"Which way shall fate turn..."

D-6 in "Black Heart"

D-6 (ディー6 D-6) is a member of the Black Magic cult, Avatar.


D-6 is tall and is covered from head to toe in black armor, which features a skull and and two hands printed on the front. His face is covered by a silver mask with a single red and black eye piece, and he has silver masks on either shoulder that are reminiscent of Demon's faces.[1][2]


Not much is known about his personality other than being quiet and observant, as when he observed Gray's ambition toward obtaining E.N.D., taking notice in his comrade's declaration.[3]


Avatar arc

D-6 and Briar as Avatar members

D-6 as a Zeref worshipper

During an Avatar meeting, D-6 sits at a round table with his comrades, and listens as Arlock chants to them that the time of Avatar has come.[4] Later, when the members of Avatar meet to discuss the spy within their midst, D-6 along with Briar come to Gray's defense when Jerome asserts that Gray may be the spy, and D-6 listens with the rest of his comrades when Gray Fullbuster reveals that he is using Avatar to get a hold of the Book of E.N.D.[5] Later, when D-6 realizes that there are intruders in Avatar's headquarters, he rushes to their location. After Abel and Goumon's defeat by Natsu Dragneel, D-6 attempts to challenge him, but he too is swiftly defeated by the Mage.[6] Later, D-6 awaits the commencement of the purification ritual alongside his peers.[7] Not too long after the commencement, D-6 watches with his comrades as Team Natsu arrives and decimates the lesser Avatar forces. With Briar declaring that they should show the intruders their Black Magic, D-6, Abel, Briar and Mary step forward.[8] When Natsu finishes off Ikusa-Tsunagi and Arlock, the members of Avatar try to flee, but D-6 tells them to stand their ground. However, he and Abel are swiftly defeated by Gajeel Redfox and Panther Lily.[9]

Magic and Abilities

Black Magic (黒魔術 Kuro Majutsu): Like his fellow members of Avatar's Mikage Branch members, D-6 possess Black Magic.[10]


  • (To himself): "Which way shall fate turn.." [11]


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