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The Dragon Civil War is a war which took place over 400 years ago between the Dragons and, eventually, the Dragon Slayers.


The Kings flying freely

The Kings flying freely

Over 400 years ago, the Dragons were the Kings of the World. The humans were food to the Dragons who flew the skies, freely dominating the lands and seas. However, an unknown Dragon questioned the reign of the Dragons. The latter wanted the Dragons and the humans to coexist in the world. A war brewed between the Dragons who supported Dragon-human coexistence, and those who were against the ideology. Zirconis was amongst the Dragons who were against coexisting with the humans.[1]


Acnologia as a Human

Acnologia, The Dragon Slayer

The war spread chaos through the lands and the Dragons were at stalemate. The human-supporting Dragons devised a cunning plan. They provided some humans with Magic that allowed them to slay Dragons, giving rise to the fearful Dragon Slayers. The plan proved to be very successful, as the human-supporting Dragons gain the upper hand in the war. However, they did not anticipate their fellow Dragons Slayers' next move.[2]

Corrupted by the immense power gifted unto them by the Dragons, a group of Dragon Slayers started to slay the Dragons on their side. Amongst those Dragon Slayers was one who murdered many Dragons, bathing in their blood until, eventually, he became a Dragon himself. This particular human proclaimed himself to be the Dragon King, and became known as The Black Dragon, Acnologia.[3]


The details of the aftermath of this event are, at this time, unknown.


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