Dragon Chain Cannon (竜鎖砲 Ryūsahō) is a special cannon created for the annihilation of the Exceeds.[1][2]


This huge construction, including its base, is activated by a key with a Dragon insignia on it.[3] A huge chain (from which it gets its name) with a sort of "Dragon's head", is normally attached to the main base.[4] It is powered by the Magic Power that comes from the Dragon Slayers (Wendy and Natsu).[2][5]


First the "Dragon's head" would be used to connect to the island with the Lacrima on it. Then, the long chain would allow you to control the movement of the island, which would then be directed towards Extalia.[6] The Magic of the Exceeds and the Lacrima would then fuse to create a downpour of "Infinite Magic" for all of Edolas.[1][2] Fortunately, the plan failed thanks to Mystogan sending the Lacrima back to Earth Land.[7]



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