Dallas is a bartender.


Dallas is an elderly bartender sporting a stubbly beard and a simple, dark vest. Underneath the said garment is a light-colored dress shirt with folded collars and cuffs. Around the collar of the dress shirt is a small ribbon that extends to his pectorals. Along with a pair of oval glasses, Dallas' most intriguing accessory is a liquor bottle attached to the top of his head, held by strings circling his jawline.[1]


Battle of Fairy Tail arc

Dallas tells Zatô not to pick fights in his bar

Dallas tells Zatô not to pick fights in his bar

Dallas first appears advising Zatô not to pick a fight with Laxus Dreyar in his bar, with Zatô informing him that he can pick a dozen fights with Mages from Fairy Tail and his bar would not get scratched. Laxus, annoyed with Zatô's insults, comes close to the man and confronts him, leading Dallas to beg Laxus to avoid facing Zatô in battle. However, Laxus ignores the warning and tells him to step aside, engaging in a small fight with the Mage and ultimately defeating him. With Zatô's defeat, Dallas thinks to himself the gravity of the issue, and prays for them not to come back for revenge as Laxus leaves the bar.[2]


  • Dallas is based on Random House's chief manga man, Dallas Middaugh, who became friends with Hiro Mashima during the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con.[3]


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