Doronbo(ドロンボ Doronbo) is a thief whom Gray Fullbuster busted in Foss[1] and then befriended while on his way to Magnolia.


Doronbo is a young man of average height and has a slender build. His dark hair is long and messy. It reaches up to his nape and also covers the right side of his face. Dark bags are noticeable under his eyes. The pupils of his eyes are light and his eyebrows are quite long and thin.[2]

While operating as a thief in Foss, he wore a simple light shirt with full sleeves and a pattern of dark vertical stripes. His dark trousers appeared quite loose and were held up by a pair of suspenders. A pair of dark boots were visible below the trousers. He carried his Holds-A-Lot Beta like a knapsack, tying its ends below his chin.[3] After being caught by Gray, he decides to follow the boy and appears in a completely different attire. He now wears a full-body suit not unlike a jumpsuit with a hood. It has an intricate design similar to the one on the Hold-A-Lot Beta that he owned. He seems to retain the boots from his previous outfit.[4]


Doronbo the coward

Doronbo proudly proclaims himself a coward

Being a thief, Doronbo lacks a normal sense of morals. He can also be extremely annoying, driving a young Gray to punch him away for being excessively troublesome. He has a tendency to mock others' misfortunes[5] and apparently prides himself on his extreme cowardice, stating that it allows him to sense danger easily and thus avoid it.[6] He also has a vindictive streak, persistently following Gray in order to exact revenge on him for the incident in Foss.[7]

Despite his many faults, Doronbo also has some positive aspects to his personality. Even as a thief, he was kind enough to help a small boy from losing his ice-cream.[8] He also genuinely regretted betraying his former comrades and decided to never perform such an act again.[9] His naturally cowardly disposition also makes him an excellent observer[10] and gives him a practical sense of caution.[11] After meeting Gray and traveling with him, his attitude has taken a turn for the better. He seems to have given up on his earlier criminal life and has even joined an unknown Legal Guild with Pause.[12]


Pre Ice Trail

Doronbo used to be a member of a famous band of thieves. But his cowardice caused him to make a bad decision and flee in the middle of a robbery, leading to the capture of the rest of his group.[13][14]

Ice Trail

Later, he began to successfully operate as a thief in Foss thanks to his Speed-You-Up X and Holds-A-Lot Beta. But he had the misfortune of bumping into a young Gray Fullbuster, who had the extremely rare Gold Cotton in his possession. When the thief attempted to steal the cotton, he was easily captured by the young Mage and was forced to flee the town without his ill-gotten gains.[15]

Mismatched trio

Doronbo forces his company upon Gray and Pause

Swearing revenge on the boy, Doronbo trailed Gray and boarded a train bound for Magnolia, revealing himself to Gray and his companion, Pause Lightless, soon afterwards and forcing his company on them.[7] But the train suffered a breakdown in the middle of Lilac Forest.[16] Restless, Gray decided to take a short walk into the forest, reluctantly followed by his two companions. True to his cowardly nature, Doronbo was freaked out by every creature they saw, even insects. When mocked by Gray, he bragged that his cowardice was an extremely useful trait as it allowed him to react to danger almost instantaneously. Hearing his boasts, Pause narrated a tale about the capture of a famous band of thieves due to the treachery of one of their comrades, who ran away in the middle of a heist. Somewhat uncomfortable after hearing his story, Doronbo expressed his disdain for the traitor.[17]

Mage Hideout in Lilac Forest

The trio stumbles upon a Mage's secret hideout

The group soon came upon a cave. Despite Doronbo's protests, they entered it and discovered a deserted abode at its end. As they were investigating, they were suddenly attacked by a small, hovering cube. They realized that they had stumbled upon the former hideout of a Mage. As the sentinel easily overwhelmed them and was about to kill Gray, Doronbo knocked it away with a table, tearfully confessing that he was the traitor from the story Pause related earlier, but that he would never betray his comrades again. Despite his brave speech, he was unable to do anything when the box targeted him and had to be saved by Gray, who ordered him to escape. Although unwilling, he obeyed and headed back to the train.[18] Believing that his friends would definitely return safe and sound, he laid himself in front of the locomotive in order to stop it from departing even after the repairs were finished. His faith in his friends did not prove to be unfounded as they soon returned, finally allowing him pick himself up from the tracks and return to his seat.[19]

The trio eventually reached Magnolia, where Gray dragged the other two into his search for Fairy Tail. But, when they finally reached the Guild building, they found it closed for the day. Hungry, the three headed to a café, where they met a drunk who overheard them conversing about Fairy Tail and told them to stay away from the Guild, insulting. At that moment, Pause said that he needed to use the restroom, but Doronbo found his behavior suspicious and trailed him, just in time to see the boy send out a mysterious message. He revealed that he had seen the Mage perform a similar action in Lilac Forest and asked him his true motives for coming to Magnolia, but was ignored by Pause, who walked away.[20]

Balloon Magic

Doronbo, Gray and Wakaba are ambushed

Unable to follow him, Doronbo returned to the café to find Gray fighting the drunkard and had to separate the two. He soon informed Gray that Pause had left, but this only prompted the Ice Mage to search for his friend. The former thief soon caught up with Gray, who was depressed due to his failure in locating Pause. While he tried to console Gray, the two were approached by the sozzled man from the café, who invited them to spend the night at his place on realizing that they had nowhere else to go. As the three continued onwards, they were suddenly ambushed and captured in balloons. Their assailants revealed the drunk to be Wakaba Mine, a Fairy Tail Mage, then incapacitated their victims and dragged Wakaba away, but not before Gray realized that Pause was one of their opponents.[21]

Doronbo Paper Dog

Doronbo explains his plan to track down Pause

The next day, Doronbo and Gray found themselves in a hospital. Gray immediately decided to help Wakaba and question Pause about his actions. Doronbo then revealed that he had filched a page from Pause's book and folded it into the shape of a dog to help them in their hunt. The paper dog immediately began to search for its master and led them to a pub. On peering inside, the duo found it filled with enemies, with Wakaba lying in a corner. Gray tried to rush in, but was stopped by Doronbo, who cautioned him about taking any reckless steps. The boy then requested a pill of Speed-You-Up X from the thief, assuring him that he would rescue Wakaba before the drug's effects wore of. He then headed inside, leaving Doronbo alone.[22]

Post-Ice Trail

After the situation was resolved and the Magic Council rounded up the kidnappers, Pause was released as he was deemed to have aided his Guild against his will. Pause, too ashamed to face Gray, sought out Doronbo and told him of his troubles. The two joined a Guild in X776 and finally gathered their courage to correspond with Gray a year later.[12]


Speed-You-Up X (ハヤクウゴケールX Hayaku Ugokēru Ekkusu): Doronbo possesses an entire bottle filled with these pills. Using this drug, he easily carried out illegal acts in Foss until he was busted by Gray. He claims that it is a miraculous drug which is still in an incomplete form.[23]

Holds-A-Lot Beta (タクサンハイール改 Takusan Haīru Kai): This item allows Doronbo to fit a large volume of items in a small space and carry them around without being loaded down by the weight, something which is especially useful for his career as a thief. This item takes the form of a simple cloth with an intricate pattern on it.[24]


  • (To Gray Fullbuster) "The most important asset a thief can possess is the compassion to understand being frightened and scared. Because I can be frightened, I can sense danger! And if I can sense danger, I can instantly react and remove myself from any perilous situation!"[6]
  • (To Gray Fullbuster and Pause Lightless) "Because I ran away, all of the other members were caught. All because I ran away! That's why ... never again will I ..."[9]


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