. The number of magic circles are insurmountable, being that they were noticeably located all cross the country of Fiore. The power can also replenish the health and body of a weakened Dragon, or in another case help a Dragon who used the Dragon Soul Technique into a regular human to be released from their body.[1]


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