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Dark Écriture (闇の文字(闇のエクリテュール) Yami no Ekurityūru) is a Caster Magic and a type of Letter Magic and Eye Magic involving the usage of writing runes for various effects.


It is a form of Letter Magic that allows the caster to write runes, sometimes without a writing tool such as a pen or a quill,[1] for various types of effects. Essentially, the spells used for this Magic work only on what the caster writes with it; in other words, what they write goes as follows, making it a sort of "rule" in using Dark Écriture.[2][3]

The properties of the Magic is centered on the writing of the runes; however, if rewritten correctly, the effects will change.[4] The runes can be written on an object,[3] person,[1] or even in midair[5] for the effects to take place.

The runes can be written for different purposes, such as traps, and offensively can be cast upon an opponent to inflict either physical[5][6][7][8] or mental injury.[9] The caster can also conjure an element for usage of this Magic, like poison.[10] Death is also a possible effect.[11] However, simple usage of this Magic that is convenient for the user, such as teleportation or flight, can also be used.[1][12] Another type of spell is actual transformation, in which the caster is able to transform themselves and be granted a different appearance, even strength.[13][14]


Freed's Spells

Video Game Spells


  • "Écriture" is French for writing or script.


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