The Dimaria Squad (ディマリア隊 Dimaria Tai) is a team of Alvarez Imperial Army soldiers that serve directly under the Shield of Spriggan, Dimaria Yesta.[1]


Controlled by Dimaria, her squad consists of a bevy of fully-armored foot soldiers, all equipped with long blades and spears.[1][2]



Conquer HargeonEdit

The Dimaria Squad was assigned, alongside Wall and Neinhart, to conquer the port town of Hargeon[1] while thereafter awaiting to annihilate the first wave of the Ishgar resistance.[3]

  • Status: Success

Day 2 BattleEdit

The Dimaria Squad was assigned, alongside Wall and Neinhart, to annihilate the second wave of the Ishgar resistance, consisting of Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, and lastly Crime Sorcière.[4][5]

  • Status: Failure


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